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Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov


Today is officially Esther’s 6th birthday!  We woke up at Auntie Manda’s and Uncle Andy’s this morning and had cinnamon rolls and bacon – 6 candles included.  Of course my batteries were dead in the camera so we’ll have to wait for Auntie to send me those pictures.  We hit some traffic on our journey home today, but nothing unbearable.  We’ve been in worse!  We came home to a decorated exterior for Esther, which was a great surprise for her.  The Markmiller’s came and tied up balloons, banners, posters, and even chalked up the porch with wishes of a happy birthday.  Again, I’m waiting for sun light now before I can include any of those pictures.  (I’m a slacker!)  It’s nice to be home, but my head is already spinning from the amount of things listed on my calendar for this week.  Not to mention the regular things like laundry and grocery shopping to comes with returning from a trip.

I do miss Sacramento already.  The cool crisp weather (although it’s fairly cool here too), the way the leaves fall from the trees like snow from the sky, and just that great feeling of being with family you love.   Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving.

[rockyou id=92508910&w=426&h=319]



22 Nov


As I go around my sister’s house and make sure that every tv has the Macy’s parade blaring, it gets me choked up at the time of year it is.  I have so much to be thankful for – God is abundantly good to me and my family, and is constantly showing me to trust in Him – don’t panic – within minutes, days, weeks or even years, He will reveal His goodness to me.  As we prepare to get ready for our Thanksgiving feast, I can’t believe that as we arrive in our neighborhood on Saturday Christmas decorations will be adorning homes already, and my Eshter will be officially turning 6!  We’ll be entering into a busy month of play rehearsals for our church’s production of The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever, and just the regular ‘ol business of Christmas.  I cant’ wait! 

Time to take my shower and then get that green bean casserole started.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and Jenny, blare that Christmas music for me tonight! 


20 Nov

I’d like to introduce you all to the newest Baby Cash.  (NOT BABIES!)  Sorry to disappoint many of you.  🙂  (Picture to follow)

Sunday night into Monday I had a rough night dealing with my hernia.  Once I realized it was that, I took care of it the only way I know how – push it back in, but the pain of the situation in the intestines was a different story.  I was ready to drive myself to the ER.  Monday morning I called my regular doctor to make sure that I didn’t need to be checked for strangulation of the intestines or anything like that.  She did make mention of concern regarding the pregnancy, because I haven’t had an ultrasound yet.  To put my mind at ease I called my OB who had me squeezed in to have an ultrasound this afternoon.  Unfortunately, we were planning on heading to Sacramento this afternoon.  Well, I’m glad we put off the travel plans for one day, because I got to see my new baby today, and in 4D nonetheless.  It was amazing.  You always see it on TV and are awestruck, but when it’s your baby, inside you, at that moment, watching it move around and seeing every detail possible – there aren’t words to describe it!  What a treasured moment for sure!  The limited details that the ultrasound technician could give me were that the baby was photogenic 🙂 and everything looked good.  Especially seeing that little thump thump thump of the shady heart pumping away.  My soul feels better.  GOD IS GOOD!

Amidst all of this craziness, I finally went to the chiropractor yesterday and found out I have a pinched nerve.  I get to sleep with a cervical collar around my neck, and also return for 3 more visits next week.

So tomorrow we’ll leave before the sun wakes up, and try to miss as much traffic as possible, so that we are able to enjoy Thanksgiving in Sacramento.  I hope to post from there.


baby-cash.jpg baby-cash2.jpg

For your entertainment…

16 Nov

This is the story of the old woman who made me cry on The Price is Right. I just teared up watching her ooo and ahhhh at the showcase she could’ve won. I’m glad I turned it off. She apparently passed the first showcase off to the other woman and bid on the second showcase… and WON! I would’ve been a blubbering mess. Ahhh, hormones, gotta love ’em.


What a nice day

15 Nov

It feels like a warm summer day, sunny with blue skies.  Oh wait!  It’s NOVEMBER!!!  What is up?  I am so happy to be heading up north to Sacramento where we actually need to pull down the bins of warmer clothes to survive!  Kristine and I joined forces this morning and met at the Y to exercise.  We’ll gain it together and lose it together!  Woohoo!  Two funnies…  1. As we were talking, and huffing, and sweating, we both had our tv’s on CBS watching Rachel Ray.  During a commercial, they showed the grandma that made me cry from the Price is Right.  Apparently the local news did a story about her.  I’ve still be trying to get to the clip so that I can eventually post it.  Too funny.  2.  After our cardio, we went upstairs to do the circuit training.  Usually, there is never anyone in there.  Today, there was an elderly woman, and then about halfway through the circuit another man joined the rotation.  HELLO!  The way he did these exercise machines.  I couldn’t find the effort to push the bars from my body, because I was laughing so hard, and all of my effort was put into holding it in so that it wasn’t obvious I was laughing at him.  Kristine and I were like two little kids laughing during a church service.  We both deemed it blog-worthy, but she called it.  So I’ll wait for her to expand.  Let’s just say I hope the man didn’t hurt himself.  Good times for sure.

Side note – As we were running some errands at the mall today, Sarah saw Santa.  He was a great one!  Not too crowded at 11am on a Thursday, so he asked for Sarah to come around the gates and sit with him.  He even gave her a little reindeer stuffed animal – and the best thing – no one pressured me to take any pictures.  She was pretty hesitant, but was sold pretty quick on the whole idea.  Too cute.

I want it to get cold!  As Christina would say, “hell damn cold!”

Esther’s Surprise Weekend

14 Nov

We pulled it off!  It was so great.  She was so surprised she said, “I was so happy that tears were coming to my eyes.”  PRICELESS!  She didn’t suspect a thing, which makes it that much better.  The girls played their soccer games in the morning, which Auntie Manda and Uncle Andy came all the way down from Sacramento to see.  Then they changed clothes and went to stay at Boppy and Grammie’s for the day to visit with Dexter, the new puppy.  While they visited, hubby and I cleaned the house, preparing it for the party to come.  Everyone arrived right on time, and we all anxiously awaited the arrival of the birthday girl.  It was so awesome.  She ran in looking for daddy, and she had to open up the door to our back room to find him (along with everyone else).  All night long, she’d stop and hug me around my legs or waist as tight as she could.  It was just the best!

Click HERE to see the pictures.




13 Nov

Okay, so the modem went down Saturday, right before Esther’s party – which was a success!  Did some (7 hours worth) Christmas shopping yesterday with my mother-in-law, and need to catch up on some chores, but I promise to return with pictures and stories from this weekend.