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31 Jul

in every sense of the word.  Absoultely nothing to do.  The girls, knowing we planned a night swim for tonight, practiced a dive show.  At about 7pm it was just beautiful outside, and Judah made his debut in the pool.  He loved it.

Here’s a poor shot from my cell phone.  More when we return home.


So much…

29 Jul

to catch up on…

We’re in Palm Springs this week, vacationing.  Hey, I know it’s 110 degrees outside, but there is a pool just steps away from the back door of an air conditioned house.  That’s vacation enough for me!  Our family is coming down from a pretty busy weekend of visiting, celebrating, car shopping, car buying, and travel.  I hope to catch up on everything later.  Right now I have 4 kids napping – gotta take advantage of that!

By the way – we heard there was an earthquake in so. cal today.  We didn’t feel it here in the desert.  Brandon was actually on the phone with a friend when the earthquake happened, and looked up at a chandelier to see it sway a tiny bit, but we didn’t actually feel anything.  Don’t think the hubs brought our photo uploader either, so no pics until I return home.  Sorry, I know- Judah will be so much different by the end of the week – and he’ll be 8 weeks old!  What’s even more unbearable is that in a couple of weeks I will have a 9 year old!  Why does it happen so quickly?

Until next time…

6 weeks

22 Jul

Ahhhhh, baths!  How I love them!  They are wonderful.  Some people are not bath people.  They prefer showers.  Me?  BATHS!  So, today, at my 6 week appointment with the doctor, when she said I could go back to a normal life – I came home and got into the bath tub as soon as possible.  Of course the 6 week appointment comes with the reinstating of alot of activities… exercising (blech), another form of exercising (blush), and had I been a working mom, I’d be back at work (I live there!).  So, as I cherish another bath later tonight (cause I can’t get enough of it – oh how I’ve missed my bath tub), never take for granted a good soak in the tub.  Judah looks to enjoy baths too.  His umbilical chord finally fell off on Saturday.  Looks like momma has another bath lover in the house.

Here are some recent photos…

The 4th

17 Jul

Okay, so my very delinquent pictures are now ready from the 4th of July.  We started the day off at our usual spot – a bbq at Papa and Nonnie’s (my in-laws) and swimming.  From there we went to the Markmiller’s and had more bbq.  Jenny made some yummy Paula Deen baked beans and had fun firework popsicles for the kids dessert.  We enjoyed visiting, laughing, and even a “National Treasure” type of scavenger hunt to eventually find a copy of the Declaration of Independence to attempt to read.  🙂  We then enjoyed some sparklers and flowers in the backyard until it was time to hike up to the nice flat roof for the big show given by the nearby park.  It was magnificent.  Jenny got some Judah lovin’ and we all had a nice long day.

Enjoy our photos…

Tidbits and Random Rants

17 Jul

Many of you have asked how the accident happened.  Well, it was TRULY an accident – the very definition of the word.  Hubby was merging onto a fairly full freeway.  He was using his side-view mirror to attempt a lane change, and when he returned his eyes to the lane in front of him, everyone was stopping or had already stopped.  Bummer, huh?  It’s not as though we have eyes all around our head.  It was simply an accident.  A frustrating scam?  The tow truck company took a roundabout way to the tow yard so that they could clock the distance more than AAA’s 7 mile limit.  The total mileage for the tow was 9.  Later, when Brandon realized this, he returned to the accident site, proceeded to exit at the first exit possible and took streets to the tow yard.  His total mileage?  2.4 miles.  He’ll be making sure to report that!  He has an appointment with the insurance company tomorrow – we’ll know more then.

Judah went 5 hours last night.  Woohoo!  He’s smiling quite a bit now too.  My newborn is morphing into an infant.  And an update on the umbilical chord – it’s still on – by a darn little thread.  I’ve been told I should tie a string around it to finish it off.  I fear it may shrink itself off before actually falling off – it’s so small now.  I want to give that kid a bath!

I understand blemishes on the face.  Nice open pores fill with dirt and become a nasty zit.  But why, oh why, do pimples form on the inside edge of the nostril?  Don’t act like you’re all grossed out – everyone has experienced this at least once – and if you haven’t – it’s likely your turn is a’comin’.  Can I just say OUCH!  These are impossible to get to (which is probably good since you shouldn’t pick zits anyway), but they are incredibly painful.

Funny little Esther asked my dad, last night, why he had black hair with silver highlights?  I think she’s noticing this since being in the play.  A couple of the older boys, playing more mature roles, had to spray or comb in silver hair paint into their hair.  Too funny.  What was probably more comical was my dad’s slow admission to it being a sign of old age.  LOVE YOU, DAD!  I suppose that means that Mema has silver hair with black highlights.  Something to look forward to.

Fighting with a cold, even ran a bit of a fever Tuesday night.  Blech!

Still trying to figure out vacation plans, since our annual trip to the lake was abruptly canceled due to high gas prices, economy, and lack of groupies.  😦  Hopefully next year we’ll be back on.

And finally, I’m way overdue on pictures from 4th of July and Oliver.  Hope to work on those today – promise.

Happy Thursday.


14 Jul

I know I’m due an Oliver! report with pictures, but I had to share what my morning was like today.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.  It was only a phone call from my husband, a drive to drop off some insurance papers and a pick-up from the tow yard that I was involved in.  My poor husband was in the accident.  I’m sure he’ll be sore tomorrow, but as of now (other than a headache), he’s fine – once again a testimony to the HAND OF GOD!  Thank you, Jesus!

Hold on tight…

11 Jul

It’s gonna be a bumpy weekend.  We’ve had theater camp all week long, and tonight is the first fruits of the hard work the girls have put into the production of Oliver!.  Abigail auditioned earlier this year for a “main orphan” and has been rehearsing every weekend since April/May.  She’s been at theater camp, along with Esther, from 9am-3pm since Monday, and then Abigail (along with the rest of the auditioned cast) returned at 5pm and didn’t ever get home until after 10pm.  Tonight they perform at 7pm and then a matinee and another evening performance tomorrow night.  Whew!

I’m sure I’ll have pics to post soon.  (Still working on the ones from 4th of July.)  😉