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25 Nov

We’re off to Sacramento to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  The weather is FINALLY changing and this song continues to come to mind…


Another year older…

24 Nov

is my Esther Lu! I can’t believe it – 7 years old today. It always throws me off a little, because the year she was born, Thanksgiving had been two days earlier. I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and shopped for 7 hours, thus resulting in putting myself into labor and having Esther the very next day. It was rainy, and we were supposed to be moving our furniture into our new home. She wasn’t scheduled to come for another week. It was all planned. As I sat on the operating table, getting ready for the spinal, I listed off all of the things I was going to miss with her coming early – a belated Thanksgiving dinner, a manicure and pedicure, setting up the house… And at 1:30pm, she was born – all 9 pounds 6 1/2 ounces of her. But there would be more Thanksgiving dinners and more manicures and pedicures, but there could never be another Esther. She is unique. The heart in her body must take up most of her chest, because she is always so full of love for anyone and anything. Her mind continues to surprise me with the deep thoughts she thinks about – never worried about what others may think of her, and encourages others to do the same.
Oh my sweet Esther Lu – how I love you!

dscn0129 2 yrs. old

1 year old

21 Nov

Not Judah, just yet.  Although it seems like the time is speeding by.

Nope, my little Buddy is one year old today.  No big parties or hooplahs.  He’s actually getting ready to head over to the groomers for his “spa treatment”.  He’ll hate every minute of it!

He’s been such a good puppy with the addition of Judah.  He still has a hard time determining which toys are his versus Judah’s, but we’ll get there I’m sure!


More firsts

20 Nov

First show as Von Trapp children

First time in the Johnny Jumper

First tooth

– No picture of the tooth just yet, but it’s there.  I saw it’s little pearliness this morning.  Just as I predicted – the bottom left was first.  The entire width of the tooth has broken through the gum.  The bottom right one is almost all the way through.  When I can snap a photo of it, I will.

Enjoy the photos.

From 2008-11-19


9 Nov

First weekend of the play is done.  We had a bit of a rocky start, and smaller audiences than we anticipated, but by the 7pm Saturday show, it was all good.  Looking foward to a few days of recovery time before a full run through Thursday night and another busy weekend.  Fortunately, the girls have no school Monday or Tuesday, so we have some serious down time.  Time to catch up on laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning…  oh, wait – my mother-in-law and I go shopping on Veteran’s Day to start that Christmas shopping.  It’ll all have to wait – must start shopping.  😉

Another first – Judah had his first hair cut.  At first, I was only planning on trimming up the sides and back.  However, I had an impulse moment and we went for the poof.  Yep, his little poof is gone.  He looks so handsome, but my little security blanket is gone.  I used to hold his head in my hands and rub that tuft of hair up on the top of his head.  I miss it!  But he’s still so cute – thank you, Aunt Marde!

Here are some pictures…

From Judah’s 1st haircut 11-8-08

What a weekend!

4 Nov

Halloween, Air supply, birthdays, my goodness – how did I survive it?  I’m still recovering, I can tell you that much!

I hope to have the time to delve into all of the stories for these pictures I’m including later, but for now, just enjoy.

Highlights among the photos:

– My nephew, Samuel turned 2!

– Judah started eating cereal

– Halloween

– Leslie’s 80’s birthday party including an Air Supply concert

The first run through of the show was last night – the girls and I returned home at about 10:30pm.  It’s gonna be a long week.  😉  Until we meet again….

Halloween Weekend 2008