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Favorite Photo Friday

27 Jun

Is it Friday?  I already have lost track of my days.  Even Abigail asked me the other day what day it was.  Ah, the life of summer.  🙂

Judah is 3 weeks old today, and his new little buddy, Caleb joined him in the world yesterday morning – congratulations Ben and Kristine.  Click on Ben’s name to see their newest addition.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from 3 weeks ago.  Thanks, Kristine, for some great pictures.  🙂


23 Jun

Trying to capture all of the details of this baby boy. I already know from the previous three how fast this time goes. He’s still wearing tiny newborn diapers and swimming in most of his newborn clothes – thank goodness. However, Esther has already announced that he looks chubbier. He’ll be roly poly in no time. So humor me as I share some details…

He smells so good – especially his head.

Even with baby acne, he’s too cute.

His feet are silky soft and will never be this small again!

I even love his teeny armpits. (Those will be hard to love in about 13 years.)

– And as a random addition, Buddy’s new haircut pictures. We had to pay an additional handling fee upon pick-up because he was a bit much to handle (first time and all). hehe

Do you play…

18 Jun


It’s been a bit warm here lately, so in the late afternoon, it’s perfect outside.  There is a nice breeze, the sun is cooling down, and we’re taking advantage of the nice weather.  Yesterday, as I napped, daddy and the girls played croquet and bocce ball outside in the yard.  Today, I watched from the porch and snapped some photos.  Judah was napping.  This has been day two of getting out and about.  Yesterday, we visited the church office, introducing Judah to all the people who work with daddy, and even did some shopping at Target.  Today, we went to the girls’ school and showed him off to some of the staff, teachers, and of course the girls’ classes.  Tomorrow is their last day of school.  It’s a very short day, and I’m glad, since it’s only supposed to be hotter.

Auntie Manda will be heading down from Sacramento on Friday.  Her “real” reason for coming down is a bridal shower, but we get to steal her for most of the weekend and have her to ourselves.  She was here to help with the girls when Judah was born, which was wonderful, and made this momma feel at ease, but Judah and momma didn’t get much time with her at all.  So we’re looking forward to her arrival.

Judah is doing great!  He did a 4 1/2 and then a 3 1/2 hour stretch last night.  I’m not taking pain meds anymore.  Maybe some motrin once at some point in the day, but doing well (in my mind), and even down 20 lbs.  The meals ministry at our wonderful church has begun delivering meals this week, and will continue every Mon, Wed, and Fri, for a month.  So far, the food has been tasty, but if everyone continues to spoil us with brownies and ice cream for dessert, those 20 lbs. will creep back up on me instead of continue to melt off.  Judah is starting to break out in baby acne.  All of my girls did, it just always looks so uncomfortable and bothersome.  And of course, he breaks out as soon as we’re planning on making some debuts over the weekend.  Typical.  And lastly, Buddy has his first grooming appointment tomorrow.  Other than our butch job that we attempted, mostly to remove 100s of burrs all over his body, he hasn’t had a cut yet.  We’ll probably get it real short for the summer.

Off to spoil myself with some fingernail polish before Judah’s next feeding.  Until next time….


13 Jun
Judah’s Birth

Click the photo to see pictures.

I Promise

13 Jun

More pictures soon.  I did upload more yesterday, but as you can imagine, my energy level only lasts for so long.  It is pretty sad, however, when your 8 year old tells you there is a need for updating your blog.  Geesh!  So, I’ll be posting a slide show of his birth/first days soon.

Judah is officially one week old today.  The emotions as I laid on that OR table are still so fresh.  He is a precious little boy, and I am blessed to have him.  My recovery is coming along.  My incision sight seems to be healing well, and I’m only taking ibuprofen for the pain rather than the prescribed medicine – that’s always a big step.  My chest, however, is a different story.  Lola‘s explanation, as she reminisced about her own experience with me, is fairly accurate for myself.  My body simply thinks I had triplets.  My milk came in on Sunday.  Brandon said to our pediatrician at the hospital that I probably had enough for more babies on the floor, and offered it.  As nice it would have been to share (mostly to relieve my pain), it has begun to be stored for future use.  I’m trying not to pump too much so that my body will only make what I need, but it doesn’t seem to be getting the message just yet, and is still making more than enough for Judah.  I am already pumping 8 ozs. AFTER feeding him.  Yep, just call me Bessie.  I wear it with pride, though.  Many women would love the opportunity to nurse, and can’t, so I treasure it.  Even if my right boob is bigger than my left at the moment.  hehehe  (Sorry to the men in the audience for the TMI moments.)

So, I must tamper with my photos, and create the slide show for your future enjoyment, but I must wait for my next burst of energy.  By tonight… I promise.

He’s Here

7 Jun

Welcome JUDAH!

Sorry for being delinquent.  I suppose I was a bit premature in thinking that I’d feel all peachy to go and have major surgery, produce a baby, and then blog about it.  But I’m finally here.  Judah is laying across my chest as I type this.  Daddy just took a picture of it and I’ll post that another time.

So without furthur ado…


8lbs. 0 ozs. 18 1/2 inches long

He’s the smalled one yet, and I am happy about that.  I secretly hoped for him to be small so that the “littleness” would last longer.  🙂


5 Jun

Trying to nail down those last minute things… Making some muffins, helping Abigail with a dessert for tonight, maybe finding time to paint nails, going to Target for one last “treat”, and even getting the girls hair cut for the summer. Daddy has been the one pursuing the new hair styles, which is a complete 180 from the last time.  I think he’s getting a bit intimidated by the length and amount, knowing that mommy won’t be very helpful with it for the next two weeks or so.  Especially, with getting ready for school, etc..  I’ll try and post pictures of their cuts later tonight.  Enjoying a big meal at my parents (not sure how much I’ll eat with nerves and all), but I didn’t have to make it.  Brandon came home for lunch with the girls and I before leaving for school.  We ate at Burger King (momma’s choice) and it was nice and quiet – the girls had the play thing to themselves.  It was very nice.

So, until next time….  😉