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27 Feb

For those who didn’t know…

You should never say anything to a pregnant woman in terms of weight or dietary habits

(especially if you’re married to the pregnant woman aforementioned)


DJ’s Birthday

26 Feb

My nephew, DJ turned 4 last week.  His birthday party was on Saturday, where Auntie Manda flew down from Sacramento to celebrate with us.  I made him a cape.  What 4-year-old boy wouldn’t want a cape, right?  I gave it alongside this book…


He put the cape on immediately, and when I asked him to turn around and show me, he had his arm raised as if to have suddenly acquired superhero powers.  AWESOME – just the best reaction I could’ve asked for.  We hung out the rest of the evening visiting as much as we could before Auntie left home the next day.  All of the kids played Zingo!


A superb game, perfect for ages 3-adult.  A play on Bingo, and a game that kids can play without adult help/supervision.  Although, daddy and mommy like to get in there and get a bit competitive with it as well.  🙂

Here are some pictures from DJ’s celebration.

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21 Feb

So, there’s been some progress in the laundry room and bathroom.  After many hours and two trips to Lowes and another quick trip to Home Depot, we still don’t have it all done, but we’re getting there.

Last weekend paint went up…


Sunday night the laundry got hooked back up…


And today tonight we started with a new vanity, mirror and light…



I’m excited for the finished product.  Although, because of the tile, we had to trim the doors (partly in the rain), and the plumbing has been an issue, so it doesn’t work yet, but it’s still pretty.

Everyone’s been fighting coughs and colds around here.  I’m listening to one of my children coughing now.  Esther coughed all night last night.  GEESH – make it stop!  Puppy’s getting bigger and bigger – really chewin’ up things lately.  I had piles of laundry Monday, and let’s just say I’ll be purchasing myself some new underwear after finding a few too many holes in them.  NICE!  Lovin’ those rawhides now!  🙂

Off to bed…

Too much fun

16 Feb

Last night we went to a Valentine’s dinner and dance at our church. It was very fun. The attire was semi-formal, so we got to get all dressed-up as well as see others a bit out of our usual element. The funny thing was that the majority of us gals were all wearing similar black dresses. (hey, we’re no dumbies – black is slimming even if you are pregnant) We had a four course meal served to us (the soup and dessert were my favorites), and then of course Brandon and I were contestants in the not-so-newlywed game. It was hilarious and fun, even if we didn’t win. (I still need to count my pairs of shoes.) 😉 After the yummy dessert (molten lava cake w/raspberries) we danced the rest of the night away. Lots of great laughs and grown-up moments with wonderful friends. Too much fun! You’ll have to peek at Jenny’s blog to see pictures. 🙂

Seeing red

14 Feb

So Valentine’s Day is just about over.  An unexpected rain began our day, and daddy was feelin’ a bit under the weather as well.  Valentine’s were given and received and everyone went about to their normal days.  I picked up the girls at lunch time to take them to McDonald’s for a v-day surprise, and Brandon came home earlier than usual to try and fit in a rest.  On Tuesday, my dad came back over to help with the grouting of the newly laid tile, and Brandon was considering cleaning it this afternoon or tomorrow so that he could begin the sealing process.  As a gift for daddy to be able to rest and possibly go watch a bit of the LA Open tomorrow, Abigail and Esther were eager to get in there and get dirty for him.  Meanwhile, Sarah and I began making cookies as well as picking up the house.  For probably a good month, Abigail has been planning a wonderful Valentine dinner for her daddy and me.  She truly wanted to prepare and serve the dinner, as well as choose our attire for the evening, and even doll me up doing my hair and make-up.  With it being a school night, and daddy not feeling 100%, she graciously let some of that go, and we went ahead with her ‘scaled down menu via mommy’ as scheduled.  She planned a red-themed dinner, complete from appetizer to dessert.  Because of the extra tile cleaning and picking up, our red dessert has been delayed until possibly Saturday when we have more time, but we improvised and it was all wonderful.  They did a marvelous job at working together, communicating, and (I believe) simply got pleasure from pleasing playing waitress and restaurant to their parents.  It made them feel good about themselves for sure.  Sarah’s already asking to do a repeat performance next year.  😉

The menu was:

Appetizer – red (gala) apples with caramel

Salad – a simple ceasar salad bag they were able to mix themselves

Dinner – spaghetti (of course – it’s red) and garlic bread

Dessert – original dessert was supposed to be  these cookies sugarcookie_whitechocolatevalentines_d.jpg

improvised dessert – choc. chip cookies cut into hearts with vanilla ice cream

Drinks – Daddy=red wine

Ladies of the house=sparkling apple cranberry cider (cuz it’s red)  🙂

Here are some pictures.

[rockyou id=102562803&w=426&h=320]

My Forever Valentines

14 Feb



Buddy and Floor Update

11 Feb

More work was done this weekend on the back bathroom and laundry room. All cupboards and washer/dryer were removed. Of course my living space has been littered with it all, but its a small price to pay. I’m going right after this post to select some new paint to accompany the beige tile we selected. Tomorrow the grout goes in, a couple days after that – sealer, and we put it all back together. I’ve started getting rid of LOTS of stuff and am in the process of organization with all things Barbie, Dora, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Build A Bear.

I also have updated pictures of our not so little Buddy.  I’ve tried to continue to take pictures with him alongside a stuffed dog that he likes to play with.  He seems to have grown quite a big in the 4 weeks we’ve had him.  (I guess I should be glad that babies don’t grow as fast as puppies.)  🙂

Happy Monday.

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