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26 Mar

I’ve become obsessed with this little baby and his story.  My heart pours out for this momma, and my mind has been running continuously, thinking of this dear baby – praying for him constantly.  Please pray with me…

Judah has been squeezed extra tight, and held extra long as I think on baby Stellan.

Click here to learn about Stellan.

Prayers for Stellan

Busy Boy

25 Mar

So, I’ve always heard that boys were different, but mine is just plain busy.  Busy checkin’ everything out.  Gotta touch, gotta explore, gotta put it in his mouth…

Here’s some recent pics…

Busy Judah

Busy Busy Busy

23 Mar

We’ve been busy having strep throat (Abigail), saying goodbyes (Markmillers), and doing our theater thing (Alice in Wonderland).  We’re finally slowing down, and I hope to catch up on a few posts I’ve already started buy have yet to post.  Here’s a big album of pictures from our last couple of weeks of activity.


Busy busy busy

Tell me…

17 Mar

how this is possibly legal?  Someone was generous enough to purchase me a gift card to Babystyle for Judah’s arrival.  Of course, as most people can relate, a new baby is typically set for quite some time before needing any new clothes.  I was holding onto this piece of plastic, and actually considering perusing there soon, until I was informed that they are going out of business.  “Good to know,” I said, thinking that the gift card would’ve been useless had there been no store in existence.  However, I’ve found out, via their website, that the gift card is still considered useless anyway, even though they still have merchandise that they are selling.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???  Somebody went in there and spent money so that I could turn around and choose my merchandise.  Babystyle has essentially taken this person’s money, and will not honor that their money (currently on the gift card) has not been exchanged for merchandise.  THIEVES!!!  I am so mad, and feel so cheated!  Where is the fairness in this?  I simply do not understand how that can be legal.  I’m sure someone knows all of the la-ti-da bancruptcy laws and knows why it is legal, but it still is unjust in my opinion.  I’M FUMING!!!

It’s another…

10 Mar

When it’s not one thing it’s another.  Now Abigail has strep throat.  She didn’t even complain of her throat hurting.  I’m happy to know she actually has something and we’re not guessing anymore, but we’re in the middle of a busy couple of weeks here.  It’s simply no fun when you have a child who just doesn’t feel 100%.

I had strep throat a couple of years ago and was at death’s door.  It was so miserable.  So at this moment, I prepare myself (and her) that it could possibly get worse before it gets better.  I’m hoping that the antibiotic kicks butt big time as she sleeps tonight.  And praying that everyone wakes up tomorrow morning raring to go.

Pray for us!


8 Mar

I l ove this word!  Our kids are learning about moderation regarding candy, hamburgers, McDonalds, etc…

This morning’s conversation:

Sarah: Mommy, are peanuts healthy for you?

Mommy:  Yeah.  They are healthy for you in moderation.

Sarah: Do we have moderation peanuts?

🙂  I love that 5 year old!

Silly Boy

6 Mar

Look where my silly little boy crawled to…



Buddy was such a good boy to share!