Scene from a movie…

23 Oct

I called today to change over doctors, blah blah blah – trying to get a new ob/gyn.  The woman who answered the phone at the insurance company was just awesome!  I almost burst out laughing – she had to be joking.  It was definitely from a movie, commercial, something…  Just think of the dryest, most over-exaggerated bored tone of voice you ever did hear – “Hello, this is Charlene, how can I help you (sigh)?”  Oh my goodness.  I wanted to laugh and ask her if her day has really been as bad as it sounded.  Maybe it had been.  She did perk up a bit and try to be helpful, but then my phone cut off (as Jenny can attest to) and I felt bad.  Whoops – poor Charlene is gonna think I hung up on her.  I wanted to call back, but didn’t feel like pressing numbers, and saying “member” in a loud voice to no one to try and find Charlene again.  Sorry, Charlene!

I’ve been feeling a bit light headed the last couple of days.  Maybe it’s the air – all this smoke is driving me crazy, however I don’t have much to complain about considering I’m sitting in my house right now, and my cousin and her four kids have been evacuated from Lake Arrowhead.

I do have a menu for this week too, maybe I’ll get it up before the week is over.  🙂  Gotta go pick up Sarah from her playdate with Katie, so she can go to speech.  Until I sit down at the computer again….


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