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Merry Christmas

26 Dec

Yes, I know – it’s a day late.  But when I still have Christmas celebrations through till January 3rd, it’s appropriate for me to still say Merry Christmas.  And sticking with tradition, my Christmas cards are a bit tardy as well.  So, even though they’re not in the mail just yet, you can read our Christmas letter at


Feeling it

22 Dec

Particularly Christmas-sey today.  It’s rainy and gray, which allows for the lights on the tree to shine brighter during the day.  The girls are home from school.  We are watching ELF tonight with heathen friends who have NEVER seen it before – can you believe that?  I’ll let them remain nameless as to the shame this may bring.  😉  And I bought misteltoe at the store this morning.  The girls are a bit giddy about it.  Too fun.  I have nothing wrapped, no cards in envelopes, and even still have some sewing left to do before giving them as gifts Thursday.  I’ve already assigned myself to a couple of VERY late nights.  And yet, I still feel it.  So, I’ll slowly get to my “things”, but try to enjoy every last minute of it.  Hope you’re feeling particularly Christmas-sey today as well.  ENJOY IT!


Congratulations, Lola!!!

19 Dec

She couldn’t be any sweeter!

Judah, meet your future wife.  😉



18 Dec

For Mr. Grumpy:

I’ve changed

16 Dec

I’ve waited, and envied, and yearned, and desired for too long –

I finally did it.




People pay good money for those

15 Dec


So, we’ve dealt with allergies and asthma since Abigail was not quite two years old, but recently it’s gotten worse.  On three occasions her lips have swollen up.  A bit scary.  So at this very moment that I type this she is at a doctor’s office for an allergy skin test.  I’m hoping it’s conclusive right away.  Within the three days leading up to the testing today, she was not supposed to have any of her preventative medicines.  She’s gotten hives, pink, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing… I just can’t wait for her to start back on her medicine.  Keep her in your prayers.


11 Dec

I’m gonna be an auntie!!!

Love you Amanda and Andy!