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Home Sweet Home

29 Aug

The laundry has been sorted, the picking up has begun, inventory is being taken, and the life I left last week has accepted me right back into the place where I more appropriately belong. As I laid in bed this morning, I thought about the sounds of the city I was kind of missing, and the few days I was spoiled as a wife with her spouse in New York. It was a date night on steroids for us, and I already miss my husband as he is back in the office today.

As I keep trying to remind myself of the day/month, my surprise is like everyone else’s in realizing that September is knocking at the door and school starts next week. CRAZY! That’s where my lists are taking form. Lots to do between now and then. However, I am looking forward to a schedule again.

On Tuesday morning, before leaving for the airport, we took one last walk toward the Stage Deli, which was featured on the Food Network, so we had to go at least take a picture of it for the girls who were interested. We headed there for breakfast and on our way, stopped by the windows where they were taping Good Morning America. The Stage Deli was good, but as my dear husband said, “Some places get by on their excellent service, others get by on their reputation.” This was clearly the latter. Just another New York experience. Speaking of New York experiences, if anyone wants any stories or details regarding the trip, just comment and I’ll try to blog about them as appropriate. 🙂

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Good to be home!

Last full day

27 Aug

Today was our last full day in the city, and it was gorgeous!  Lots of sun and a nice breeze.  We started early heading down to the World Trade Center.  I remember thinking the buildings were so big when we were here 10 years ago, but seeing the mass of land each building has left vacant is evidence of their greatness.  Even more sobering was the fire station nearby with remains of the disaster and tributes to those whom they lost.  We immediately turned things into a happier event by starting our shopping.  We hit Century 21 discount store which is like a Ross on steroids.  Our adventure led us through the Financial district, which was a beautiful walk by the way, up to Soho, where we did some purse shopping.  Wow, that was an experience!  I’ll have to share that another time.  We headed back to the hotel to drop off some bags, and walked back up 5th avenue to visit some stores that were closed yesterday.  From the southern tip of Central Park we caught the subway back “home” again to prepare for our dinner at BirdlandStephanie J. Block  was performing this evening and she was amazing.  We first saw her as Elphaba in Wicked, and that’s when Brandon realized he went to high school with her.  His last dance at grad night was with her.  He’s been emailing her and we finally got to reconnect in person tonight, which was very fun.  What an amazing, down to earth, woman with an AWESOME voice.  She is engaged to the man who currently plays Fiyero here in New York, whom we also met, but what was more exciting was that he is the voice of Diego’s dad in Go, Diego, Go!  🙂  After visiting with her briefly, we walked around to finish our “souvenir” shopping, had dessert, and we’re now packing to leave for home tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see you girls – kisses and squeeze hugs!!!!!  I love you!

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Lots of walking

26 Aug

And my feet can attest to that.  We left for Central Park by way of Madison Avenue on foot.  To our surprise we walked upon a street market.  By the time we made it to Central Park I had the workings of two blisters on my right foot.  I sat and rested while Brandon went to find me a band-aid.  It worked for awhile, but didn’t last long.  It didn’t help that we couldn’t really figure out our way around the enormous park.  We were in search of the Central Park Zoo, which disappointingly did not have a sign.  How odd!  Anyhow, among our travels we came across some lovely fountains, the mall, and the bow bridge, which is where we spoke to our girls on the phone.  🙂  We made our way out of Central Park and ended up at the steps of the Natural History Museum.  (Girls, it’s the one where Night at The Museum was made.)  Decided to hop on the subway to save my feet and get my flip flops.  Because of my lack of sleep the night before, I ended up taking a bit of a nap, and when we returned back up to the stores on Madison Avenue, everything was closed!  Apparently, Sunday’s not the day to do much shopping.  We did get to go into FAO Schwartz, which would’ve been the highlight of my daughters’ trip had they been here.  We also went into the Apple Store where Brandon played with the I phone.  We killed some time around the American Girl store and other “hot spots” before catching a church service to hear one of Brandon’s favorite pastors preach.  We caught the subway back to Times Square where we had dinner and dessert.  Time for a bath!  Girls, have fun tomorrow at the movies.  LOTS OF KISSES AND SQUEEZE HUGS!  I LOVE YOU!

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26 Aug

Still livin’ on California time, we went to bed around 1am (NY time) and I woke up at 11:30am.  Oops, nothin’ like sleepin’ the vacation away.  Oh well, Brandon tried to remind me that we’re on vacation.  So, we got some coffee, ate our granola bars, and roamed the city for a little while before our baseball game at Shea Stadium.  Brandon bought a Brooklyn Dodgers baseball hat for the game.  We caught the subway and made our way across town to the game.  We stuffed our Dodger jerseys into our backpack, a little leery of wearing them, but we did end up putting them on without too much heckling from the natives.  Our seats were not that great.  We were way up in the corner of the loge level.  Literally in the corner.  One Mets fan told us that’s where we belonged.  Oh well, we didn’t mind it too much.  Right over the railing was the Dodger bullpen, and so we got to see lots of action from that area.  It was a close game, but we still lost 3-4.  It was extremely humid and hot, so once we got back on the subway, we stripped them off for comfort reasons.  We made our way back to the hotel to shower, and go to dinner.  We dined at Virgil’s BBQ, recommended by two friends from home.  YUMMY!  Let’s just say I’ll be headed back to Weight Watchers once we return home.  We started our meal with Trainwreck Nachos.  Yeah!  After dinner, we walked around some more, and ended our night at Coldstone’s.

It’s Sunday now, and I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I’m used to my ceiling fan blowing on me, and I found the air conditioning in the room unable to keep me cool enough.  Not too bad though.  It just means we’ll get started on Central Park and Upper Manhattan earlier today rather than after lunch time.  🙂

Abigail, Esther, and Sarah, Uncle Rod said you were good yesterday as well as Auntie Manda.  I’m so proud of you girls.  Keep it up!  I LOVE YOU LOTS – KISSES AND SQUEEZE HUGS!

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I want to be a part of it…

24 Aug

New York, New York.

We’re here, and what a fun way to get here!  Mr. Markmiller came to pick us up and take us to the airport, and little did we know we were stepping into the Markmiller version of Cash Cab.  Too funny!  Thank you Mike and Jenny for helping it to start fun!  We had lights, camera, and questions all the way to the airport.  Then when we boarded our flight, we were treated to business class, a very large and  yummy breakfast, and satellite tv, movies, games, etc…  I watched Shrek 3, and Ellen’s HBO comedy special “Here and Now”, a little tv, and even played one of Abigail’s favorite games – kind of like tetris, but with jewels.  We rode in a very crazy taxi cab and was introduced to the likes of New Yorkers with our driver.  Not the most gracious man on the planet, but hey.  We walked around Times Square, had some dinner, caught the Drowsy Chaperone – HILARIOUS, and walked around Times Square some more.  Picked up some cold water and m&ms before returning to the nice air conditioning (it’s a big sticky here), and now I’m thinking of my girls who are getting ready to go get Auntie Manda from the airport for a fun filled weekend on the other side of the country.  Here are some pictures we took today.  I love you Abigail, Esther and Sarah.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Have fun with Paige and Brittney.  KISSES AND SQUEEZE HUGS!!!!

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Getting ready

23 Aug

Cleaning up, packing bags, making lists, saying lots of prayers – we leave for New York tomorrow morning.  I’m looking forward to uninterrupted sleep, alone time with my husband, roaming the streets of Manhattan… oh yeah, and shopping!  🙂  We’ll be taking in a Broadway show and seeing a Mets game, but other than that, we’ll be taking in the city.  The best part – I’m off duty for a few days – no making meals, wiping booties, and playing referee or activity coordinator.  I will miss it – more the children than the duties, but hey, that’s my life – it’s what I live for, and Auntie Manda will get a taste of it in my place.  Yea!  I will have access to a computer and hope to post pics and short stories, mostly for my girls to keep tabs on us.  So, stay tuned….

The truth hurts!

20 Aug

Recent comments from my small child…

“You need to learn how to wake up when it’s morning time.”

“Mommy, your hair looks creepy.”

SIGH – I love her!