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Big Girl, Big Day

25 Jan

Sarah had a big day on Saturday.  She has been talking for some time about piercing her ears.  Well, we decided to go for it, and get it done this weekend.   Both of her big sisters had theirs done at Libby Lu in Downtown Disney.  We had a gift card to Build-A-Bear (also in Downtown Disney) so we decided to make it a fun little afternoon.  It quickly turned into one of those days where God likes to remind you that the world is not like Burger King and you don’t always get it your way.  BUMMER!

We walked into Libby Lu to find that they don’t pierce ears anymore and their store was closing for good at the end of this week. I was devastated. Libby Lu did such an excellent job at the procedure itself as well as making the occasion so special.   I was sick to my stomach thinking of having to go to Claire’s in the mall.  Blech!   We continued over to Build-A-Bear and had our ‘experience’, then got in the car to drive to the nearest mall.   Sarah was still determined to get her ears pierced.  We called ahead to make sure they had two employees there so that both ears could be pierced at the same time.  As she sat in the chair, she started trembling.  She still had a smile, but it was a nervous smile, and she announced that she was scared.  I had her sit on my lap and I gently held her head still in case of sudden movement.   1…2…3… pow!  “Oh, wait a minute honey,” I hear.  WHAT!?!  It’s then that I see one of the guns did not complete it’s job.  At this point, half of the mall is standing around watching, Sarah is crying (loudly) that it hurt, and we only have one ear pierced.  The manager, who had successfully pierced the first ear, quickly took over, got out a new earring, and within seconds (without the anticipation of counting) pierced the second ear. I quickly grabbed the mirror to show Sarah, and as soon as that mirror was in front of her, she started to giggle and smile as she wiped her tears to be able to get a better look.  Definitely not the experience I had hoped it would be for Sarah, but she was brave nonetheless.  What do you give a girl after such an ordeal?  Ice cream of course!  Grammie and Abigail were great at encouraging Sarah (and momma too).   Whew!

Still all smiles when she thinks of those real earrings, and if she wasn’t already ‘girly’ enough, there is a lot more flipping of the hair behind the ears.  But of course!  My 5 year old baby girl looks a bit older now.  sniff sniff

Sarah’s Earrings

Family and Fun

21 Jan

Well, we spent most of last week in Sacramento with family, as we celebrated Grandma G’s new home in heaven.  It was a wonderful time.  The girls and I came home with tangible memories of Grandma G after sorting through her plethora of scarves, clip-on earrings, and costume jewelry.  She was a fashionista for sure!  With the funeral being in Sacramento, I got to see my twin sis as well, and spend time with my brother-in-law, Andy, who was very sick during their visit here over New Years.  I think the kids were glad to have some uncle time.

Reed Visit/Sacramento trip 1/09

When we returned home from Sacramento, we had a quick two days to get unpacked and ready for Sarah’s birthday party.  Mind you, when I left for Sacramento, there was still a Christmas tree in my house.  I headed up north a couple of days before Brandon, who was kind enough to take the lights off of the house, and get the tree out while I was gone.  I suppose I will find out what kind of job he did with the ornaments next Christmas – yikes!  The house got picked up, swept, vacuumed, and the rest of Christmas was put away just in time for Saturday’s shin dig.  Whew!

Sarah’s BD Party 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

16 Jan

img_9069 img_9068

Life and Death

8 Jan

Today we celebrated Sarah’s 5th birthday.  Yep, my Sarah Mo is FIVE!  We surprised her by taking her to a park.  Disneyland Park that is.  😉  We even sent the girls off to school this morning.  They were very shocked to see me on the playground picking them up.  This was also Judah’s first time to Disneyland, so we all were looking forward to a great day.  And it was.  Here are some pictures from our day.

Sarah BD at Disneyland 2009

As we celebrated Sarah’s 5th year of life, we also were given the news of Brandon’s grandmother’s death.  Although we celebrate her life as well – it was magnificent to say the least, we selfishly grieve her absence here on earth.  It was, as Ronald Reagan put it, a long good bye.  Helen Loraine was a sweet woman, always grinning, forever helpful, had a terrific and hearty laugh, was always up for a kiss or a hug, and was madly in love with her grandbabies (and great-grandbabies).  Even as her disease progressed, she had this spectacular sense of humor.  We would belly laugh together quite often.  I’m so grateful for the memories I have of her, and that all four of my children were loved by her.  Even Judah.  I took him to see her over Thanksgiving and God blessed us with such a special visit.  So, Grandma G, I can picture that beaming smile on your face right now as you sit in the presence of God, your sister, your family – and I can hear the songs.  Just like the ones we would enjoy together in your living room.  It’s so sweet.  God is good!

Photos are here

6 Jan

These photos are even down from the amount I actually took – there are a lot!  Lots of programs, performances, parties, Christmas celebrations…  too much fun!  Sit and enjoy when you have 20 minutes or so.  😉

Christmas 2008


5 Jan

whoa What a whirlwind!  With my sister down from Sacramento last week, we went out to my parents to visit with her everyday.   Today is the first day since Wednesday that I will be home for an entire day.  If you can relate at all, then you know exactly what my house must look like as well.  I still have a Christmas tree in my home – yikes!  Then I have a little boy who is struggling with his two top teeth.  He’s not his normal happy self, and has a bit of a stuffy nose along with the teething pain – super fun!  And a little girl who turns 5 on Thursday – my gosh!  So what am I doing?  Procrastinating like usual on the good ‘ol computer.  I do have lots of pictures I’m sorting through from Christmas to get to you all as well.  Don’t hold your breath.  It might be a few days.

Baby boy calling – until next time…..