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Zuccini on steroids

30 Aug

Any good zuccini recipes you’d like to share?



29 Aug
VBS and Esther’s baptism


22 Aug

So, we’re listening to a song today in the car.  I didn’t actually think that anyone was even listening to it at all, but then we hear this…

“He’s singing about me.  Serious, he is!”, as we all burst out in laughter!

This was stated by my sweet little Sarah.

The song you ask?  Take a listen…


19 Aug

As boring and low key as our summer has been, it seems like I’ve just been too busy to get blogging.  So, here I am.  The two older girls are at soccer camp, Judah is napping, and Sarah is bored so she continues to ask me for food.  (Has been for the last hour.)

Judah is now two months old.  (Almost 3!)  He’s really makin’ some noise now, and my mom even got a giggle out of him yesterday – his first – and it has yet to be duplicated.

We were involved in a wedding on the 9th.  This family is so near and dear to us.  I’m sure I stalked Cami (the mother of the bride) when I was a kid.  I was the program girl in her wedding (complete with chicken pox scabs), and Brandon was an usher.  My dad was a groomsman and my mom sang.  Then, when I got married, Cliff (the father of the bride) was one of Brandon’s groomsmen, Cami was a candle-lighter, Kristen (the bride) carried the candles in with her cousin, and Megan (the bride’s sister) was my flower girl.  Fast forward 11 years, and Brandon’s performing Kristen’s wedding ceremony and I’m singing in her wedding.  Not to mention me babysitting her, her babysitting for me, and who knows… a few years from now maybe my kiddos will be babysitting hers.  Truly the circle of life!  It was a gorgeous ceremony and a very fun reception, thanks to the help of my brother- MC Beaver Beav aka Andy.  He did a great job keeping the party pumpin’.  Too much fun.

Then, out of nowhere, my eldest daughter got one year older.  She turned 9 on Sunday!  WHAT?!?  Where did that time go?  I’m not ready for her to be 9.  I’m not ready for the increase in independance.  I want her to still need me.  Yet, she now does her own hair (most of the time), and gets her own food, and chooses/dresses herself…  What a little lady she’s becoming.  Or fashion diva, they seem to come hand in hand with her.  😉  I remember holding her and just eating her up that first summer when she turned one.  She had some awesome chubby legs, the best cheeks you could eat up, and a sweet sweet smile.  That time where she was my only one.  All of my time was hers.  Now I feel like sometimes she gets my scraps because of all of that independance she carries.  Just means I have to work harder at getting that time back.  So, because Abigail had a birthday, Auntie Manda came down one last time this summer to celebrate with us.  We won’t get to see her again until the holidays.  We’ve been spoiled with her numerous visits this summer beginning in May with my baby shower.  She’s been down almost every other week since then, and we’ve loved every second of it.

I’ve got more to blog about, but I’ll leave you pictures right now. Click on the photos to see more.

2 mos. & KSM Wedding
Ab's bd 2008


16 Aug

My family and I were doubled over laughing at these Olympic photos and their captions.  Please enjoy!


11 Aug

On the way to a beach night with the church, we saw this elderly couple on the sidewalk.  They were probably in their 70s.  They looked as though they were on their way to an evening church service.  Their mode of transportation?

Grandma wasn’t messin’ around.  They were speedin’ by on their segways.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I would be nervous to have my mema on one of those things.  No elbow pads or helmets.  (Couldn’t have helmet hair for church now.)  We are definitely in the 21st century!


6 Aug

I love you.  Palm Springs, that is.  Even at its toastiest, it still offers relaxation and rest.  We were spoiled to be able to fill a usually vacant house during the summer, for one week.  The entire neighborhood was quiet and somewhat lifeless compared to its usually busy winter and springtime seasons.  I was allowed a couple of afternoons of napping on a raft, in the cool of the pool, listening to the fountain flow, and keeping my face in the shade of a large umbrella.  It was lovely.  We had lazy days and nights, walking around the empty golf course, enjoying the views of the little lake, aka water hazard.  All in all a great time.

Click on the photo for more pictures of our time away.