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30 Apr

More fun at the Cash home.  After picking up the girls from school yesterday, and insisting to a whiny Esther that she was fine, I finally broke down and took her temperature only to appease her.  Yep, mother of the year once again.  I believe it read 101.9?  She seemed to have her ups and downs, but other than the fever that was it.  Well, until nightfall.  Why is it that vomiting can only begin after 1am?  So, between throwing up, and then her interesting conversations about Jesus, Noah, animals, school, etc, I didn’t sleep much.  However, before going to bed, it came to my attention that Sarah felt a tad warm herself.  Yep, another one with a fever.  She slept fine and has been an eating machine all day.  No signs of illness other than a little fever.  Esther, today, has not been sick since she’s been up this morning, and has slowly eaten ice, a popscicle, and a couple of bites of toast.  But guess what?  I just got a phone call from the school.  Abigail now has a fever.  SUPER!  Hey, let’s get it all together and knock this one out!  Auntie and Uncle are coming from Sacramento this weekend so we should all be better by the time they’re here.  SIGH  At least I’m home to wash some baby clothes.  Something’s being done.  🙂

Oh, update – Abigail slept in her “new” room last night.  I’ll try and get some pics up later.  Maybe not – we’ll see how the day progresses.  Can’t make any promises.



28 Apr

Guess where I got to go today.

Mine looked a bit nicer than this generic photo, but I GOT to go to the labor and delivery floor and be monitored today.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Other than getting over the initial shock of being told to go there, and the stress of getting there, it wasn’t all that bad.  I had contractions off and on all weekend.  At the advice of my mother (thanks again) I called to just make sure this was normal and nothing to be concerned about.  Of course, you never get to talk with your doctor, so after being on hold for about 10 minutes, I was told to go be monitored at the hospital.  I only visited for about an hour.  Nothing showed up, although I felt as though I had a few while contractions while I was there.  The nurse said the monitor could’ve been positioned wrong, but the baby was fine and that’s all that really mattered.  I left a bit relieved, but with this awful heat we’ve had, it made it difficult to rest in bed.  I’ve decided that I’ll continue to rest (as best as possible) during the hotter periods of the day, and get my stuff done when it finally cools down.  I did get a peek at the hospital, which is new to me for this delivery.  That was nice.  I also got my favorite crunchy ice and juice cocktail that all hospitals seem to be able to provide.  Looking forward to more of that!  Of course I had a lovely nurse who was just so sweet and comforting.  Look, I even found her picture on the hospital’s website.

She’s the one in the front with blue scrubs.

Brandon put the crib together this afternoon – so neat to see it.  I’ll wash the bedding and stuff tomorrow and hope to have it all put together so I can post pictures ASAP.  Abigail also got a lesson in rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher.  She was very excited to take on the responsibility.  (She already unloads it.)  The sweet girl eagerly offered to learn and do laundry for me too.  Ahhh, the naivety of an 8 year old.  She’ll be doing it soon enough!  So, I keep my regular appt. with my doctor for Thursday, and just continue to take it easy and stay hydrated.  🙂  I explained to the girls that I wanted  him to stay in until June, and Abigail said, “Can’t you just hold him in?”  Wouldn’t that be nice.  So, I venture on with a little over a month to go.  I suppose I’ll just keep my legs close together.  🙂

Whistle while you work

27 Apr

Ok, so there wasn’t much whistling going on, but work was done.  It was FLIPPIN’ HOT!!!  Even hotter today.  I think the heat messed with me a bit.  I had headaches, a little dizziness, and some contractions.  Others might call that dehydration.  At any rate.  I’m feeling a bit better this afternoon.  Still have a headache, and still hot, but the contractions have stopped for now.  We still have about a little over a month of brewing to do – not quite ready for this little one yet.

Clothes bins have been completed.  WOOHOO!  They’re still haunting me in my back room only for me to do some exchanging from winter to spring/summer clothes.  I hope to do that sometime tomorrow.  I also ran across a surprising amount of clothes I can use for the new baby.  You know, basic white onesies and a handful of sleepers – making it that much more real for me.

Notice the bags to get rid of and the empty bins.  Ahhhhhh!  Feels good!

On to the room.  Other than some touch ups, the painting is done.  I still look in there are wonder if the yellow is right or not, but it’s what Abigail chose, it’s the color on the card that we chose, so I just need to get used to it.  🙂  The dresser got a makeover too.  We need a little more blue paint to help with the touch ups and finish up the dresser drawers, and we hope to have it put together Tuesday night.  🙂

And as promised, our new computer cabinet and toy organization shelves.  You’ll have to excuse the mess around it as it seems that my house is under construction and my energy has been directed elsewhere.  🙂

Oh, and Abigail’s new closet organizer.  Gotta love IKEA.


25 Apr

Buddy and the ball

I just learned how to upload a video to youtube. Of course this was taken with my cell phone, but hey, it’s a peek right?


25 Apr

Sorry to have been so boring around here lately. It definitely doesn’t represent my life at the moment, but I just haven’t had the energy to even sit here and tell you about my boring life. Last weekend we did more work around the house.  Lots of it actually.  I felt very accomplished about all of it, but I feel as though if I were to sit and spell out to you all what we did, well that would be some pretty boring reading.  I hope to actually take some pictures of these little accomplishments and maybe post them tomorrow.  My mom is coming over tomorrow to paint the baby/Abigail’s room, and then we can put that together.  We’ve acquired some new furniture to help with organization and tidiness as well as all of the closet organizing that has happened.  I’ll be digging deep in a pool of clothes this weekend – going through every bin of clothes I’ve saved.  When I say every I mean 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on up to size 7/8.  And these bins are the huge kind you get for Christmas decorations.  Let’s just say I’ll be plenty busy.  I plan to weed out what I won’t need for baby #4, and hold on to (yet slim down) the collection I have for Sarah’s size and up.  Amidst all of this preparation going on, I’ve been driving around town begging for donations for our school’s teacher appreciation week.  I also found the time to pre-register at the hospital.  That got me a little excited and nervous all at the same time.

Sharefest is tomorrow, and Brandon will be busy at the girls’ school heading up the crew who will be painting the cafeteria.  Last year we painted maps on the playground.  I can’t be much help tomorrow, so it’s me and the bins.  Woohoo!  Hope to have some pictures for you soon.

Happy weekend!


21 Apr

A) Four places I go over and over: Yukon Elementary, OCF, my ob’s office, the bathroom
B) Four people who e-mail me: Jenny, Amanda, Kristy, Rene
C) Four of my favorite foods: ice cream, Mexican, most anything fried (except seafood), Italian
D) Four places I would rather be right now: bed, Hawaii, New York, on a massage table
E) Four people I’m tagging: Stacy, Jenny, Laura and Heather
F) Four movies I would watch over and over: French Kiss, Pride and Prejudice, ELF, Sleepless in Seattle
G) Four places I have lived: Bellflower, Cypress, Long Beach, Torrance
H) Four TV shows I watch: Top Chef, American Idol, Jon & Kate plus 8, Dog Whisperer


20 Apr

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lola.  She was a showgirl…
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha….

Okay, maybe if she had one too many, and I say that literally – one might just be too many.  🙂

Happy birthday to my friend – my non-sewing, facilitating, die hard jogging, shmoopie of a friend.

Love ya!  Oh, and say CHEESE!