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Open House

29 May

Tonight was the girls’ open house at school.  Esther’s class had a big bug theme going.  Lots of writing and art about bugs they were learning about.  She’s been in heaven since this all started in January.  Butterflies, silkworms, ants, ladybugs… lovin’ life.  Abigail displayed her knack for art (which I really didn’t know she had), with a map of America, a flip through her sketch book, and an awesome wolf picture she did.  She also wrote some poetry describing herself (you’ll have to pause the slide show to read it – especially you, Auntie Manda!).  They also learned about owls.  I’m so proud of my girls!

As promised, there are some pictures of more baby stuff as we countdown – one more week!


Long weekend

28 May

= short week!  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!  The girls get out early every Wednesday for staff development, and tomorrow is Open House (late huh?) so it’s another short day, then we’re at Friday and the weekend.  The last weekend before “homeboy” comes.  Can you believe that?!?  I had an appointment yesterday, and as I drove up to the office, next door to the hospital, I started to get a little nervous.  It’s an excited, anxious, don’t like the idea of surgery nervous.  As the doctor did the “exam” yesterday, she told me the head was ‘right there’ and I was a little open.  Nothing she didn’t expect considering it’s my fourth.  She also mentioned that if I were to start feeling regular contractions, to come in.  “Don’t run to the store real quick or finish a load of laundry,” she said.  Just come in.  Geesh – maybe she didn’t give me a number of dialation to not worry me.  Oh, well… like I’ve said before, I guess I’ll keep my legs crossed until Auntie Manda gets here.  🙂

Baby stuff is ready – I’ll try and get pictures of everything later today.  We still need to remove items from their boxes (bassinet and stroller/car seat), but we have it.  I also now have his going home outfit.  I’ll be going grocery shopping later today, which was a bit weird considering I was planning my meals up to when I go in next week.  The countdown is here!

For Memorial Day we went over to my in-laws house where we traditionally have a “start of the swimming season” bbq.  We usually celebrate Memorial day, 4th of July, and lastly Labor day before we once again put away the swim suits.  To my selfish delight it was a lovely 69 (or so) on Monday.  No worries, the pool just got heated up a bit more than normal.  Didn’t phase the kids one bit.  I also forgot to post about Abigail’s trip to the driving range with Daddy.  When Christmas comes, along with material treasures, the girls also get money and gift cards.  I’ve made a habit of saving those until Spring Break or summer, and spending them then, when the newness of Christmas toys have passed and the “need” for another accessory or new toy that’s hot arrives.  This year, the girls had a disgusting amount to spend (thanks to our generous family).  Abigail decided she wanted some golf clubs.  I’m not quite sure where the idea or desire came from, but she was set on wanting some.  For those that don’t know, hubby went to college on a golf scholarship.  He even competed against Tiger Woods, and beat him in a long drive contest.  Yeah, he’s pretty good.  😉  However, Abigail’s desire for golf clubs kind of popped up out of the blue.  Anyway, we got some with her Christmas money, and Daddy took her to hit some balls for her first time.  I’ll include some pictures in with the swimming pictures from Memorial Day.

Better get to the grocery store…  still have some “nesting” to take care of.


20 May

So, although I feel the need to clean and pick up here and there, I don’t believe it’s actually nesting, but rather urgency considering I won’t have the energy or opportunity to do it in two weeks, so I’d better do it now.  I look at the clutter around the house and still stare at a pile in the baby’s room of the things that haven’t found homes yet.  We have less than 3 weeks to go.  GEESH!

I see the doctor today.  I’m not expecting any big news, but of course I’ll keep you all updated.  Sleep at night is not quality and definitely not quantity either.  It’s that whole squashed bladder thing.  Heat, this last weekend was absolutely unbearable at this stage in the game.  I’ve never liked June gloom before, but I’m praying for it.  This coming weekend is actually supposed to be very cool.  We’re talking about 30 degrees cooler than last weekend.  I can’t believe Memorial Day is next Monday!  Basically, this baby is “allowed” to come at any time.  With scheduling a c-section, however, I am spoiled with the idea of planning everything out.  Auntie Manda and Uncle Andy are coming.  She’s my “childcare provider” or “kid spoiler” for the weekend that I’m in the hospital.  With everything planned out, a surprise delivery just might be an “inconvenience”, and Auntie Manda would be MAD.  I know… poor me.  At this point, I will just be happy for him to get here healthy.  We’ve been unprepared before and managed.  🙂  Time to get ready for my appointment…

Camerican Girls

14 May

Ok, so a very kind and generous anonymous person left a gift at my shower for each of the girls.  The cards to each one were all personal and sweet, and were finished off by being signed by baby brother.  The gift?  An American Girl doll for each of the girls.  AMAZING!  I think they were in shock.  The dolls are the “Just Like You” dolls that you can order to look as similar as possible to the girl she will belong to.  The girls immediately began doing hair, and searching for doll clothes that we had hoping something might fit just right.  They each made a bed for their doll, and when they went to bed that night, so did their doll.  When they got up the next morning, so did the doll, who also needed her clothes changed, hair done, etc…

Well, Sarah, bless her heart, can’t remember “American Girl” to save her life.  She continues to call her a “Camerican Girl” doll.  Then all of a sudden, she was looking for her “Holly dolly”.  What’s a Holly dolly?  “You know, the doll that looks like me.”  Ohhhhh.  Let’s just hope she keeps the scissors away from her Camerican Holly doll.  That might be tragic!  I have every intention of getting their photos taken with their doll before “Homeboy” comes, so keep your fingers crossed.  🙂  As for now this’ll have to do.

There – I’m caught up.

Mother’s Day and other events…

13 May

Well, happy belated mother’s day to all of my momma blog pals.  I get to celebrate my mother’s day on Saturday.  Mostly because my husband’s job requires him to work on Sunday (you know, being a pastor and all), so I get spoiled on Saturday instead.  Not a bad gig.  I slept in, and then woke up to the sounds of a sizzling stove top.  Sarah came in to check on me and told me to not let my nose smell the food that was being made.  hehe  Eventually, my tray was brought to me with a waffle, bacon, strawberries and whipped cream, orange juice and coffee.  And then my bed quickly exploded with pictures, cards, and homemade gifts.  Always the best.  And hubby brought in his gift too – an ipod nano.  Yes, my 8 year old had one, but I didn’t.  So now I’m hip.  (I guess.)  We actually looked at some a week ago while shopping at Sam’s Club, and Sarah said she wanted an ipod.  (She’s 4!)  I said, “You don’t get an ipod until mommy gets an ipod.”  So Saturday morning I asked her if she helped Daddy pick it out, and she said, “Yes, but mommy, remember – you said when you get one then I can get one.”  Hmmm, smart cookie.  I then reminded her, and continue to remind her she’s still 4.  I basically spent the majority of the day in my jammies, napped in the afternoon, and we went to Red Robin for an early dinner, finishing off at Dairy Queen where my appetite for a dipped cone was quenched.  🙂  However, it was a difficult choice, because now they have these slushies (which looked and sounded so good).  I’ll have to enjoy one soon.  Sunday morning I had a corsage to wear to church, got to choose lunch, and enjoyed filet minon made just right by my brother in law, who was assisted by my husband in charge of the side dishes.  All in all a lovely weekend.

Last week began with 6 batches of chocolate chip banana muffins for the teachers at the girls school.  The entire week was filled with errands and preparations for teacher appreciation week.  I was on the committee this year.  It went well, but was a bit hectic.  I went here to get gifts for my girls’ teachers.  The week also began with me noticing that Sarah played beauty shop all on her own.  She decided her bangs needed a little trim.  Nothing too serious, but noticable to mommy.  Couldn’t get too mad, I did it as a kid myself.  Except for, my mother will tell you, I had bumped my head earlier in the week and had a large knot on my forehead, complete with black circles around the eyes, not a hair left to sweep over the chunk that was chopped, and the next day was Easter Sunday.  Ok, so I didn’t have it so bad with Sarah, but my mom still boasted over the paybacks.

Buddy had a haircut too.  We recently put ‘weed and feed’ on our lawn to kill all of the crab grass and annoying burs that plague my dog with hair.  Well, now the dried out burs are almost magnetic to his fur, and he was COVERED in them.  The only solution was to cut off that baby hair.  No buzz or anything, but I was in the midst of those darn muffins, so Brandon took to him with the scissors and was a little too friendly with them.  Yeah, he has some holes amongst his puffy fur, but it’s still decent.  Buddy also had his manhood removed yesterday.  Pretty pitiful.  He’s still a puppy, so you can almost sense his frustration today, as he wants to be his normal active self, but he is plagued by an irritant near his rear area.

Almost caught up on all my stories, but need to get busy with other things now.  I still have to tell about the Camerican girl/Holly dollies.  Soon…

Laugh out loud

8 May

This video is one I’m sure you’ve all seen, but it makes me laugh out loud and cry laughing, because anyone who has taken pictures with siblings for their mother can relate.

Baby Shower

6 May

So the big shower was Sunday.  There were a LOT of people there.  It was a bit overwhelming, but nice.  Jenny did a great job and running it smoothly, and more importantly, keeping it short and sweet.  I had lots of family there, so it was nice to be able to get home and visit with them, opening the presents, and just ‘being’.  Looks like we got a ton of 3-6 months clothes.  I’m gonna have to wade into the deep pile of gifts already opened, and determine just what we need and what may need to be returned because of duplicates or just too many.  There are still a few things we need before he gets here, so the gift cards, money, and returns will help with that.

This is teacher appreciation week, which I’m helping out with.  I’ve been a bit busy with it, like coming home from my shower and making 6 batches of chocolate chip banana muffins.  They were a HUGE hit with the teachers, who all want the recipe.  I have to do fruit and donuts on Thursday, and make a dessert for their luncheon of Friday.  Not to mention preparing for Mother’s Day, getting to those thank you cards, and tackling the pile of gifts.

There are a few more stories I’d like to share – like Buddy’s haircut, Sarah’s haircut (yikes), and the Camerican girl dolls aka Holly dollies, but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the shower – thanks, Jen.