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Points, Practice, and Pain

30 Sep

So much to blog about and so little time.  My poor blog has been so lifeless lately – we need CPR.

SIGH I’m back on Weight Watchers, counting points, attempting to count points, and losing interest in my previous relationship with my scale.  Of course, I started the day after my birthday, without considering that we weren’t done celebrating my birthday just yet.  Can you say peanut butter balls?  ARUMPH!  To die for, and most likely cost me my .2 gain.  Oh well, it could’ve been 2.2, so I was content.  Thank you, Meemer.  😉

Practice has taken over our lives.  All kinds of practice.  Soccer, musical, play…  we’re in the thick of it.  I still feel like I’m adjusting to it all, but so far so good (she said with hesitation).  Abigail is starting violin for the school orchestra.  She takes it to school for the first time on Thursday.  Our house is just about to become a little more noisy. (Is that possible?)

One hour, 10 frames, fun bowling, sore hip.  PRETTY SAD!  It started hurting halfway through the game.  So, I went to the YMCA yesterday to answer the groans of my body.  I must say, I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be.  Must return soon.  The bowling was a fun outing with a good friend, Jimmy, to celebrate hubby’s and my birthday.  He took us and the fam to Gameworks in Long Beach for lunch and a fun game of bowling.  Of course we couldn’t leave without playing a few arcade games.  Then across the street to ColdStone for ‘dinner’.  I abstained from the ice cream and just ordered a smoothie.  Wasn’t impressed with it.  It was okay, but the banana ice cream would’ve tasted better.  I’ll let you know after weigh in if it benefited me at all.

Judah is getting so big.  He’s losing his knees and ankles.  🙂  We’ve started to put him in his exersaucer.  Of course we have to stuff a blanket around him still, but he loves it.  He has started pushing buttons and grabbing things.  He stands so well in it too.  Now when I hold him, he likes to stand on my lap much more than before.  He’s teething like crazy.  Abigail was a big teething mess at 3 months and broke her first tooth at 4 months.  Judah will be 4 months next Monday.  I wonder if we’ll have a tooth by Halloween?  Why does it happen so quickly?  sniff sniff – wipe tear

Here are some pictures from our trip to Gameworks…

From GameWorks


23 Sep

9 to 5!  I’m sure my blog helped (yeah right), but my mother-in-law’s entry won!  Her boss was voted best boss, but what’s even better, my mother-in-law gets to reap the benefits.  😉

If you listened to KABC RADIO (790 AM) this morning, you heard it announced that our very own Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Smith, was chosen by a wide margin as the best boss in Southern California !  WE knew we had the BEST BOSS, but it is exciting to know that a radio audience of thousands agreed with us!

The KABC staff will be here next week to provide a breakfast in Dennis’ honor and will present him with 30 tickets to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” at the Ahmanson Theater!

Hooray that a public school superintendent is being recognized by a “not so fond of public education” radio station and HOORAY FOR OUR OWN BEST BOSS, DR. DENNIS SMITH!

Thank you all for your votes! Way to go, boss! – Jeanie Cash


It’s coming…

19 Sep

Fall.  I can feel it in the air.  Oh, I know it won’t be in full swing for some time.  We usually have some unbelievably high temperatures in October, aka fire season here in CA, but today is GORGEOUS.  I’m listening to the leaves in the trees dance with eachother as the strong breeze blows through.  I’m also listening to Judah ooo and ahhhh in his bouncy seat – love that kid!  Anyway, the sky is the bluest blue today, and the temperature is fair.  It’s supposed to be in the mid 70s this weekend.  Tomorrow morning we have 8am and 10am soccer games.  I’m sure we’ll need to bundle up for those.  Ooooooo, I know!

Side note –

My mother-in-law submitted her boss in a contest for the best boss.  Listen to her interview here and then vote.  If her submission wins, she gets to go see the new musical 9 to 5!  🙂


18 Sep

Happy birthday to my blog!  It’s three years old today.  (Thanks, Ben!)  Just think, three years of wasted minutes reading about the nonsense that is my life.  😉

Happy birthday to my twin sister!  She’s 31 years old today.  She is my lifelong best friend and can always make me laugh.  I blame my ever multiplying laugh lines on you.  I love you, Amanda!

Happy birthday to me.  I am also 31 years old today.  (Go figure)  Wow, that sounds much older than 30.  My age is catching up to those laugh lines on my face.  Pretty soon people will be much more accurate about guessing my age than they have been.  sigh  Life goes on……

Busy busy busy

17 Sep

We’re in full gear, and I’m feelin’ it.  I hope to update a little better at a later, more relaxed time.  Right now, you’ll have to be content with the few pictures I’m posting.


10 Sep

I haven’t laughted THIS hard in a long time.  As our family was driving to dinner, we heard what you are about to see on the talk radio station.  Can you roll on the floor laughing in a car?  I mean it, I looked over at Brandon WHO WAS DRIVING mind you, and he was slouched down as if he were melting to the floor of the car, hand on chest, gasping for air, and his eyes were barely open because he was laughing so hard!  Safety first, maybe Joe Biden should not speak in public anymore.  Just a thought…

This video clip could also become the newest Southwest commercial… “WANNA GET AWAY!?!”

Birthday Gifts

9 Sep

It’s my husband’s birthday today.  Probably the best day that I had never realized was so special until I married the man.  For on this day, my gift was born.  Of course he was a gift to his momma who never knew she’d be able to love him so much after only knowing him for minutes.  And 24 years later, she gave that gift over to me.  He IS the gift that keeps on giving.  He’s given me LOVE, security, friendship, children… I only wish I could give so much back in return.  So, on this day I celebrate him, the man of my dreams, the love of my life, a superbly wonderful father, my husband and best friend.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brandon.  I LOVE YOU!

Click here to see a few reasons why I love him so much!
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Brandon’s Birthday