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Wild and Crazy Gals

30 May

We went out for Whitney’s birthday last night. Had a great time with everyone, but as usual, we get a little crazy. People must look at us and wonder how we can be so loud and probably obnoxious with absolutely no alcohol on the table. We’re just moms lookin’ for a few hours away – that’s all.

Well, in a nut shell… Jenny spilled, Whitney tossed knives, and I actually tried fish – raw no less. The best part is just being able to sit and talk without interruption. Ahhhhh. Can’t wait until July!


Memorial Day

28 May

Many people, like myself, look at Memorial Day as the start to summer bbqs, get-togethers, warm weather, school almost over… only remembering for a tiny moment the purpose of the day.

My uncle Jimmy passed away in the Vietnam war, fighting for our freedom.  I never got to know him.  I know of him, and have heard many stories about him – sounds like he was a typical second born.  🙂   So on a day of remembrance, it’s probably a lot harder for those who actually remember what they’ve lost – especially my dad and my mema.

Wish I would’ve gotten to meet him, sounds like he would’ve been a fun uncle.


Favorite Photo Friday

25 May

Ahhh, my sweet Esther!





In the groove

24 May

Yeehaw – I love being crafty. Today, Esther and I had to make her mini me person for her open house next week, and I ended up doing some sewing for her dress. Then it started. I had some burp cloths that I was going to add fabric to, to brighten them up. I finally did it! Unfortunately, these are already over a month late for the baby intended to receive them, but she’ll need these for quite some time so I can’t wait to deliver them on Sunday.

I simply measured the center block as well as the width and length, then cut my material accordingly, adding 1/4 inch to each side. Here are some pictures.

dscf1252.jpg dscf1251.jpg  dscf1249.jpg


23 May

So, I’m tired, my neck hurts, and my muscles hurt from Yvonne’s work out yesterday.  That’s not the sad part.  The sad part is I had to actually google the winner of American Idol, because I don’t think I can stay up to watch it right now, and I already have a feeling of who won.  (I was right by the way.)  While I was googling around I saw this advertisement for a shirt – hilarious!


I’m looking forward to watching all of the singing that took place tomorrow.  🙂


23 May

So, today we finished our STAR Bible Study off with an island send off. Each group was supposed to decorate their table as an island. There was Liberty Island (NY), Ireland, Greek Islands, Hawaii, and our table… Gilligan’s Island. Each of us in our group came dressed as a character from the show. It was great! Everyone had a good time. Our “facilitator” Miss Laura, was AWESOME! I wouldn’t have even considered going if she wasn’t going to be my group leader. Who knows what I’ll do next time around? Our group was just perfect for me, and Jenny… may we become the next Pat and Jo Alice. 😉 Here are some pictures from our morning.



And this is what happens when we get bored…


It’s not easy being Green

22 May


Yesterday, Sarah and I did some shopping at Sam’s Club.  We got our regulars and actually bought something that we sampled as well.  Just a typical trip to Sam’s.  After picking up Esther from school, the girls wanted to snack on some Cheetos.  We get baked cheetos because they don’t know the difference, and this was an “in stock” item at our house considering our earlier errand.  We then left to go pick up Abigail.  (Yeah, kindergarten gets out an hour earlier than the rest of the school – a bit of a hassle.)  As I pick up Sarah to put her in her car seat I notice some blue around her mouth.  “What did you eat that was blue?”  “I had a fruit snack that was on the couch.”  Hmmmm, we haven’t had any fruit snacks for awhile.  Maybe she found an old random one somewhere and decided to eat it.  I was very perplexed by all of this blueish/green color on her tongue and around her mouth.  When Abigail hopped into the car, I noticed that Esther’s mouth had some blue around the corners as well.  “What did you eat that was blue?”  “Nothing.”  Now I’m wondering if they are conspiring against me, and had found some blue candy somewhere.  My previous perplexing is now turning into concern as I consider that fact that two of my daughters are turning blue around the mouth.  As I think on what was just ingested, I remember that I too had a couple of cheetos as I had poured some out for them, so I stick out my tongue and sure enough, my tongue is discolored as well.  Now, I’m thinking upon my cheetos bag which did have a Shrek face on it.  When I got home I went directly to the bag which read, “Turn thy tongue Shrek green.”  LOVELY!  They don’t look any different, don’t taste any different, just react different.  I’m going to have to be careful when I eat these new baked cheetos before I go somewhere or may run into someone.