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Happy Halloween

31 Oct


img2005-10-31_054.jpg img2005-10-31_058.jpg



Can’t wait to add to my collection… tune in tomorrow.  🙂



29 Oct

Dental cleaning today.  Need I say more?  I was fine, sitting in the mostly comfortable chair, watching the local news, and I began to feel as though my hygeneist couldn’t tell where my gums and teeth met.  Honestly, when I rinsed, I saw red flesh – no lie!  After the cleaning she asked, “Were your gums sensitive?”  Were they?  I felt like asking if she could tell, or obviously notice something – they must have been bleeding profusely or swollen by now.  She then mentioned that being pregnant, the hormones cause the gums to be ultra sensitive.  Hey!  How about mentioning that before and offering me some of the awesome gum numbing cream you’ve given me in the past.  GEESH!  I’ll remember that when I revisit in February.  Then she had to put the tray of flouride foam in my mouth for top and bottom teeth.  We usually do this in one take, but she considered my gag reflex and asked me.  Yep, the gag reflex is just as sensitive as the gums – thanks for asking ahead of time.  And for future reference for all you women out there, apparently, your gums are just as sensitive if you were to be starting your period near the time of your cleaning.  HEADS UP!

boo hoo

25 Oct

My goodness, I don’t remember being like this at all. I typically get quite verclempt at shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but the Price is Right? What the heck is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I’m pregnant. I just don’t remember being this much of a basket-case before. Forget the Baby Story, every time one is born, I cry. Then there are those Kleenex commercials that are doing me in. However, this morning, I crossed the line. The Price is Right??? Good grief! A grandma was on the showcase showdown. They were showing the prizes that she needed to bid on, and then the camera panned over to this fragile old woman with disheveled hair and big ‘ol glasses, mouth agape in awe at the chance to win a spa, and it got me. I had to turn it off. Is that pathetic or what? I can’t even watch happy-go-lucky shows without the water works simply from joy. What a mess!

Late night art

24 Oct

Last night, as I was making my way through the hallway, I noticed Esther sitting up in her bed doing something with a pencil and a small pad of paper.  Granted the girls were all put to bed at least an hour earlier, and  here my little night owl was inspired to draw – in the dark.  She brought me her drawing a few hours later with a description.


“This is a nerd who is falling in love with this really fancy girl, and she’s like, ‘Ew!’, because she doesn’t like him.”

I love you, Esther!

Scene from a movie…

23 Oct

I called today to change over doctors, blah blah blah – trying to get a new ob/gyn.  The woman who answered the phone at the insurance company was just awesome!  I almost burst out laughing – she had to be joking.  It was definitely from a movie, commercial, something…  Just think of the dryest, most over-exaggerated bored tone of voice you ever did hear – “Hello, this is Charlene, how can I help you (sigh)?”  Oh my goodness.  I wanted to laugh and ask her if her day has really been as bad as it sounded.  Maybe it had been.  She did perk up a bit and try to be helpful, but then my phone cut off (as Jenny can attest to) and I felt bad.  Whoops – poor Charlene is gonna think I hung up on her.  I wanted to call back, but didn’t feel like pressing numbers, and saying “member” in a loud voice to no one to try and find Charlene again.  Sorry, Charlene!

I’ve been feeling a bit light headed the last couple of days.  Maybe it’s the air – all this smoke is driving me crazy, however I don’t have much to complain about considering I’m sitting in my house right now, and my cousin and her four kids have been evacuated from Lake Arrowhead.

I do have a menu for this week too, maybe I’ll get it up before the week is over.  🙂  Gotta go pick up Sarah from her playdate with Katie, so she can go to speech.  Until I sit down at the computer again….

Favorite Photo Friday

19 Oct


I love this picture!  My sweet Esther Lu was whining about something, and as she glanced over and noticed that my camera was focused on her, she stopped and posed, before continuing to whine about whatever it was.  My little ham!  I love her!!!!


16 Oct

What a fun weekend! It was an awesome time of girl fun. Unfortunately, you want to have so much fun, that you end up so tired! We got to do some shopping, some pampering, some playing, some worshipping, some bonding – LOTS! I was also crowned the new “Door Prize Fairy”. Not something I was hoping for, but I’ll be making the best of it – which started by wearing Lola’s transformer mask in the attempt to make the women wet their pants from laughter. Now that was fun! Jenny and I also thought it was funny that this being our first year to never share a bed, we were actually separated by a wall divider in our room. Other than the wall, there were many highlights to the room, a few being the jacuzzi tub, the comfy beds, a coffee maker, and refrigerator that we could fill with our stuff. Our sweet women’s ministry friends actually had some Diet Cokes in there waiting for us. So nice!

Now it’s back to real life – making lunches, chauffering children, and I’ve begun sewing Esther’s costume. I’m looking forward to the finished product. It’s been pretty easy so far. We need to buy the decorative trim today so that I can finish it. Pictures to come for sure!

Speaking of pictures, click on this link to see pictures from last week. You’ll see some women’s retreat highlights and our trip to Disneyland with the Davies girls. Enjoy!