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Chicken in a Biscuit

28 Feb

OK, so my mother started this recipe when I was growing up.  Again, a reminder, my camera is not with me at the moment, therefore, these pictures were taken with my cell phone camera.  (Not the greatest.)


1 can of Grands biscuits (not flaky)

1 8oz package of cream cheese (softened – I use the neufachtel)

1/4 cup margarine (softened)

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

3-4 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded

*Let me stop here for one moment to elaborate.  Typically, my frozen chicken breasts are pretty large and 3 is enough.  However, my husband bought a different brand of frozen chicken breasts and they are quite small.  Actually, they are probably more of an appropriate serving size per breast, (the palm of your hand) whereas my normal ones are more like two (the entire size of the hand).  So, this time I prepared 6 tiny breasts.*


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees (you will basically cook these according to your biscuit package.)

– Start with the shredded chicken.  0228071540a.jpg

– Mix in the cream cheese and margarine, salt and pepper.  0228071622.jpg

– Set out wax paper and spray it with cooking spray before beginning to work with the biscuits.

– Take the biscuits and split them each into half. 0228071627.jpg

Your eight biscuits will now be16.  (I like to work with four at a time.)

– Flatten, with the palm of your hand, each biscuit. I like to spray my hand with cooking spray when I do this. 


The top row has been flattened, and the bottom row is still regular.

– Spoon on a heaping spoonful of the chicken mixture onto one row of the biscuits.  You may even do two.


– Carefully cover the top of the chicken mixture with the remaining biscuit, and pinch the sides closed.


– Place on a cookie sheet and bake for whatever the time is on the biscuit package.  Typically 13-17 minutes.  You want them to be golden brown.

I work on the next set of four while the first set is baking.  I guess if I had a dream kitchen with lots of counter space, I could do it all at the same time.  🙂  

Yummy – we love chicken in a biscuit!  If you have left-overs, it’s better to toast them in the toaster over rather than microwave them.  The biscuit gets a little toasted rather than mushy.  However, being that this makes eight, and I feed five, we never have left-overs of this meal.


For fun

28 Feb

Got this from Amy’s blog…

1.     What is your favorite beverage?  Root-beer with tiny/crunchy ice (when I’m not super conscious of my diet)  Diet Dr. Pepper (when I am)


2.     What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken? before husband – Disney cruise in Bahamas and Florida, after husband – New York City


3.     Who was your favorite teacher? Why? Lots to choose from (can you tell I’m indecisive?)  Mr. Thompson because he did character monologues that put us in the historical period or event we were studying.

mr-thompson.jpg  (This is really him!)

4.     What is your favorite sandwich? Bologna


5.     Who is your favorite Disney character? Hard one too – if I had to pick one, probably Cinderella. 



27 Feb

So, I have been delinquent in posting any pictures from our Oscar night this last Sunday.  We started this as just a fun get-together with the Fletcher, O’Keefe, and Burden families when Emma was a tiny baby, and I was barely showing with a then developing Abigail in my belly.  We have continued the fun every year.  When we get together, we bring dishes relating to the best picture nominations.  It’s become easier with websites that make menus for you.  We also vote for the awards that are given out that evening, and the winner actually takes an Oscar figurine home for the year, and brings it back the following year.  Tivo/DVR have also made our evenings much more enjoyable.  We’re able to start recording it while we continue to arrive, vote, nibble at the yummy food, and get settled.  Then, we can watch it, forward through the boring speeches and people we don’t know of or despise, and even the commercials  until we possibly catch up to the show.  Because we started this tradition in the days of regular cameras, I have lots of pictures from the early days, but are too lazy to scan and post them.  (Maybe another time.)  But I will post the pictures that I do have easy access to.  These are pre-ww days and one of them was taken a month after having Sarah.  🙂

img2001-09-22_039.JPGimg2001-09-22_042.JPGleslie-and-courtney-2-29-04.JPGoscar-2004.JPGimg_2598.jpgimg_2603.jpgGOOD TIMES!

Glad it’s not me

27 Feb

Okay, so this morning was a very odd morning in our body conditioning class at the Y. It actually was very similar to high school, which now makes me think of the song by Bowling for Soup called High School Never Ends.  (I was going to have the you tube video of this song here, but the version I know is the “clean/child friendly” version that is played on radio disney. This is not available on you tube. 🙂 )

Anyway, we were hearing all about another encounter with our instructor and her ex-fiance’s best friend who likes to tell her all of the latest gossip on this apparent loser’s newest adventures. (Following so far?) Then this random guy looks through the door and waves at one of the gals in class. It is soon realized that they are brother and sister. From this point on I will label the instructor as “Y girl” and the guy “guy”. Y girl chases guy out the door encouraging him to join us in class. Guy changes clothes and returns to work out with us (and his sister). This guy was either playing stupid, was really stupid, or maybe even a little drunk. Anyway, he was like the class clown commenting on everything we did, trying to make his attempts at the exercises look silly rather than look stupid. My question was where is my gothic lady now??? She would have been irate at the amount of talking that was coming from the back of the room. What didn’t make it better was the amount of giggles that guy’s sister and friend were doing as well as Y girl all the way in the front. Leslie and I kept lookin’ at each other, words weren’t necessary. Soon enough, Y girl takes off her shirt, and guess what we did next… jogging in place and jumping jacks. Oh yeah, baby. I looked at Leslie and predicted the next exercise which was hip movement from left to right and eventually complete gyrations with the hips. Sure, these are great exercises, but they were just so sudden and coincidental. Not only was Y girl flirting in this manner, but flat out asked him if he was married. When he answered no, she then asked if he had a sweetheart. He again answered no, and Y girl left it at that. She also asked him if he had a membership because she hadn’t seen him before. GEESH! Could you be any more forward, and in front of the entire class. Whew, it was a bit nauseating, and I quickly realized that I was blessed to have a husband, and not only that, but I got him at such a young age I never really had to play those kinds of games. Only when I was trying to get the husband. But I knew he was the one I wanted, and didn’t waste it on anyone else. Glad it’s not me.

Side note –

Esther got a goose egg last night. I’m not exactly sure what happened, however she was with daddy, I think on his back, and somehow ended up with a nice big goose egg on her forehead. She didn’t even cry. I left my camera at the photographer’s house over the weekend (great-grandma pics) so I could only use my cell phone. This picture is what it looked like this morning before school.


Being that I don’t have my camera at the moment, I won’t be able to take great pics of the chicken in a biscuit making tomorrow either, but I’ll do my best with the cell phone. 🙂

Menu Plan Monday

26 Feb

Oooo, look at me!  I have a  menu to post.  It’s not as extensive as Jenny’s, but I’m new to this.  Give me some time.  It’ll either become a regular appearance or be a one time thing.  We’ll see.  🙂  For now, enjoy seeing what my family will be eating for dinner this week.

Monday – Taco Salad

Tuesday – Chicken Santa Fe and salad

Wednesday- Chicken in a Biscuit and salad

Thursday – Zuccini Pasta with garlic bread

Friday – family night out at Bucca di Beppo’s (hopefully without the car sickness)

Favorite Photo Friday

23 Feb


Little Isabel lovin’ on Esther.  She visited us yesterday, and was having so much fun, she didn’t want to leave.  We love you, Isabel!!!

I also LOVE this picture of Katie and Sarah.  Makes me laugh everytime I see it.


With our new computer, I have set our screensaver to be a slideshow of our own picture files that randomly go through all of our photos.  Brandon and I quickly realized that many of our photos are filled with those cute Markmiller kids.  How blessed we are to have so many memories with them!

Still Stiff

21 Feb

sore-neck.jpgThat’s where it hurts!

So, the neck is actually related to something I did with my arm.  I slept weird or did something that messed up something around my shoulder blade that shoots up to my neck or something like that.  It’s still a bit sore and stiff at times, but life goes on.

Tomorrow, I officially say good riddance to my responsibilities with Reflections.  In the evening, the PTA is hosting a night of events ranging from a dinner, the superintendent speaking, and many awards given out.  This is where I come in.  I get to award our school’s winners with a small gift, balloon and certificate.  Needless to say, I have to go get all of those things tomorrow, but then I’ll be done!  I also have to do laundry, go to the Y, get groceries, … again, life just keeps on keepin’ on, eh?  The girls are taking pictures on Saturday with Brandon’s grandma (a great-grandma photo/and Sarah’s namesake), and we’re having some people over on Sunday evening, so the house needs to be cleaned as well.   Yet another busy weekend around the Cash home.  🙂

Checkin’ in with my ww girls, how’s everyone doing?  Valentine’s day was cruel to me.  I was visiting with Aunt Flo while inundated with chocolate – not a good combo.  Back to the gym this week, but not as much as I’d like.  Maybe I can get some exercise in with all of the laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing.  And while I’m busy doing that, I can’t raid the chocolate still sitting around.