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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Our day was busy but lots of fun. We spent part of the day at the girls’ school getting them put together for their Halloween parade. (pretty uneventful) However, every year Abigail’s current teacher, Mrs. Sniegowski, the coolest 2nd grade teacher I know, makes her own costume and it’s different every year. The requirement is that it must be a book character. Last year she was the very hungry caterpillar. This year she rocked it as the old woman who swallowed a fly. So creative!!!


The girls had lots of fun dressing up. I think Abigail had the most fun getting super glamorous, especially when she got home from school, because then we got to add all of the make-up and really fix up the hair. It’s probably fair to say that mommy had lots of fun with it too. 🙂 We had a fun get-together at the Markmiller’s along with the Fletcher’s, Riley’s and Ho’s before trick-or-treating through Torrance. Us Cash’s finished up in our neck of the woods stopping by our neighbors before calling it a night. Abigail was a little sad to take the make-up off and let the hair down, but we start back as normal people, up and off to school in the morning, more cleaning and reflections to mess with, but sounds of the season (Christmas music) will most likely be playing at some point. Getting me in a festive mood, thinking ahead about Christmas shopping (I’m starting with my mother-in-law on the 10th), planning crafts, gifts, and settling into fall and winter. Unfortunately, the “cool” weather that we’re having will as usual be short-lived, it’s supposed to warm up again over the weekend. I’m hesitant to pull down the bins and switch out clothes just yet. That day will come.

Here is the link to see some of our Halloween pictures.



30 Oct

I am the Reflections chairperson for my girls’ school’s PTA. Reflections is a contest where students “reflect” on the theme and then depict that theme through one of six categories: literature, visual arts, photography, musical composition, dance choreography, or film. When I was asked to hold this position, I was promised it was super easy. When I had to go to a meeting to learn about it on my birthday, I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as suggested.

Today was the due date for students to turn in their entries to me. After looking at my first big batch, I’m a bit disappointed. A few teachers, this year, took it upon themselves to make it an assignment for their class. Fine! But if you’re going to do that, please get the official rules. I had one teacher (sweet person), turn in literature entries for her entire class. She had the students write about the theme “My Favorite Place…”, and then she nicely mounted their writings on large pieces of colorful paper. However, had she read the rules, it says on there, do not mount your writing and the size needs to be 81/2 x 11. Another entry I got today was from a 4th grader whose dad corresponded with me via email regarding rules for the contest. His son had chosen film, but didn’t get the rules before filming his place. He specifically told me that it wouldn’t work anymore, because according to the rules the student has to be the cameraman, and must do all of the editing, and unfortunately, the dad had video-taped his son, and didn’t see how a 4th grader could work an editing program. However, turned into me today, from the same people, was a dvd of everything that breaks the rules – immediately disqualified. I feel like I’m wasting my time!!! I’m ready to throw more than half of them away!!! Now I get to use my discretion and decide which ones are acceptable for judging, and then beg some of my wonderful friends to come take a peek and judge for me. 🙂 Should be pretty easy, there won’t be many to judge by the looks of things now.

On the other hand, to prepare for a good couple of weeks of reflections nonsense, I cleaned up my house today. It feels good to have a picked up house, and empty clothes hampers. I know it doesn’t last, but it’s a start. Also getting ready for big fun tomorrow!! I just painted the girls’ nails – Esther’s are ruby red to go with her Dorothy costume (shout out to Christina for making it and to Katie Mei who’s too small for it this Halloween), and Abigail got a french manicure to go with her movie star look. Sarah’s asleep already, but she’ll get sparkles tomorrow for her Cinderella costume, and I painted mine orange with some sparkles (I have to have some Halloween fun too!). I’m very excited for them. They are all at the age where it’s fun, and exciting, and fancy, and make-believe, and special. Another shout out to Amy who reminds me that these times are too short!

Lots of pictures and stories should follow tomorrow! 🙂


27 Oct

I just watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  You know, the more you see these things the more you catch.  This time I was amused by Linus’ invitation to join him in a pumpkin carol.  Then I realized, come Wednesday, the Christmas carols will be here.  At least on the Sounds of the Season channel.  Not many Thanksgiving songs to sing, but typically, on November 1st, the Christmas music begins.   It’s usually a race to see who calls first to announce that a certain channel has it on.  It’s either me, Kristine, or Amanda.  🙂  Who will it be this year?  I’ll keep you updated.

Real Quick

26 Oct

So, last night I was going to get on real quick and write about how my 2 year old was PMSing all day. As I began typing, my blasted computer shut down on me. It was extremely frustrating. Obviously I wasn’t supposed to be bad mouthing my dear sweet daughter at the time. She’s had a much better day, today, by the way.

I am, however, convinced (having three daughters) that they do have mood cycles similar to pms, and if I were to be diligent enough to track it from the terrific twos all the way to that cherished moment of womanhood, it would be the same.

Anyway, onto more fun things like the pumpkin patch. Here is the link to see our pictures from the pumpkin patch. It’s been a tradition to go to Pa’s Pumpkin Patch since Abigail was a wee 3 months old. Now, at 7, I just sit and look at how old she looks in these pictures. Enjoy them.


It is Well

23 Oct

So, I’m proud of myself… I didn’t need to take my “vitamins” before sitting in the dentist chair today. For those of you who do not visit Dr. Pinedo, our vitamins are actually doses of Valium for those who sit a little uneasy with dental work. I do, however, bring my headphones to drown out the drilling sound. As I sat there, mouth open wide, drill starting up, every muscle in my body tense, It is Well began playing. I thought, “How ironic!”

My cheek is still a bit numb, but the tooth is now becoming a bit sensitive. Good timing, I guess, being that I need to shed a few pounds before weighing in for the month of October. So, no vitamins, but I will be visiting the motrin bottle real soon. 🙂

Been awhile

22 Oct

Sorry for the slacking. My husband and I went to a retreat for Talbot alumni at the Ayres hotel Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. It was very nice, but to be gone for three nights takes lots of preparation. My parents were doing a huge favor by watching the girls for that time, so I thought I’d make it as easy as possible for them. So on Monday and Tuesday I was preparing dinners for the time we’d be gone as well as packing lunches, and laying out clothes for the rest of the week. It was also my dad’s birthday Tuesday night, and I made dinner for my brother/sister-in-law. It was quite the whirlwind, but I was able to relax much better at the retreat, knowing that it was all taken care of.

In my previous post I mentioned Abigail getting sick. Well, Esther followed Tuesday evening and Sarah got sick on Friday. So… must’ve been a bug. I hear it’s still making it’s rounds in other venues – just glad it’s out of mine.

The retreat we went to focused on change – good/bad, how-to, etc. It was good for me since I’m not one who really likes change, I don’t think anyone really does, but I think I have that dislike on a much larger scale than the normal public. I came home enlightened and encouraged. It was also a nice time with my husband. Being that he was ill for the majority of our Hawaii trip earlier this year, it was nice to have him well and “sort of” to myself for those days.

Here is a picture of me at the hotel, warming myself near the “plug-in” fireplace. It is basically a light that simulates the flicker of a fire. 🙂


On a different note – but a must tell story – I fell last night. My sisters would laugh at me. We always confide in our embarrassment of falling with each other. Anyway, my 7 year old came into my bed last night and fell back asleep. At about 3am I went to take her back to her bed and decided to carry her. Okay, first lesson learned – she’s too old for me to carry anymore. She sleeps on a bed that has a trundle where Sarah sleeps. I tried to umph her onto the mattress without having to get on Sarah’s bed. I quickly realized I was not going to make it and Abigail could either get really hurt and then fall on Sarah who would have had an extremely rude awakening, or I could fall in-between both of them, which is what happened. I hit my shin nice and hard on the edge of the trundle, dropped on the mattress still trying to protect my youngest and oldest from smashing into each other, and tweaking every muscle in my body in the meantime. Wow, I feel really great today. After my husband ran in to see what the noise was all about, and the girls rolled over and went back to sleep, I held in my tears of pain as I hobbled back to bed. I then laid there in writhing pain wondering what the heck I did to my foot/ankle/leg. I asked my husband, “I think I may have done something to my muscle, what should I do?” He suggested I take some motrin and rub it. I then sat there looking at him laying there, eyes closed, no concern, and asked, “So, should I be the one to go get it?” “Well, you can’t damage it anymore.”, he answered. My jaw was agape. I couldn’t believe he was going to make me hobble into the kitchen to take something for my injury.

This morning as I limped into church, I think he started to realize that I may have really hurt myself. I’m sure he was in one of those deep sleep things when he responded to me, at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself. So, I’ll have some ugly bruises and wait for my leg/ankle to stop hurting, as well as the other muscles that surprise me left and right.

I have a new picture of Samuel with the blanket I made him. What a sweetie he is.


Weekend Update

16 Oct

Sooo, all in all it did end up to be an exciting few days while Brandon was gone.  The girls were well behaved; my chart proved to help encourage much less whining than I had anticipated.  That’s always nice.  My wonderful father-in-law offered to keep Sarah overnight Thursday night, so that was a nice surprise.  However, Friday proved to be more eventful than ever expected!!!  As you can see from my previous posts, my nephew, Samuel, was born.  But this Cash family had lots more to do after seeing little Samuel.  We were on a mission to finish our Halloween costumes.  We went to Target, Walmart, and the mall.  I now have 3 different Cinderella costumes in my possession for one child.  I bought one from Target last week, brought it home and it didn’t fit.  Of course if it hadn’t been chained to the hanger we would have been able to try it on at the store to figure this out.  So, Jenny suggested I get one from the dress-up section of the toy department rather than the Halloween section.  Friday, I ran across some at Walmart.  They said, “For ages 2-3, fits 4-6x”.  Umm, tell me the last time you saw a 2 year old wearing a 6x!!!  I passed.  I saw practically the same dress at Target that said for ages 2-3, but didn’t have the 4-6x part, so I went ahead and got it to try at home (since it was also chained to the hanger).  While at the mall, we went into the Disney store and found their costumes at 50% off.  So, for the same price I got a true 2-3, was able to try it on her in the store, and get the best Cinderella dress ever!  🙂  Now I have two to return.  I was also able to find some accessories for Abigail’s Hollywood movie star costume that we’re improvising.

Forward to midnight.  I was asleep, just barely since I don’t sleep well when my husband’s away.  Abigail comes in to my room and tells me she feels like she’s going to throw up.  Then proceeds to the bathroom where she fulfills her prophecy.   GREAT!  Brandon usually does this part since I stand and gag at the sounds and smells of puke.  This is so typical to happen when he’s gone.  I tough it out and take care of my sick child.  I’m thinking she had a long day, left for school in the morning and didn’t get back home until 8pm, had popcorn, soda, McDonald’s, and a choc. chip cookie dough blizzard from about 3pm on so this is probably a combination of tired and not eating well.  3am, again, 6am, again, 7:30am, again – okay, maybe she’s really sick.  No fever, asking for food, what do I do?  She had a soccer game at noon, and we already knew the team would be down one player.  She kept some toast and a few apple slices down, felt well enough to go to the game.  On our way, she threw up in the car.  Fortunately, thank you Carl’s Jr., I had buckets in the car.  I got to the field and told the coach she was sick an unable to play.  He said not to worry and if she felt up to it she could come and watch.  I went back to the car assuming she’d want to go home, but she wanted to get out and watch.  After the first quarter, she ended up playing on her own will.  I’m thinking “This is crazy!!!”  And the other mom’s around me are probably thinking I’m the worst mom ever.  Oh well.  Played a great game, got home and took a nice bath, then threw up again.  Proceeded to get sick one more time before falling asleep about 30 minutes before Brandon’s plane landed for us to leave and pick him up – of course!  She slept good and hard all night and recovered all day Sunday.  She was back to her normal self by noon.  *SIGH*  Not exactly what I had planned for my Friday/Saturday, but that’s when God reminds us that He’s in control.  Now I’m just praying the other two don’t get it.    😮