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26 Feb

I must be doin’ something right.



26 Feb

So much has happened between Valentine’s Day and now, I never got to stop and post about our V-day.

I made a big breakfast for the clan in the morning, which is something I enjoy doing.  If only morning wasn’t usually so early.  😉  The man and I were going to be heading out on a date with two other couples that night and there were a few things I wanted to get done before leaving.  After making breakfast, I went against all of the voices in my head, and laid down for a little nap, and that’s where everything started going wrong.

I woke up to my two oldest daughters setting up a Valentine Diner for us.  (Nothing wrong about this!)  Abigail had hoped to make us dinner, but had to change it up since we had dinner plans.  They set up a cute little table, had aprons, platters… everything was well planned.  Lunch was a sandwich with chips.  Our appetizer was edamame and hummus with pita chips, and dessert was to be heart shaped brownies.  They were so sweet in taking our orders and serving us.  When the dessert came in, I was most proud.  I saw this messy pile of broken up brownie on a red plate.  They called it valentine mud pie.  Apparently, they had trouble cutting out the brownies and everything fell apart, so they changed it up a bit.  This made my heart smile.  Usually, Abigail falls to pieces when things don’t go as planned.  And yet, here she was, with a smile on her face, so proud of this brownie masterpiece.  They even put some of their Valentine candy in it – sprinkles too.  I suppose I should’ve taken a lesson from my eldest daughter.

I had intended to wear a certain top for our date, which was a little more hip and modern than I normally wear.  It required a strapless bra.  (I just lost all of my male readers…)  If only my “mom boobs” fit into the strapless bra that I have.  Last time I wore it I was not acting as a food source.  I probably should have tested this much earlier in the week, but I was sure it’d be fine.  It wasn’t.  And even hubby thought it probably wasn’t a good idea.  So, now I have NOTHING of course.  The man, being v-day and all, encouraged me to go buy myself a new top.  Most women would jump at this.  I, on the other hand, already knew this would take a small miracle and more than the hour or two that I had.  After 15 tops, I was still unsuccessful, no polish on my nails (something else I wanted to do – that darn nap), and my sitter would be there soon.  SIGH  I looked “fine”, and that’s not the “damn girl, you look fine!” That’s the “how do I look? oh, fine.”  Whatever!  I’m over it.

What I am not over is the valet driver where we went that night, backed my car into a tree and failed to mention it.  Didn’t find it until the next morning.  Insurance is stalking them now.  hehehe

Click on the photo below to see  some pictures of our Valentine Diner.  🙂

Valentine’s Day Diner


25 Feb

I have three posts in the making.  Amidts laundry and children I promise to post soon…

Here’s hoping!

Now I Know

18 Feb


Every mother has this issue.  You’re child has a runny nose.  Is a little irritable.  Running a low grade fever.  And you’re faced with the decision to head out to the doctor’s office or ride it out.  I’ve gone to the doctor’s too many times for them to send me home with the phrase, “It’s just a virus.  It’ll clear up in about two weeks.”  AAARRRGGGHHH!  So, when the next child ends up with the same thing, and you hear rumors of “this virus” going around, you are again faced with this decision.  I surely would hate to take a healthy child to the doctor only to end up with something and be returning a week later.  (That’s happened to me before too.)  So, when said child is 8 months old and you can no longer stand the crying, you call, because at least you’ll know.  You’ll know if they’re really sick.  You’ll know if there is anything else you can do about it or not.  You’ll know what medicine, if any, you can give to help relieve any symptoms.  Within minutes, and without a peep, a whimper, a wiggle, Judah was diagnosed with his first ear infection.  Such a good boy.  Typical – nothing like what I had dealt with at all while being at home.  So, Motrin is our friend.  Amoxicillan is our weapon.  And hopefully, this long nap which is being enjoyed by both parties will help to make my little man normal again.

SIGH – now I know.  It’s nice to know.  I guess that’s why I’m so nosey.  😉

Ruff Ruff

10 Feb

Judah has really started noticing the dog.  It’s very cute.  Always reaching his head to be able to see where Buddy is at, what he’s doing, where he’s running to.  He likes to grunt twice as if saying, “Ruff ruff” anytime the dog comes around.  But having the dog and a baby around is new to our family.  It comes with some bonuses…


Buddy is superb at cleaning up after Judah.  And I can only imagine it will get better as his food becomes more substantial and Judah becomes more ornery.  🙂

But then this morning, there was this….


Yes, my dear sweet little boy had this nasty bone in his mouth.  BLECH BLECH and DOUBLE BLECH!!!  This means two things.  1.  Judah is mobile.  This bone was not near him when I set him down on the carpet.  2.  I need to put up gates so that the dog food does not become the next target.  GROSS!

But really, who can resist this face?


Count ’em

6 Feb


060808_mg_3095_0002 img_9186

By the way – he decided to stand up all by himself yesterday.  He took the remote control off of daddy’s chest, and then just plain stood up with it without thinking!  Yeah, I know – he’s a boy – get ready – look out – and so it begins….

OK, really?

5 Feb

Have you seen this?