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Menu Plan Monday

30 Apr

So, I was inspired by Christina to dig stuff out of the freezer, fridge, and pantry, and to attempt to not hit the grocery store this week.  I was actually just planning to make my list of groceries, but now I will scrounge around in my cupboards and fridge to figure out dinner plans.  I will probably need some fresh ingredients, but to change it up a bit, I think I’ll hit Trader Joe’s or the farmer’s market instead of Ralph’s.

Monday: broiled chicken, Caesar salad, potatoes

Tuesday: homemade tamales from our neighbor that are in the freezer, chips, guacamole

Wednesday: dinner night at Pioneer Club

Thursday: Pasta salad with chicken, green beans

Friday:  Either free for all, or maybe copy Christina with breakfast and have hubby make us waffles!

(It feels good to have it planned out again!)


Can you spare a square?

29 Apr

Honestly, I have had THE WORST luck in bathrooms lately.  It all started a week ago, and capped off tonight with restrooms not having toilet paper.  With my first incidence, I actually ran out of my stall and pounded on the door next to me as the woman had just closed it, to beg her to check for tp and maybe loan some out.  She actually started to laugh and reminisce about the “spare a square” clip.  Can you believe that tonight, the girl working behind the counter at Golden Spoon actually told me that the extra toilet paper was in the restroom, and I could just get it?  Hello!  One, it is not my job to restock your restroom, and two, I don’t get paid to do it, but three, I needed a key to the locker that held the restroom supplies.  So I patiently waited with my legs crossed for the toilet paper to be restocked.  She leaves the restroom to tell me it’s okay, and what do I find?  She restocks the toilet paper, but not the toilet seat covers.  That probably would’ve taken too long.   Alright, so I’ll do what I normally do, cover it with toilet paper, which brings me to my next dilemma, she put the toilet paper roll on backwards.  Now to some of you, there is no right or wrong way, but come on people – the toilet paper should flap over from the top.  It just makes sense.  None of this reaching under, or letting the excess tissue hang onto the floor.  This is also not to mention that most of these floors are nasty, and when you’re taking more than one female child with you to use the restroom, this gets a bit crazy.  Try taking a road trip.  Your appreciation for a clean restroom increases with each stop.

On a separate note, we dined with the Markmiller’s this evening and indulged in yummy Golden Spoon frozen yogurt, which I’ve heard from Sammy that it’s much better than Pink berry.  (sorry Kristine)  I think we’ve found a new treat spot – especially with it being nonfat.  Mmmmmm……

Also, I’ve gone blonde.  🙂  I’ll try to post a photo tomorrow – as you know, my camera is not working.

My kids

25 Apr

So, in light of my funky attitude, I have been trying to find enjoyment from my kids. Those girls keep me jumpin’. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I despise it, but I know I’d hate it if it were gone. I look at my mom and aunt who are poking at each other on how they’re lookin’ like their mom and dad, knobby knuckles, bad hips… And here I am groaning of my stiff lower back, or noticing my pinkie fingers looking more like my grandpa’s. Maybe that comes with the realization that I’m going to be 30 this year. I’ll pause for all of you who are laughing or cursing at me…

Abigail sat down with me yesterday in the rocking chair and mentioned that she didn’t get to sit with me very often. It’s true. I’m harpin’ on her to finish her homework, or to be nice and include her sisters, and my lap is often filled with the younger two, while she’s trying to grow up and be more independent. She’s out there riding her bike all around, while we’re still training Esther and pushing Sarah. So, I sat and rocked with her, and thought back on when she was the only one I had. Last night, she couldn’t go to sleep. She had read some, and both of her sisters were passed out, but she couldn’t quite fall asleep. I walked by her room and decided to go on in and lay with her. She held me tight and went right into that heavy breathing of good sleep. Ahhhh, it felt good. Even when you look and think that they don’t need you much anymore, you both need each other maybe more than before. Weird.

Not to leave the others out, my little Esther is not quite sure where to fit right now. She’s really trying to “grow up” with her play dates, and birthday parties, and school, but not wanting to be too needy. At the same time, she doesn’t want to loose her place – kind of like calling the chair when she gets up to go potty. 🙂 And Sarah isn’t my baby anymore. Little Isabel came over the other day and I was shocked at how big Sarah seemed next to this one year old. She told me today that she needed a brother. I asked her where we would get one, and she told me that I could pick one up at school. 🙂 I still don’t know about that… I’m kind of at the point right now where I just want to eat up the ones that I have. Still waitin’ on God for that answer.


How funky is your chicken?

23 Apr

This was a sing-song game we did in elementary school.  I am in a funk.  Just feelin’ weird.  Not sleeping well, having ‘not so great’ dreams when I do sleep, and letting worry overtake my normally cheery disposition.  (Yeah right!)  If you know me, I’m the pessimist.  Always thinking the worst, worrying about things that don’t even exist, and so on…  Of course this is all coming about as we get ready to start a group study from church on a book called Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong.  It’s probably just what I need, but at the same time, my mind doesn’t need more opportunities to allow it to wander.  SIGH

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 


A Weak Moment

20 Apr


So, I was planning on going to the YMCA today.  I’m trying to get back into the health/fitness mode.  I used to go at least 3 times a week.  Now I’m good if I’ve gone once!  When I got dressed this morning, I put on my sweats, work out shoes, all prepared to work out.  But then it happened, a weak moment.  I looked out the window and saw rain.  I love it when it rains, which if you live in So. Cal, you know has not been a common practice around here lately.  I was so ready to brew my coffee and sit in the front room, look out my big window, and read.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t brew my coffee.  I went and got Sarah dressed and ready so that we could go to the Y.  I checked my email, waiting for 9:30am to roll around, which is usually when the morning crowd lets up.  Then the second weak moment occurred.  Jenny called.  She reminded me that her son was doing an oral report this morning, so she wouldn’t be going to the Y.  I then began to lament to her about how I didn’t want to leave the house because I love it when it rains.  And you know what she said?  “Then don’t!”  She just gave me permission to not go exercise.  I love that!  You know, sometimes I need to be reminded to do what I want to do rather than what I need to do.  What a great friend, right?!?!  I do have to apologize to Leslie and Kristine who I selfishly left hangin’.  SORRY GALS!

So here I sit, sipping my second cup of coffee, listening to the rain pour down, I’ve had a nice phone conversation with my sis, wrote some notes, and am contemplating my next indulgence.  🙂  I guess I’ve had a weak morning.  So be it!

Favorite Photo Friday

20 Apr


I guess I kinda miss my nieces and nephews.  🙂



Can’t forget baby Samuel…



18 Apr


Abigail checked out a teen magazine from the library yesterday. What is this world coming to? Last week I was dealing with her being scared to go to bed, because she read a children’s mystery book that she borrowed from her classroom about kidnapping, and now she’s got her nose buried in this teen magazine. Fortunately, the biggest item she just HAD to show me was about headbands being a big trend. We’ll definitely be hopping onto that bandwagon, and hopefully making some like Christina did.

So, I sigh as I realize that my seven and a half year old is growing up. Second grade still sounds little to me. My mom and mother-in-law even warned me that kids seems to really change in second grade (looks, attitudes), but now I can see it. The thought of third grade makes my jaw drop. It makes me a little sad, but also kind of wakes me up to the fact that I have to move out of little kid/toddler mommy to kid/eventual pre-teen mom. Notice I dropped the ‘my’. Sometimes I’m still momma, and when Sarah plays pretend, for some reason I jump between ‘daughter’ or ‘grandma’. Hormones, here we come.


I’m sure I had this one!

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