Family and Fun

21 Jan

Well, we spent most of last week in Sacramento with family, as we celebrated Grandma G’s new home in heaven.  It was a wonderful time.  The girls and I came home with tangible memories of Grandma G after sorting through her plethora of scarves, clip-on earrings, and costume jewelry.  She was a fashionista for sure!  With the funeral being in Sacramento, I got to see my twin sis as well, and spend time with my brother-in-law, Andy, who was very sick during their visit here over New Years.  I think the kids were glad to have some uncle time.

Reed Visit/Sacramento trip 1/09

When we returned home from Sacramento, we had a quick two days to get unpacked and ready for Sarah’s birthday party.  Mind you, when I left for Sacramento, there was still a Christmas tree in my house.  I headed up north a couple of days before Brandon, who was kind enough to take the lights off of the house, and get the tree out while I was gone.  I suppose I will find out what kind of job he did with the ornaments next Christmas – yikes!  The house got picked up, swept, vacuumed, and the rest of Christmas was put away just in time for Saturday’s shin dig.  Whew!

Sarah’s BD Party 2009

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