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30 Jun

So, the girls finished Spanish on Thursday. They had a bueno time. The great part about Brandon’s offer is that they are now watching DVD’s in Spanish – awesome! Abigail also finished her series of guitar lessons. She will be featured on a DVD on teaching children guitar. I’ll let you know when it is released. I’m sure there will be a snipit on the woman’s website. And as I left for praise team practice Thursday evening, Daddy was so nice, he fired up our little fire table pit thingy that we’re “storing” for my sister, and the girls all made s’mores.

Friday began with a sewing day. The gal pals and I have had enough of the “we should have a sewing day” and actually planned one. You’ll have to look at the cute skirt Kristine and Leslie worked on. I saw Leslie’s today in person – super cute. Can’t wait to make one myself. I made some easy elastic waist skirts for the girls to wear for the 4th of July, and even convinced Jenny she could do one as well. She sat at the machine with much trepidation, and with much success has a cute skirt for Katie Mei to wear. Of course, I forgot my camera, but Leslie took some pictures so that there was proof for all of you non-believers out there, and as soon as I get them I’ll post them. 🙂 Love ya, Jenny!

Brandon was golfing in a tournament that afternoon, so I decided to take the girls to play in the water at California Adventure one last time before our passports are blocked out for the rest of the summer. It was the perfect day – nice and warm, and by the looks of the forecast, it should be heating up into next week. As I sit and type I can already hear the sound of people shooting off fireworks (which are illegal by the way).

Good-bye, June!

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27 Jun

So, we’re slowly adapting to summer life. Abigail and Esther are currently attending a very short (4 day) summer immersion Spanish camp with a family from our church. They are a great family, super sweet, and the girls are enjoying it a lot. They come home asking me for things in espanol. 🙂 Brandon told them they could watch as much TV as they wanted to this summer as long as they watch it in Spanish. They’re not sold on the idea yet, but they haven’t tried it out either.

We had a pastor’s open house on Sunday, so I’m enjoying my ‘still’ clean house. Hopefully, with our chore charts that we’ve implemented, the girls will continue to keep up on things as well as myself, and we’ll train ourselves to keep it this way. We’ll see. Oh, that reminds me, I need to take a picture of the guest room and post the before and after. You’ll see why my blog has been neglected for awhile. I was busy. We installed a ceiling fan in the girls’ room, which was more trouble than we anticipated, but it’s done. We also hung pictures. Always a bonus. Not to mention the clothes swap with all of the bins. When we have an open house it forces us to clean and actually do things that have been on our “to-do” list for a long time. The down side is minimal at most, but this time we had our plumbing back up immediately after the last family left. Of course it was in the evening time and on Sunday, so we couldn’t flush or shower Monday morning until the plumber got there and saved the day, which wasn’t until about 1:30pm. SIGH

Next week will be our first “real” week of nothing scheduled, but then again – I can’t believe it will be the 4th of July as well! We’re already in July?! How did that happen?

Time to go pick up my little ninas. 🙂

Four More

22 Jun

So, the other four fish that we gathered from the kindergarten class yesterday were belly up this morning.  SIGH  The need for a pet has yet to be sufficed, I wonder why?  🙂  My dad is over helping install some ceiling fans, and he informs me that my water has too much chlorine in it and would kill them.  You’re supposed to get tablets which you add to the water to make it safe for the fish.  Ummmm, who was gonna tell me that!?!?  Well, now we know.  Maybe we’ll attempt to get some for a quarter a piece at Walmart.  If we can talk dad into it – he’s a BIG pet fan.


21 Jun

Today was the last day of school. Bittersweet in a way, considering we had such wonderful teachers this year – it was hard to let go of them.

After school the girls and I had lunch with my mom, and then we got busy preparing for Brandon’s surprise. Because we didn’t get a chance to do a big breakfast in bed morning over Father’s Day weekend, we decided to plan a dinner. We sent a formally written invitation to his work inviting him to be the guest of honor at a dinner celebrating him. 🙂 The girls and I set the table and got everything ready for when he got home. They even put on makeup. I kept the meal easy – boneless bbq ribs (from Sam’s club), salad, veggies with Italian dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and saved the best for last – chocolate chip calzone for dessert. It’s something we love to order at Claim Jumper, and I thought it might not be too difficult to make – which it wasn’t if you have a best friend who makes home made pizza dough (thanks Jenny!). All in all a great surprise, a spectacular dinner, the girls felt so “mature”, and it was lots of fun to do. I wish it could’ve lasted longer than it did. I love you, Brandon!

Without further adieu, here are pictures…

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Ahhh, that flushing sound

21 Jun


So, our kids have been begging us for a pet.  Preferably one that is tangible, and larger than their hands, but we’re not quite ready for that yet.  Today, being the last day of school, the kindergarten class is getting rid of goldfish they’ve had for a few weeks.  Ahhh, the perfect pet.  The girls were prepared for the fact that they didn’t live long, but geesh, we didn’t even have them for 24 hours.  Yep, they were a floatin’ this morning.  All three of them.  Fortunately, the teacher has some left that I can bring home today.  NASTY, I had to flush them this morning.  I’m curious as to know why hubby didn’t do it as he left for an early meeting this morning.  Maybe a cruel joke at our attempt to have a pet?  Oh well, they come cheap.  My concern is their desire for continual replacements.  This is gonna get old quick.  Maybe Dutchess (our dog who lives at my parents house) will need to come home sooner than hubby would like.  I’m sure my parents are both laughing out loud right now.  🙂


Coming to a close

19 Jun


So, the girls have school through Thursday, and then we’re done with another school year.  I can’t believe it – already!  The weather is really starting to indicate summer with consistent warm temperatures.  The first of the bins have been brought down to alternate from winter to summer clothes.  It’s fun to look through the clothes and remember when Abigail or Esther wore this/that.  We’re now in the 3T bin for Sarah.  2x the memories.  🙂

Forgive me if I miss a day or two of posting as I go through clothes and get the house ready for an open house that we host 3-4 times a year.  The entire church is invited over where they can meet new people and get to know others better.  I don’t have to provide any food or drinks, just have to have the house clean for viewing purposes. Gotta get to work.

Menu Plan Monday

18 Jun

Monday –  dinner at in-laws

Tuesday – Chicken Lo Mein

Wednesday – broiled chicken with pasta

Thursday – (can’t say yet) 🙂

Friday – Leftovers or out to eat to celebrate end of school!