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It’s beginning…

28 Nov

to look alot like Christmas in my neighborhood.  The neighbors put up their lights today and they wrap around the side of the house, so I can see them glowing from my family room and I love it.  I just heard Alvin and the Chipmunks singing and now Mel Torme is singing the Christmas Song.  I’m ready to light a fire!  I am fighting a cold, so I had soup for dinner and am getting ready to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.  Just in time for Charlie Brown’s Christmas to start at 8pm.

I turned in the winners of the Reflections contest to the next level of judging on Monday, and got about 1/2 of the participation certificates done.  I also think I may be getting rid of the entries still lingering at my house on Friday.  That’s exciting.

I’ve been pretty good on the diet so far, and have made it to the gym both yesterday and today.  Hopefully, I can drag my sorry butt there tomorrow too.  Then I’ll weigh in Thursday and if I’m good, I’ll weight in Friday too so December will be covered.  Kind of cheating, but my leader was the one who told me of the little scam so I guess it’s okay.

Today, I went to have the car washed, and at the car wash, the owners had a BIG dog who just roamed inside the payment and waiting area.  It reminded me of when I went to Mammoth.  There were many store owners who had their dogs at work with them.  My girls tend to find dogs pleasant so I wasn’t too worried, but it was still a strange dog to us so I  kept a close eye.  The dog was extremely tame and let the girls get up close and pet him.  Again, still a little weird to have a big ‘ol dog just free to roam.  So many things can happen – good or bad.  I’m a dog lover, and Sarah even cried when we had to leave, because she wanted to still see the dog.  Just contemplating if we should return there.  Great service, car was spotless, and the girls were entertained by the dog, oh, and the Smurf’s was playing on a television.  🙂   I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and opinions on this topic.


26 Nov

Was great!  We had a terrific time in Sacramento.  On our way up, we were able to stop off at a Wendy’s in Santa Nella off of the 5, and give hugs and kisses to my sister and brother-in-law who were on their way down to the OC to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

As you saw in a previous post, the weather was just dreamy.  Brandon and I love the cool, crisp, breezy weather that Sacramento tends to offer us at Thanksgiving time.  Spending time with his family was fun too.  His grandma is suffering with Alzheimer’s, but fortunately has the great sense of humor that she always had to help laugh off the awkward and forgetful moments that come with the disease.  Two awesome moments I got to witness was one, she remembered her husband and told him what a great husband he was to her.  And two, we always end up singing old hymns at the end of the evening, and she was able to sing every word right along with us.  AMAZING to me!

Friday, I typically wake up early to go shopping with my mother-in-law.  Unfortunately, this year, I had a touch of something, and my tummy was not happy.  We decided to get some sleep and shop another time.  Kind of a bummer, but it was nice to get an earlier start on our drive home.  Friday was Esther’s birthday.  I decorated the car for her 6 hour car ride.  We got a disappointing 12 honks considering we were on the 5, grapevine, and LA freeways for a good 6 hours.  It was still exciting and fun.  Saturday, we celebrated her birthday with family at my parents’ house and got to get in a good visit with my sister and brother-in-law from Sacramento.

Today was a really neat day as well.  After church, we got to head over to our new building and write verses on the auditorium floor before the carpet gets laid tomorrow.  It was really neat to see the excitement of the people who were writing biblical truths, meaningful or favorite verses in purposeful places on the floor.  It was very special and will forever be a great memory for me and my girls.

Tomorrow we get to celebrate Esther’s birthday in her class.  I’m slowly trying to get rid of Reflections and return them to their owners, and the winners get sent to the next level tomorrow as well.  It’s also gonna be a busy catch-up week at the gym for me  (and Jenny).  🙂  I must weigh in on Thursday.  Updates to come – I’m sure!

Must go watch Amazing Race now.

Check out this link to see the pictures from our Thanksgiving and birthday extravaganza.        


24 Nov



I can hardly believe it!




23 Nov


Have a wonderful birthday, Ben Ho!  We love you!

City of Trees

22 Nov

Sacramento is called the city of trees for good reason.  Everywhere you look there are all kinds of trees in every direction.  The best part about it is that they are all different colors during this time of year.  Leaves cover the ground in shades of bright yellow to a deep red.  I just love it.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for it to be a nice crisp 58 degrees.  I could see my breath as we arrived last night.  All of this is such a huge part to why I love celebrating Thanksgiving here.  Unfortunately, all of my family is celebrating down in So. Cal, but I am thankful for our modern technology which makes them only a phone call away. 

We’ve already had such a great time visiting with extended family all day today, and I can’t wait for more tomorrow.  I got to love on my nieces and new nephew, which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like.  Being with Samuel just makes me want one that much more.  🙂  SIGH 

Of course all of my pictures will have to come later when I get home and am able to download them.  For now you’ll have to take my word that we are enjoying ourselves. 

My mom returned home from the hospital today and is recovering extremely well.  Praise be to God!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers and concern.  She’s feeling great and glad to be home. 

Now I must return to the kitchen to check on my chocolate chip banana bread.  Mmmmm, it’s smell is traveling up the stairs. 

Catching up

20 Nov

Well, lots to do, lots that has happened.  My mom had some surgery today.  I got to visit with her this evening, and she seems to be doing well.  She’s already been up and walking, and seemed in good spirits.  She’ll probably be in until Wednesday.  It’s been one of those days where I feel like I’ve been home for a grand total of about 2 hours the entire day.  Granted, we’re leaving for Sacramento tomorrow and I have nothing ready!  My house is still trying to recover from Reflections rejects, I’m doing laundry, and I had to go through 3 bins to gather up some winter clothes for Abigail and Esther.  It’s supposed to be a nice crisp 58 in Sacramento, whereas it was a nice warm 78 here today.  So, in the midst of laundry and packing (which is really just a word at this point/no action taken) I’m sorting through huge piles of clothes to determine what fits, what doesn’t, etc….

Tomorrow morning, we get to enjoy some pilgrim stew at 9am!  Not exactly my idea of a hearty breakfast, but I will eat it nonetheless for the sake of my sweet Esther Lu.  Speaking of eating, I got on a scale today.  I’ve gotta be extremely strict over Thanksgiving, or take the $10 hit at my weigh in the following week.  I’m almost certain it’ll be worth the $10.  🙂  However, it’s my pride that will get the best of me.

Esther turns 5 on Friday.  Can’t believe it!!!  I’m sure I’ll be able to post between now and then.  My sister, Amanda, is loaning us her house in Sac town while she’ll be visiting down here.  Should be a nice respite during the holiday week.

If I don’t get a chance before, I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Night Out

18 Nov

So, last night was our fancy night out.  First off – the dress.  When Macy’s bought out Robinson’s May I was extremely bitter, but they redeemed themselves with some good sales that I scored on Wednesday.  I bought a dress, which I had intended not to buy, which was originally $124.00, and I walked out of there paying $42.00.  However, my intentions were to borrow and save that money.  So, I had a few options from Kristine that I took home to do a fashion show for the family to get their pick.  The reactions got better and better, but when I put on the Macy’s dress, it was hands down “the one”.  Brandon said it immediately.  He didn’t care how much it cost, he said that dress was “made for me.”  So, I got to keep it.

Second, the purpose.  The night out was a fundraiser for an organization called Sharefest.  Every year churches merge together for one day and paint, clean, landscape, whatever is needed to make the community better.  No strings attached.  Everything is taken care of for those who are on the receiving end of the work done.  But to do the service, money has to be raised to buy the paint, etc…  So, people spend lots of money on tickets, then more money on silent auctions and live auctions.  We sat next to Brett and Leslie and tried to convince ourselves that the money people were spending on African safaris and 7000 square foot rental homes in Bali were great deals – they really were.  But the biggest and best part was to hear from the couple who were recently on the receiving end.  The wife was shot in the line of duty and is now paralyzed.  Her and her husband were just recipients of an Extreme Makeover Home Edition remodel.  All of the people who helped on their home were related with Sharefest.  It was just such a blessing to hear how simple service can change someone’s life so much.  But when God’s involved, it’s even a bigger and better change, with such a bigger and better reward.  By the way, their story will air on December 10th.

So without further adew, a couple of photos.