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Baths at midnight

31 Jan

Esther’s home again today. She threw up last night, and we quickly realized it was in her hair. FUN! Everyone should take a bath at 12:30am. The water is nice and hot, the atmosphere is quiet… I missed my bed. She threw up once more before waking up this morning. She seems to be doing well at the moment. She’s smiling at the show she’s watching on tv (Franklin), she’s eaten some lunch, and taken her medicine, which I’ve convinced her will make her better. When I took Abigail to school this morning, Esther’s teacher told me in all of her years of teaching she’s never had this many kids absent. Seven kids were out yesterday, and not many had returned today. We have a great doctor’s office, and I was able to speak with a nurse practitioner (who happens to love my girls), and she said I’d be better off handling it at home. Many of the people coming in were viral cases and they can’t do anything for them. It’s great to get some honesty and help over the phone. So, I believe she’s on the mend. Just in time for us to leave for Sacramento tomorrow after school to visit family. This means cleaning and packing for me. Better get busy. (As if 4 posts in an hour isn’t busy.)  I told you at the beginning – I needed to catch up.  DONE!  🙂


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread/Muffins

31 Jan


Sarah was my helper in the kitchen on Tuesday, as I made chocolate chip banana muffins. When I originally got this recipe it was to be baked in a 9×9 pan, but the middle never fully cooked and the outsides got overdone. So, I began to make them in muffin tins and they’re great. I also began substituting the sugar with splenda. They taste just the same with less fat. Sorry, I’ve been too lazy to determine the ww points for this one, but considering it’s made with splenda is good enough for me. 🙂


1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup shortening

1 cup sugar/splenda

2 eggs

3/4 cup mashed ripe banana


1 1/4 cup cake flour

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup chocolate chips (I like semi-sweet)

Cream shortening, vanilla, and sugar till light. Add eggs one at a time, beating well. Stir in banana. Sift together dry ingredients, add to banana mixture. Pour into greased bread pan or muffin pan. Bake 350* for 25-30 minutes. (Just watch it after about 20 minutes and remove when golden brown.)


I had lots of ripe bananas so I made a double batch this time. YUMMY!!!

It’s here!

31 Jan

My new computer arrived yesterday.  The “computer guy” who works on and manages the computers at church will be coming over soon to hook it up for us.  I’m excited!  Sorry, Ho’s, it’s not a Mac.  😦


Catching up

31 Jan

Well I wanted to blog about the wedding we went to on Saturday. Lovely ceremony, great couple, not quite the cuisine I’m used to at the reception. This was a Chinese couple who were married, so the reception had ten courses. Did I mention we were at a seafood restaurant? Not really my favorite. I will announce that I had a bite of a prawn. (ooo, ahhh, I know you’re all impressed) It truly was a fun time, gabbing, laughing, remembering what “wedding day love” felt like, but most of our fun was poking, prodding, and investigating our next course on the table. They did know that a few guests at our table did not like fish so we were labeled seafood intolerant. NICE!

The courses were:

1. Sea Empress Combination Platter, 2. Peking Duck, 3. Prawns with honey glazed walnuts, 4. Minced Squab in lettuce cup, 5. Shark’s fin soup with crab meat, 6. Filet of beef with spicy tangerine sauce, 7. Main lobster with supreme sauce, 8. Steamed fresh live fish, 9. Grand master chef fried rice, 10, (dessert) Baked tapioca pudding and sweet delicates

This was word for word from the menu. It makes me wonder if main lobster is really supposed to be Maine lobster. And of course I took pictures with my cell phone camera. Here are pictures of the lobster (head and all) and the fish (notice his big smile).


Finger lickin’ good!

Bonus question – anyone know what squab is???

For Laura

30 Jan

Laura, a non-blogger yet non-lurker, hosted a very fun party for her daughter on Sunday.  Her cake was very cute (luau theme), and the kids were very intrigued by her decorations, but the taste was even better.  Mmmm, yummy butter-cream frosting.  Good job, Laura.

We got to talking about buying cakes vs. making our own, and I began to talk about my “famous” Minnie Mouse cake.  🙂  I made this cake for Sarah’s 2nd birthday.  She was obsessed with Minnie.  I told Laura I’d put a picture of it on my blog for her.  However, after Christina’s latest post, I have some work to do.  I guess the work gets harder and the admiration from the birthday child is more difficult to aquire as they get older. img2003-10-09_125.JPG

This was supposed to be ballet slippers for Abigail’s 4th.  She was proud of it.

cake.JPG This was the Minnie Mouse cake for Sarah’s 2nd.  As I began to make it, Abigail told me, “Mom, I don’t think you’ll be able to do this.”  The difference between the ballet cake and this one – I was proud of it.  🙂


30 Jan

So, I’m very happy today because we rarely get to enjoy seasonal weather other than the moderate temperatures that So. California kindly offers.  However, today it is cold and rainy.  Esther woke up at 1:30am with a fever, so she has stayed home from school today.  This means that I can drop off Abigail through the valet drop-off and I don’t have to get out and see people.  This also means that I threw on a big sweatshirt to stay warm and I’m not wearing a bra!  🙂  Just one of those precious gifts us women get to enjoy once in awhile.  Didn’t mean to gross anyone out.

I’ve been wasting most of my morning trying to change my banner to be more seasonal (Valentine) looking.  However, I’m not having much success as you can tell.  It’s still in progress so don’t fall too much in love with that awful shot of a Valentine shirt of Abigail’s from two years ago.  (a little embarrassing)

Because I’ve been wasting my morning away, I now need to get busy with my shower, dishes, sorting laundry, and thinking about what’s for dinner.  So…. when I catch up with my chores, I hope to blog about my weekend, my new computer on its way, and still in process blooming flower.  🙂

Snow Day

26 Jan

Today Esther had her snow day at kindergarten.  This has been a count down moment for her all week, so we were excited for it to be here.  When Abigail had her snow day it rained, and it was pretty cold and miserable.  Today, as you’ll see by the pictures, was beautiful and just perfect for an hour in the snow for us So. Cal folks.


We made it an evening out and went to Bucca di Beppo’s for dinner tonight.  This restaurant is memorable, because it was our first double date with Mike and Jenny.  She was pregnant with Sammy and I was pregnant with Esther.  I was even able to point out “our table” to Brandon as the girls got their first tour of the restaurant.  Gross but blog-worthy story.  Esther attempted to read a book on the way to the restaurant even as the sun was setting, and just as we arrived realized she was car sick.  She stuck it out until we were seated at our table and she decided she needed to get to a bathroom.  On our way to the bathroom, which is through the kitchen (a highlight of the little tour) she got sick.  NICE!  All I could do was apologize to the nice men in the white chef coats and get her to a toilet quick.  Side note – I love their bathrooms.  They have all of these old/vintage magazine ads for make-up, kotex, and even girdles.  Cute idea.  Anyway, she got to feeling better as soon as she got it up, and we spent some time in the nice cool air before eating a light meal of spaghetti with meat sauce and pizza.  Mmmmm, it was yum!  Another side note – now, for some reason, I have the itchies.  I’ve taken two benedryl so I’m guaranteed and good night’s rest, but I hope I don’t wake up with a nasty rash.  All in all, a fun-filled day, and a busy weekend to follow.  Until I blog again…