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Field Trip

30 Mar

I went to the aquarium today with Esther’s kindergarten class for their field trip. Much better situation than the Knott’s incident. You can see pictures here. Kinda busy with some other stuff right now. Hopefully, I can fill you all in on it sometime next week. 🙂 I am off!


What the?

29 Mar

I’m so confused right now.  How in the world are people like Sinjaya and Mirna and Charla sticking around on their different reality tv shows???

I can’t possibly understand what people may like in Sinjaya.  I have heard lots of different entertainment shows discussing this website called Vote for the Worst where they are encouraging people to vote for Sinjaya as a sick joke.  You know, that actually worked at my high school, where everyone actually voted for the not so popular guy who was up for Homecoming King.  Weird!  Anyway, if this actually comes to be a successful accomplishment, what does this say about “America”.  I’ve heard reports that say Simon refuses to come back to the show if this really happens.  I just don’t see how it’s fair for anyone who actually has talent and a real shot at becoming the next American Idol.  And just looking at him evokes an odd emotion that I cannot explain, or begin to explain without being ugly, so I won’t.  Don’t even get me started on his hair!


Now, Mirna and Charla…  they need to understand that speaking in an accent does not assist the town natives to understand English any better.  How extremely annoying to hear them roll their rrrr’s and speak loudly using any foreign word they know to speak to these people.  Not only is it annoying, but somewhat embarrassing and always funny.  Especially, their reaction to winning a catamaran this last week and not even knowing what it was.


What is this world coming to?


28 Mar

GOTCHA DAY, Markmillers!!!


We love you, and couldn’t imagine life without Katie in our own lives, let alone the blessing she is in yours.  Thank you for bringing her home!

img2005-04-09_016.JPG    img2005-04-09_017.JPG

Silly Girls!

27 Mar


We stopped by the Markmiller home to pick up some goodies I needed, and the girls, as usual, ran off to play.  When we walked in on them, they were laying in bed reading books to each other.  Sarah said they were playing house, and I was not allowed to take pictures of them.  I managed to snap these while they were in their “Once upon a times…”.  They’re so silly together.  Our little pink princesses.


Menu Plan Monday

26 Mar

Monday – Austin’s (Thanks to the Austin girls’ softball schedules, we’ll be out there most every Monday.)

Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken, rice, salad

Wednesday – Spinach and Tomato pasta toss, fruit salad

Thursday – Bradbury Burritos, chips and guacamole for the family, I’m out to dinner for Silvia’s birthday – YIPPEE!

Friday – leftovers!  Hopefully enough burritos leftover for me to enjoy.  🙂

Another one bites the dust

25 Mar

Esther pulled out her tooth on Saturday. She screamed and trembled and came close to tears with her excitement and then realization of what she had just done.


Bulk Mail

24 Mar

Okay, so along with my regular email, I get “bulk mail” which is basically spam.  I used to just delete all without looking at them, but then realized that some things that I really wanted to see where sometimes ending up in this mail folder.  As I have been starting to read each sender and subject line I really started to wonder how in the world anyone would actually consider it a legitimate email and be interested in clicking on it to actually read more.  Here are a few I received yesterday…

Szdmini carnival Or to nuptial  

Xdispense asymmetry I restive so propriety  

Knbsapling magnum But vesper is northeast  

Ibbane composition The by cantabrigian So, the “words” in red are the names of the sender, and the italics is what was in the subject line.  Hmmmm, how do they come up with these things?  Sometimes it can be entertaining.  You should try it sometime.  🙂