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12 Oct

I am procrastinating some last minute chores before I head out for a lovely weekend in Laguna Woods for our church‘s women’s retreat.  WOOHOO!  This will be the first time that Jenny and I do not share a bed.  -sniff sniff-  I’ll miss her.  🙂  We will be spoiled in our room at the Ayres hotel.  I cannot wait.  We are scheduled for some manicures and pedicures on  Saturday with a few other gal pals including the Prime Princess herself.  A guarantee for a ton ‘o fun.  I’m sure Monday will allow for quite a few blog worthy stories and pictures.

Quick “shout out” to my husband.  I am beaming with pride today.  He was the speaker this morning at the Evangelical Homiletics Society conference.  This is quite the honor, and he is alongside many prestigious and respected men in this field.  I wish I could’ve been there to hear him.  At last years conference he presented a paper, and they asked him to preach on it this year.  Brandon, I am so proud of you.  You deserve it and I love you very much.

Until Monday….


Ding ding ding

9 Oct

Good job Heather for noticing… Yep, number four is in the oven. I am due early June. Haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I’m making some changes in that department and that can take some time. It’s actually nap time, so I’m gonna keep it short for now. Details to come. 🙂

Kissin’ Cousins

4 Oct

“Favorite Photo Friday”

These two love each other too much.  Born 6 weeks apart, they are great buddies.  Both insist they are going to marry each other.  Sarah even told me that God told her it was okay that she marry DJ.  Hmmmm, I’m gonna have to talk to God about that one.  🙂





Menu Update

2 Oct

Just so you know, I’m now 2-0 with the new recipes.  (For those of you who are sports illiterate, that means 2 wins and no losses.)  The best thing about these two so far is that both nights I have had NO LEFTOVERS!  Ahhhh, truly the sign of a great meal.  I’m looking forward to trying Thursday’s meal, and I know I’ll love Friday’s.  Who doesn’t love a yummy soup?  And I especially planned it for Friday, because it’s actually supposed to be in the low 70s that day.  Brrrrr, we might need coats.  😉


1 Oct

Jenny got me this great purse last year for my birthday.  I love it.


Then, Lombardo Zoo lady started making totes/purses over in her neck of the woods…  (just look in her categories under crafts… they are very cute!)

A woman at the girls’ school just loved my purse pictured above, and I thought I could probably make one, considering the tutorial given by the lovely Christina.  Her birthday was yesterday, so I decided to make one.  After two or three seam ripping events, this is what it ended up as…



Very fun, and easy.  Can’t wait to make more…

Monday blahs

1 Oct

So, Abigail has been sick all weekend with a cold.  Unfortunately, due to her asthma, it’s ten times worse.  She’s much better today, but she has a nice hearty loose cough that would make any mother mad if she were in school with their healthy children, so she’s at home today.  She sat out from soccer Saturday too.  Speaking of soccer, Esther scored two goals at her game on Saturday!  I was screaming and jumping, but more embarrassing was her little victory dance that she did after every goal her team made.  We need to teach her a little bit about humility and grace.  I think she was most excited about the fact that daddy told her if she got a goal, we’d all get icee’s.  She was pushing her own teammates out of the way to be able to get to the ball and score a goal.  SIGH  I guess we’ll work on that too.  Then Sunday morning between church and play rehearsals, the girls also had soccer pictures.  Geesh!

And now I feel the cold coming on.  Drainage down the back of the throat, scratchy sore throat, and a drippy nose.  How annoying.  I don’t have time for a cold!  I have to sing and teach on Wednesday.  Today, I have to restock the house with food!  My goal last week with trying to stay out of the grocery store was successful.  But now my refrigerator is blinding me everytime I open it, due to the fact that all I can see is the light, and my pantry shelves are bare.  It’s a good thing Esther liked what was being made at school today or she would’ve been out of luck.

So amidst all other things happening, I have a list of chores for myself (my goal is the end of the week).  I also need to start making Esther’s costume.  She wants to be Sacajawea from Night at the Museum.  Do you realize how many times she’ll have to repeat herself through Halloween?  Better get to it…

museum1.jpg ben_stiller6.jpg

Pictures to look for soon – I made a tote last night, and I got my hair cut on Friday.  No pictures yet of the hair cut, but I did take some of the bag.

Menu Plan Monday

1 Oct

Trying out some new recipes this week from the Kraft Foods magazines.

Monday – Chicken Bow Tie Pasta Salad

Tuesday – Carmelized Beef Skewers, salad

Wednesday – McDonald’s

Thursday – Creamy Rice, Chicken and Spinach Dinner

Friday – Bacon, Cheese and Potato Chowder with garlic bread