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Happy Birthday to Jack

30 Sep

Today is Jack Markmiller’s birthday. In honor of this special day I thought I’d share one of my favorite pictures of Jack. 🙂 Our family loves Jack very much. To the sweetest Jack I know





26 Sep

Some tell me I’m lucky, but I know that I’m BLESSED!  I have the greatest friends in the world.

The newly named “mommy club” met again this evening in honor of Kristine’s birthday.  I don’t even know how we officially began – I think it was at Big Wok for Whitney’s birthday a couple of years ago.  We then began to go out for each one of our birthdays – Jenny, Silvia, Leslie, Whitney and myself.  Kristine, the newest mommy, joined us last year.  She brings more laughter to our already quite rowdy bunch – I know, two pastors’ wives involved in rowdy activity?  It does happen.  We always say that when we leave a restaraunt, everyone around us is glad to see us go.  We’re just a group of mommies, glad to get out of the house for a couple of hours and to be with other adults.  When I return home from these “meetings” I typically need a puff off of my inhaler and a good cheek massage.  It’s also fun just to have inside jokes amongst friends – speedos, bibbity-bobbity-boo – just to name a couple.  I’m really looking forward to our church’s women’s retreat where we’ll get to have our mommy club together for a whole weekend.  I may need to bring the nebulizer.

Lucky?  Nope, BLESSED!!!!  I love you gals!


25 Sep

Well, I’m back! Early Friday morning, at about 6:30a.m., my three girls, my parents, and I left to surprise my sister in Sacramento. It was so much fun planning the surprise. I typically talk to my sister a few times a day, so when I didn’t call her in the morning, she began calling me, then my dad, and then my mom. We even called my mom’s work to make sure they had a “lie” to tell if Amanda called there, and sure enough she did.

When we made our first stop I called her while the girls stayed in the car. I told her that Sarah and I were shopping around and that while I was shopping I couldn’t hear my phone ringing in the store. She then went on to our normal chit chat that can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. I looked over at the car where everyone sat waiting for me to get off the phone and proceeded to lie again to get off. I told her I was at my next store and wouldn’t get reception inside so I had to go. Before I hung up she asked me where Sarah was. I froze – “Uh, right here in the stroller.” (As I looked at the car where I could hear the girls getting very loud.) Usually, she’ll say, “Well let me talk to her real fast.” I was trying to think of my next lie, but she let me off the hook and said, “Ok, I know you need to go so I’ll talk to you later. Oh wait, why did mom have a doctor’s appointment today?” That was the lie we gave her work. 🙂 So, I lied again. WHAT A SINNER!

We were back on the road and got there in pretty good time. Once we were there I was really getting anxious. Amanda’s brother-in-law sealed the deal for us by inviting them over for dinner and games that evening. She had no clue what was about to happen. When it was time for her to arrive at home, we hid on the stairway and waited for her to come inside. She opened the door and headed inside, passed the stairs and we yelled, “SURPRISE!” She turned around, saw us, dropped everything and then covered her mouth as she screamed at us, “What are you doing here?” “Oh my gosh!” We stood there taking pictures and laughing. Then, after all our hugs and kisses, we sat around laughing about all of the planning and suspicions of her knowing, and how we got her good!!!

The rest of our weekend was great. Lots of time to hang out and visit. Saturday, Andy’s family took us out to breakfast – yummy. The girls had the biggest cinnimon rolls I’ve ever seen. I had the best – cinnimon swirl french toast. It was basically one of the cinnimon rolls cooked as french toast. Yum-oh! We also got to visit the girls’ great-grandparents (Brandon’s grandparents) for a short time. Then it was just more free time to visit.

We went to church with them Sunday morning – and boy, can my brother-in-law sing! I love listening to him sing praises to the Lord. Then it was time to go home. The drive home made me a little loopy, and I was ready to get out of that car and away from my sweet cherib children. When I got home, my husband surprised me by having our back room painted! I LOVE IT!

All in all a superb weekend. I couldn’t imagine spending it any other way. Just another reminder of how God continues to bless me!

To see pictures from this weekend, click on the link … enjoy!


22 Sep

September is filled with birthdays for my family.  In my immediate family alone I have myself, both of my sisters, my mom and my husband.  Extended family includes two cousins and my grandmother (who now celebrates in heaven).  Then my extended – extended family; my friends.  Today was Alisa’s birthday, my best friend from high school.  She now has a very prestigious job in Washington DC working for a senator from CA.  I’m so proud of her accomplishments.  I got to call her today and wish her a happy birthday and hearing her voice was so great.  It made me feel like it hasn’t been months since we’ve seen eachother, but more like a few days.  That’s when you know you’re good friends.  I’m so jealous because my parents and in-laws are traveling her way next weekend and will get to visit her.  Another friend of mine has a birthday tomorrow, and that’s Kristine, aka Kristeeny.  We were fast friends.  I don’t even remember when we really met.  God just put her in our lives at the right time, she moved in with us, and became part of our family forever.  Abigail likes to say that Kristine is part of our family because she lived with us, so that means that Isabel is kind of like her sister.  Not quite, but it’s nice to feel that way in our hearts.  🙂  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTEENY!  Hope it’s a wonderful one.  As if you don’t need to be reminded – the last in our 20s.  Have a great day!

I am blessed with my family and friends!!!

Silly Sarah

20 Sep

While grocery shopping today, we ran into some crazy foam wigs for Halloween.  Of course we had to try them on.  Here are some pictures of my silly Sarah along with her rival to Katie Mei’s mascara incident and falling asleep with a visor on that she was in love with for a few days.



My Heart Hurts

20 Sep


This picture, along with several others from Steve Irwin’s memorial service, has ruined my make-up this morning. You can see his passion in her eyes. What a sad sad story. I can’t help but feel such sorrow for Terri and their children. My heart aches for them.

Oh Well…

20 Sep

So much for my nice relaxing massage I received last evening. It was wonderful, however, this morning at my exercise class all was reversed. Thanks to me – “birthday girl” – I was chosen to determine what we’d work on in class. I chose arms. I particularly like the look of a nice toned arm. A few bicep curls would’ve suited me fine. Not for Yvonne (the instructor). We squeezed, clinched, and pressed every muscle we could, and my very relaxed shoulders became very tight ones. She then proceeded to suggest that we take some Aleve before arriving to class on Thursday where we’ll clinch, squeeze and press the legs/butt and thighs. To quote Yvonne, “Amen!” Can’t wait.