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Woo Hoo!

28 Apr

Stellan is home!



There is a reason I do not like rock music

22 Apr

Adam from American Idol is one of them. That scream-y, always falsetto, overly acted singing – yuck! Don’t get me wrong – he’s had his moments. But really? Paula tearing up last night? Come on! Does she forget his background? He is from the musical theater industry! It is his job to get up on a stage and “feel” the songs he sings.

Allison, on the other hand, does “rock” it out and for some reason I don’t find her as annoying. They’re both talented, I just don’t think Adam is as great as everyone else gushes about. PLEASE REMEMBER I’M ENTITLED TO MY OWN OPINION. 🙂 I can already hear all of the Adam lovers booing at my comments, but hey, I can’t hold them in any longer. Blech, blech, blech! Anyone remember his version of Ring of Fire? I rest my case.

He is probably better suited at musical theater. He seems to be a natural.


21 Apr

Not yet – it’s still only April, but it sure does feel like July.  My goodness.  Even that “south bay breeze” didn’t help too much these last couple of days.  One more reminder to start nagging about air conditioning again.  Judah sure didn’t seem to enjoy the heat too much either.

Sarah wanted to play in the sprinkler today, so I turned it on, and we ended up having a very fun afternoon outside.  Judah loved the sprinkler and just sat directly next to it much of the time.

Here are some pictures.  🙂

Keepin' Cool

Stellan (with lots of links)

20 Apr


As I have posted before, my obsession for Stellan continues.  I have even been added to his name gallery, when I posed with Rachael Lampa for Stellan support.


He has been transported to Children’s Hospital in Boston, and will have his surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8:30am est.  Please pray for him and the doctors as they attempt surgery on his tiny little heart.  Pray for his momma as well.  I could not imagine heart surgery on my baby boy.

If you follow MckMama’s blog, you’ve seen Stellan photographed a couple of times now, with a new blankie.  Blog pal, Allyzabba, is responsible for that adorable blanket, and you can help add to Stellan’s fund by buying one of your very own, or sharing the love and buying one as a gift.

Praying for a healthy homecoming soon!



What? More pictures?

16 Apr

It’s because the house is clean.  I have time to actually sit and fuss with pictures and blogs and such.  🙂

On April 4th, Brandon’s grandmother celebrated her 82nd birthday.  So we all got together to celebrate with her and threw in an early Easter egg hunt as well!

We had lots of fun with our family, and the girls made treats the night before to share.  We had seen a commercial for rice krispy treats where the mom and her daughters were joyfully dipping egg shaped treats into chocolate and sprinkles.  It was one of those projects where I just set them up and walked away.  I was sure to be more of a hinderance than an encourager, so I let them at it.  They turned out great, I thought, and the girls had lots of fun doing it.

Here are the pictures from that weekend.



16 Apr

We had a quiet Easter this year.  We decorated eggs on Saturday after hangin’ out with Boppy and Grammie for awhile.  Sunday morning, Brandon was gone EARLY for a sunrise service with the city, and the kids and I had to be at church by 7am (or a few minutes after) for praise team.  They are such troopers for me on these early mornings.  Especially when donuts are involved.  😉  Papa came by for a special Easter lunch of McDonald’s, and when the Master’s was over, we ventured out to our usual El Torito Grill Easter dinner minus the Markmiller’s this year.  😦  (We missed you immensely!) Then it was home for bed, because the girls were back to school the next day.

Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend.

Easter 2009

Big Bear

15 Apr

So we ventured up to Big Bear for spring break this year.  A complete opposite from our usual Palm Springs excursion.  The weather was the complete opposite as well.  We enjoyed the great outdoors, but were held captive inside for the last two days, due to some unruly virus that struck some of the kiddos.  YUCK!

Here are some pictures from our time away.

Big Bear – Spring Break 2009