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For those who don’t know

29 Jan

I often get the privilege of beating the cowbell at church. During rehearsals, I can often get out of hand, and since SNL’s brilliant portrayal of the importance of the cowbell, I get a lot of giggles when the cowbell is placed in my hands. We’ve even had some people yell out that they needed more cowbell.

So, for a limited time, my decor reflects my love for the cowbell.

I’ve got a fever…


Burnin’ the midnight oil…

28 Jan

and runnin’ on fumes!

Since early Friday morning I’ve been getting up with Abigail giving breathing treatments.  This is then followed up by Mister Buddy ready to be up for the day considering lights are on, people are talking and noise is inevitable.  So here I sit, Monday afternoon, and ready to drop.  Abigail had a doctor’s visit this morning, and is currently asleep – thank goodness.  No fevers, just coughing.  She’s been put on advair and a nose spray to help alleviate things.  Considering the recent rains, the doctor told me to continue these meds for 2-3 weeks after she is 100%, because the pollen count with be through the roof.  Just one more thing to keep note of.  SIGH

But oh how I love the rain.  It’s rained on and off here since Wednesday.  We’re not just getting rain, though – it’s actual weather.  Wind, cold temps, who’d thunk it.  Remember this song?

Of course then, if it actually did rain, they always played this song…

Of course it doesn’t compare to the weather my dear friends in Canada are experiencing (Hi, Nicole), but hey, again – it’s Southern California.  🙂  Have a good one.

What is wrong with people?

25 Jan

I am just SICK over this news story I read.  What saddens me most is that I read something tragically similar just a week or two ago.  Why these innocent children?  What were these people possibly thinking?  The adult and the child/children?  My heart just wrenches for these parents who have lost their children to someone else’s selfish and stupid acts.  ARGH!  I think I am troubled most at finding God in these two situations.  The ever-present question “Why, God?” comes to mind as I struggle to understand things I need not try to.  It is then that I attempt to remind myself that He is in control.  Lord, may Your glory be revealed!

It’s a…

24 Jan

healthy baby.

Isn’t that all we wanted?  A healthy baby – everything looks great!


Oh yeah, and it’s a boy. (hehehe)

Thanks to…

23 Jan

AllyZabba for her post of Pioneer Woman’s post, I am now posting that my house smells yummy.

This is brewing away in my oven.

And along with the lovely smell, the sound of the rain is a wonderful addition. With new warm flannel sheets on my bed, that temperpedic is calling my name. Maybe I can get a “rest” in. HA!

Tomorrow’s the big day! Ultrasound at 11:40am. We’re taking the girls out of school to come with us, and after we see the baby in all it’s glory and find out what will be joining our family, we’ll head out to lunch to dream about all that this new Cash will bring. 🙂 Look for a post tomorrow with the news!

Where’s Buddy?

22 Jan

Last night, I had assumed Buddy was in his crate as usual, but when I looked I didn’t see him. Searching around, and assuming the worst (pooping somewhere on the carpet) I asked hubby for reinforcement in the search. This is where we found him….


Sweet Sarah

21 Jan

Always keeps me laughing, this one.  Her sense of humor is 15 years ahead of her.  🙂

Sarah:    “Is that one of those granola bars with peanuts in it?”

Me:          “Yes.”

Sarah:    “I don’t like nuts.”

Me:          “Well, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Sarah:    “What am I missing?”

Me:          “Well, peanuts are very good.  They taste yummy.”

Sarah:      “Well, did you know I ate fish at Sam’s club.”

Me:          “Yes I did know that.  Did you like it?”

Sarah:        “Yep, it tasted good.”

Me:          “Well, unfortunately, Mommy isn’t a fan of fish.”

Sarah:      “Well, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Abigail and I immediately burst into laughter, and the conversation didn’t go any farther.  Maybe she’s right, but I can currently hide behind the rule that pregnant women are not to eat fish.  Darn.