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Christmas Pictures

31 Dec

Here are the pics from Christmas. If you can’t seem to get them, email me and I’ll send them differently.

I’ll also be uploading the pics from my cousin’s wedding in Palm Springs, and soon to come… pics from our New York New Year’s Eve taking place this evening.

Unto Us A Child Is Born

24 Dec

As Gladys Herdman announced, “Hey, unto you a child is born!”  (If you could’ve only heard Esther say it.)

Tonight, we skipped out on the pier service due to some blustery winds and had a lovely family dinner at Coco’s.  🙂  hehehe  As we bowed our heads to pray, my sweet 8 year old sat there and thanked God for his gift of Jesus at Christmas, and asked that we would remember that gift over all of the others that we’d receive tomorrow.  PRICELESS!   We still get excited to leave the cookies, milk and reindeer food, with anticipation of what will be in our stockings in the morning, but we should be ever thankful of the gift of salvation we were all given when Jesus came to earth as a baby and eventually become the sacrifice for our sins.

Have a Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones tomorrow, and take the time to soak it all in remembering that God is good.


Christmas, Christmas Time is Here…

24 Dec

But you wouldn’t be able to tell here in CA by the weather.  It’s supposed to be 75 degrees today.  I guess that beats being snowed in with power outages.  🙂

After a busy weekend of celebrating Christmas with my extended families, and preparing for our Christmas praise service Sunday morning, I’m looking forward to a day of down time.  Brandon went in to work for a bit today, and I’m still in my pajamas.  (At this moment it’s 10am.)  hehehe 🙂  My house looks like it threw up Christmas gifts after Brandon brought home lots of little things from people at church and from our weekend of  Christmases so far.  Slowly, I hope to straighten up the kitchen and other affected areas before the day is over.

Tonight, we have a family communion service at the church at 5pm, and our traditional Christmas Eve on the pier service at 7pm.  We meet at the Manhattan Beach pier, light candles, and hear the Christmas story read from the Bible as well as sing carols.

Time for some coffee and breakfast (considering the time).  Hope you can have a nice down day to soak in Christmas before it’s over.  🙂

Pictures of the recent activities to follow….

Can we stop time?

19 Dec

PLEASE!!!  I’d love it if we could.  Just a few more hours, either to bathe, wrap gifts, clean, wrap gifts, finish decorating, clean some more, and wrap those darn gifts.  And more hours to recuperate from all of that hard work.  Christmas is a week away, and it’s all catching up to me.  Every year I’m prepared to start early and be caught up on Christmas, but it never fails to run me over like a mack truck before I’m completely ready.  Of course it doesn’t ever fail to be struck with an illness along with children as well.  Last Friday I finally went to the doctor and confirmed my sinus infection.  After a shot in my behind, I’m slowly recovering.  Gifts still need to be wrapped, I’m close to giving up on the idea of ALL of the decorations being out, and just being happy to have stuff put away.  If you had read Jenny’s blog, you knew that a big production was taking place last weekend at the church, and Abigail, Esther, and myself were involved.  It was a great show – the kids did a superb job, and I’ll post pictures of my kids soon.  Tonight we finish the plethora of school performances (because they can’t all be on the same night), and tomorrow is the girls’ last day until January 7th – woohoo!  I’m actually looking forward to some down time with them.

As to our Christmas activities, my sister and her husband arrive from Sacramento Friday evening.  We’ll be celebrating with extended family Saturday and Sunday, Christmas Eve service Monday evening, and then the excitement of Christmas day ensues.  If I can get to that point, we’re doing good.  Lots of activities to follow Christmas, like my cousin getting married in Palm Springs, and a “black tie” 50th bd party in Newport.  This is all taking place Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  So, you’ll have to continue to forgive my lack of blogging.

Speaking of lack of blogging, I’ve added a new blog specifically for our Christmas letter.  On our card (still yet to be mailed) it will direct people to our blog.  You can check it out for yourselves at .

If I don’t get to it before

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my blog world friends!
(Here’s a couple of pictures of the girls from the play.)

Abigail played Alice, who was the always well-mannered church girl, where Esther played Gladys who lives on the other side of that spectrum.  She was the youngest of the naughty Herdman children.  (Based on the book the Best Christmas Pageant Ever)

alice.jpg    alice2.jpg

gladys.jpg    gladys2.jpg


10 Dec

I know – two in one day, within minutes no less.  I just had this emailed to me.  ENJOY!

My turn, my turn

10 Dec

I should back track here…

On Thursday, I got a call from the girls’ school stating that Abigail was having trouble breathing (she has asthma).  I knew this would be an issue when I sent her to school, and forewarned  her to be careful at recess, but to no avail.  I was just arriving across town to Sarah’s speech class.  I mentioned that I could bring her inhaler when we were done if they thought she’d be okay.  This was agreed on and we went on to speech.  Not 15 minutes later I get another call.  This time Esther was in with a fever.  No dismissing this one – I had to pick her up from school.  I went ahead and took Abigail home as well, and we hunkered down for the weekend.  It was the perfect weekend to be ill considering it was our only one in December that was empty.  They were home the remainder of the day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Now it’s my turn.  I woke up this morning around 6am – a cruel time of day, with a sore throat and a stuffy head.  The ears continue to pop and crackle, and although the nose and head are stuffy, the right nostril is dripping like a faucet.  (I know you needed that information.)  🙂

With Christmas activities in full swing, I trudge along.  Just this morning, as I was dropping off the girls at school (in my pajamas and slippers), I realized that Abigail was having an awards assembly.  After seeing the disappointment on her face when telling her I couldn’t go to her assembly in my pajamas, I raced home to put on a bra and real clothes before racing back and praying that God would open up a parking spot for me.  HE DID!  We walked in and one of Abigail’s friends spotted me and pointed out to Abigail that I was there.  She was grateful and my heart was warmed.  She even came over and said, “Thank you.”  On tap for the rest of the day is Sam’s Club, dishes, and more Christmas decorating for the house.  Thursday night, we snuck the girls out for just a smidge so that we could get our tree.  Then over the weekend, the weather outside was truly frightful, and our fire was so delightful.  We decorated the tree, but not much else.  After play rehearsal yesterday afternoon, the girls and I drove up to daddy putting the lights on the house.  Mommy was very happy!  The rest of the bins are waiting for me to pop them open and free them for the rest of the month.

Still updating…

Last weekend was our church’s 5th annual ladies’ tea.  This is a formal tea – no paper products!  I am lacking in the fine china department, but Brandon’s aunt Deitra is abounding in it.  She has beautiful china, and lots of it.  This year was my second year hosting a table.  With it being the 1st of December, Aunt Deitra suggested her Christmas china.  Here are pictures from that event.  THANK YOU, Aunt Deitra – it was once again a success.  Can’t wait for the next one.  hehehe

Now we buckle up for the Christmas play this Sunday.  Both Abigail and Esther have speaking roles in the show.  It is an adapted script from the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.


It will be a hilarious show, but a busy week.  Rehearsals on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the play twice on Sunday.  Only to follow with their school programs the next week.  Tis the season, eh?


3 Dec

Amidst our crazy week/weekend, we stole the children from their schools on Thursday, and went to Disneyland.  It was such a fun day, and ended so wonderfully with the parade and fireworks.  I was glad to know that I was not the only one crying during the spectacular finale of fireworks.  There were three other moms near me giggling at each other for being so emotional.  Hey, nothing wrong with that!  I got choked up a few times – watching Esther sing with gusto on Small World, walking in and seeing all of the beautiful decorations and huge tree, and then during the lighting of the castle and fireworks.  Such priceless moments watching the excitement of the girls’ faces.  They won’t be this little next Christmas, and yet I’ll have another one to share the wonder with.  SO MANY TREASURES!

One side note – we did the day without a stroller.  This means that a large backpack must be packed and prepared for the entirety of the day.  Many people carry backpacks around, mostly the dads.  I’ve always felt a little bad for Brandon, who carelessly walks around toting a bright pink backpack.  Hey, we have three girls!  But I witnessed another poor fellow who was worse off than my own.

img_5995.jpg    img_5994.jpg

This man’s backpack said was labeled “Urban Girl”.  I was thoroughly amused!  Okay, maybe the next backpack will be camo.  I’ll keep Disneyland in mind, that’s for sure.

So, here are the pictures from Disneyland.  Until I can update again…

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