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I’m stealing!

29 Oct

Have you seen THIS?  It’s my sentiments exactly.  That’s why I stole it.  (Thanks, Jenny!)  I’m gonna really try, but if you don’t hear from me this is why.  Oh wait!  With Halloween and everything!?  Oh my, I’d better really really try.  Especially since Judah ate cereal yesterday for the first time.  You’d think I had starved him.  He mowed, while helping me with the spoon.  Mmmm, fun – exactly why I was trying to put this off.  I did take pictures, just need to get them on the computer.  We enter tech week with an all day rehearsal on Saturday.  This doesn’t exclude our soccer games, Lola’s baby shower 😉 , and an 80’s themed birthday party complete with 80’s attire and an Air Supply concert.  Woohoo!  That’s simply Saturday alone – the day after Halloween.  YIKES!  I suppose we’re gonna need all that candy to keep us going!  Better get busy.


16 Oct

In California we don’t really get too many seasons. Sure, they’re on the calendar, and it seems to be a top news story on the 21st of whichever month issues in the next season, but there’s not much change.

And for us in LA, last night, our baseball season finished. Sadly, the Phillies beat the Dodgers, and the season was ended.  However, it was still a good year for Judah to become a Dodger fan. 😉

Seasons typically require change, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been a big fan.  This morning as I was checking my email, I ran across a blog from Mom4Life. I was just lamenting with Jenny that it seems as though the older our children get, the busier we all have become. Me and a group of gal pals have been trekking out of the house for dinner, using one of our birthdays as a brilliant excuse. We’ve been doing it now for about three years. But over the summer, it seems as though even our brilliant excuse of a birthday can’t pull us away from the busy-ness of home, kids, and families all together. We’re currently three birthdays behind, and another one will be due up here shortly. And as much as we’d all like to put aside time for ourselves, and get away from it all, the preciousness of our quickly passing family moments beckon us to stay.  It’s just the season our family is in right now.  It makes me sad to think about how quickly Judah is changing, and this is my last year at home with Sarah – she’ll be off to kindergarten next year. I’ll miss her. And I recall 2nd grade bringing monumental changes in Abigail, so I cringe at thinking what my little Esther will be like come June. Not in a bad way, just sad from the maturity and independence she’ll have. And speaking of maturity and independence – my eldest is just plain old! I want to protect her from that awkwardness of being nine, and the hurt that comes with all of those life lessons that make us who we are. I want to go back to the little duplex we lived in when she was born and cheer at her first steps as she walked towards me in her little red shirt and diaper, giggling and waddling, legs stiff, arms out, 8 little teeth gleaming at me, cheeks round and full – ugh my heart hurts. Okay tears are forming, better get back to my original thought process… this blogger discusses the changing of seasons well. You must read it! It brought me a sigh of relief and hope.  🙂  Oh, and gal pals, we’ll get there, we will.  Just think of how much more we’ll have to talk about and catch up on.

Oh my sweet…

14 Oct

Sweet Sarah.  Such a crack up!  We had a bumpy weekend with her and a mean cold.  Saturday afternoon she was plagued by a painful earache and come Monday we were in the doctor’s office with a fever and to confirm an ear infection.  After the doctor visit, she kept telling everyone she had a real ear infection.  It was real!  Opposed to fake ones?  Hmmmm.  When Abigail got home she told her, “I have a real ear-itation.”  Abigail still giggles about that one.  Nothing some good ‘ol amoxicillan can’t handle.  Then last night, as I went in to kiss her goodnight, she showed me a beanie and told me she was going to put it on her face so that nothing could distract her.  Ok.

This is what hubby found when we were going to bed…

9 to 5

13 Oct

Last night, we went with the fab Markmiller couple and enjoyed a night of entertainment.  We saw 9 to 5.  It’s a new musical premiering in LA, but then moving on to Broadway.  We had special interest in seeing the show, because hubby’s friend from high school, Stephanie J. Block, was starring in it.  We first saw her perform as Elphaba.  Brandon couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened that playbill!  We then got to see her in New York last year while we were there celebrating our 10th anniversary.  She was singing at Birdland.  This time, we got to enjoy a GREAT show, and a visit backstage.  Too cool!

The show was very funny.  Jenny and I had some great belly laughs!  I have a head ache today – maybe from that hard laughing that took place.  Oh, and we took a limo.  Not on purpose.  We went to the restaurant knowing they had a shuttle service to the theater.  As we exited the restaurant looking for our shuttle van, Rodney steps out of a black stretch limo and ushers us inside.  So, we arrived in style.  😉  And what would be a night of entertainment without star spotting.  Other than the obvious – Stephanie – while we were hanging out in her dressing room with her dog (too cute!), our hostess was summoned out into the hallway to say a quick hello to Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell.

It was so neat to see this amazing woman singing and performing on stage (wonderfully I might add), and then visit with her backstage as a humble, cheerful and gracious friend.  Geesh, what a gal!

To Cut or not to cut?

11 Oct


Little man’s hair is a bit out of control.  Even random 4 year olds who we meet at the park want to push his hair down.  All of my kiddos had a good amount of hair at birth, and we’ve always trimmed it up pretty early on.  It’s just always been girls, so the intent was for it to grow out evenly, thick and full.  Mission accomplished.  What do I do with a boy?  I’ve been encouraged to buzz it, crew cut it, I just don’t know what to do.  Do we just trim up the sides and back, or cut it all?  He won’t look like my baby anymore and I can’t stand it!  But we can’t go around encouraging a whimpy mullet either.  And the poof?

So I ask – to cut or not to cut – and how?

4 months

7 Oct

Yep, my baby boy turned 4 months old yesterday.  Brandon seemed surprised.  He said he was just getting used to saying that he was 3 months old.  Judah had his 4 month check up yesterday.  He has the green light for solids.  YIKES!  I’m not ready for solids yet.  I guess I have a couple of months before he really ‘needs’ to start on those – my goodness.  Already?  I felt like it was so much longer before they were in a high chair taking carrots and baby cereal.  SIGH – I’m aging too rapidly!  I suppose all of us are.  He also got 4 shots yesterday, which explains his behavior today.   Poor guy.  I must boast of his night, though.  I fed him at 8:15pm last night, and I had to get him up at 7:30am this morning.  By the time we got everyone up and sat down to eat, it was officially 11 1/2 hours between feedings!  You go boy!!!

Here are some pictures of my big 4 month old…

From 4 months

3 Down

2 Oct

One to go…  I got the girls’ Halloween costumes purchased.  We were having a difficult time settling on a costume.  Abigial found hers and was set, however it was the other two who kept flip/flopping.  Decisions made, purchases complete, waiting for delivery.  Now we need to get to Judah’s.  I’m planning on making his… stay tuned.

Weather update – it’s been HOT!  Like mid-90s hot!  We complain of this very same thing all October long.  Nonetheless, it’s a hard one to wrap the mind around when leaves are supposed to be changing color and falling off the trees due to cold wind.  We usually get the hot wind – the kind that puts California on fire alerts and gives us a fire season late into the month.  So, yesterday my yahoo weather forecast stated, “Today 93, Thursday 83, Friday 73, Saturday 63 rain.”  HELLO!  10 degree drop everyday?  I love it, but what’s it gonna due to my health?  My goodness – and rain?  PLEASE!  We’ll take 20 drops please.  More if you’ve got it.  My house needs a good washing.