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31 Mar

Buddy has a fascination with with the soccer cones.  He loves to dive his head into them and chew on the middle bands of plastic.  Weirdo!



Another full weekend

28 Mar


I just sent my baby off with Boppy and Grammie on a little trip to visit Auntie Manda and Uncle Andy up in Sacramento.  (Sniff sniff) She’s been counting down the days for this trip since February.  And when I say counting down, I mean placing a sticker on a home-made calendar from my mom every day since the end of February.  Seriously, she’s been so excited about this trip WITHOUT HER PARENTS OR SISTERS, and has been planning big.  Her and auntie have lots of plans.  They sound as though they involve all things mommy’s don’t do too much and should fulfill auntie’s job description pretty well.  🙂

We’ll be hosting the Austin family for dinner tonight, which should be fun.  They just suffered a loss in their family, and it’s about time for some good friend fun.  Tomorrow, Brandon gets to go to the Dodger game.


Not just any ‘ol game, though… it will be held at the L.A. Coliseum, where the Dodgers first played after moving from Brooklyn.  They are celebrating 50  years in Los Angeles.  Needless to say, it’s kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Meanwhile, I’ll be participating in a concert to benefit the NextSteps Organization.  This group helps to prepare foster kids for emancipation.  This will be my third year involved.  With the three big Easter services last weekend, and fighting off some kind of crud in my throat all week, I’m a bit worried about tomorrow’s performance, but rehearsal went well last night, so I’ll keep praying.  🙂  Then another Sunday on praise team, and Abigail has rehearsal in the afternoon – if I don’t drop before then…  Whew! Then one more week until our spring break.  Ahhhh- can’t wait!

Have an excellent weekend.

Don’t make me…

26 Mar

get out of my car! That’s how I felt this morning as I drove the girls to school. There is a “valet lane” where you can pull through and basically throw your kids out of the car. If for any reason, your children cannot get out of the car on their own – then do not go through this lane! Well, this morning, this woman didn’t even get into the lane. She plain stopped right in the middle of everything. She might as well had stopped in the cotton pickin’ driveway! I have been behind her a few times before, and she ALWAYS gets out of the car to get her sons out, put their backpacks on, maybe jackets, hug, kiss, talk to…. COME ON ALREADY! So, I tapped the horn helping her to realize that she’s blocking the entrance for any car to enter, and she puts her arms up like she doesn’t know what else to do. EXCUSE ME? How about starting by not exiting your car, but moving it! So, as she made her way back to the driver’s side door, I mentioned to her that she’s not supposed to get out of the car. If she wants to, then she should just park, but not hold up the traffic behind her. She continues to talk over me lifting her arms up as though she doesn’t know, and then proceeds to speak in Spanish rather than listen to my words of wisdom. UNBELIEVABLE!


Really… it’s too early to start with me.


24 Mar

I was scanning through my pics on my cell phone and ran across this one.  The hubs and I were priviledged to run across this as we were scanning through paintings at TJMaxx.


Click on it to see a bigger view of it… (if you so choose)

So, really?  Who, what, where, when, why????  I’m speechless.

Weekend Update

24 Mar

Where shall I begin?  How about with pre-school.  So, Sarah’s last day of pre-school was Thursday.  Pretty pathetic.  Actually, by Thursday she was really enjoying the entire aspect of it all, as well as fitting in well with the dynamic of the classroom, but that afternoon time slot was killing me.  I feel like I was so busy last week, and I really wasn’t – it was just all that driving back and forth and here and there.  We’ve decided for the time being to put her on the waiting list for a morning time slot.  We’re also (kind of) keeping our ears open as to other preschools closer to our home that are reasonably priced.

Friday, we had a funeral to go to, where Brandon was doing the service.  That evening was our Good Friday service, where I sang on the praise team.  Saturday, we celebrated Easter with the in-laws and all of the kids had a blast.  Sunday, of course, was Easter.  Our church has 3 services, and with Brandon preaching and me singing – we were at all 3.  This also means that whenever I have to be at church, so do my kids.  God bless them, they got up at 6:30am and we were at church by 7am.  What a long day for all of us.  Especially the hubby, who also performed the sunrise service for the city of El Segundo.  To end the evening, we met up with the Markmillers at El Torito Grille for dinner.  We did this a couple of years ago when all of our families were on trips, and last year, Yenny helped me with the Easter wedding, so this year, we just had to have dinner together again.  🙂

It’s been warm all weekend, which has been nice, but I really don’t have too many warmer clothes for the girls to wear in their drawers just yet.  Today I plan to play catch up.  Catch up on the laundry, the kitchen, and the mess that has found it’s way back to all of my table tops and regular clutter areas.  Hopefully I can squeeze a nap in as well.  (Hey, there’s always hope!)

Happy Easter

23 Mar

Been busy… hope to update you tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy our Easter pictures.


18 Mar

Not quite sure, just yet, that it’s for our little family.  Sarah had no problems adjusting, and seemed to enjoy it.  It’s mommy who is still a bit leary.  Considering it was the first day, and two new students were starting (one being my child) the teacher didn’t put off a very confidant vibe, but one that was rather a bit scatter-brained and flustered.  Time will tell if this will change, as well as the adjustment to the afternoon time slot.  Our preference would be morning, which we might actually wait for, but for the time being she goes from 12:45pm – 3:45pm.  The older two are getting out of school early this week for parent-teacher conferences, so they are out at 1:40pm.  I basically pulled away from Sarah’s school around 1pm and just headed straight to the girls school to park and wait.  Picking her up at almost 4pm seemed so odd.  I’d much rather take her after I drop her sisters off at school and pick her up before lunch.  I mentioned to my sister yesterday, that I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like with daylight savings time.  It would’ve been dark so fast after just getting her.  Kind of throws our day off.  Again, first day, giving it time to adjust, but we’ll just see…