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Told Ya

29 May

I told ya we have been busy!  This last week/weekend we were especially busy, but glad it was a long weekend.  As previously posted, my sister and her husband came down for her baby shower.  Leading up to that (and not including the preparation for it) we were shuttling Flat Stanley around, showing him the sights of Southern California before returning him to Canada (hi, Nicole!).  I’ll post those pictures next…

Saturday we did doctor, baby shower, family visiting.  Sunday we did Judah’s dedication at church, and more family visiting.  Unfortunately, my dad was taken to the hospital that morning with a gall bladder attack and ended up having it removed the next day.  GEESH!  Then, Monday we hung out at home for a bit, worked on building a mission, and had a bbq with our fantastic Bible Study group.  More detail about dedication and gall stones to follow as well…

Last night was open house, and amidst the long weekend and short week, we’ve made it to Friday.

Enjoy the photos…

Dedication and Misc.


29 May

Well, it’s drizzling a bit here this morning.  I even had to use my wind shield wipers – go figure!  And the smell of the wet ground is lovely.   However, this is not the kind of “shower” I was thinking of when I began this post – simply got side-tracked.

baby shower This is the kind I was originally thinking about it.  My twin sissy is expecting her first little one, and we celebrated with a baby shower for her this last weekend.  It began as a very busy day with me having to take 2 of my 4 into the doctors office that morning.  Severe ear infections – antibiotics – off to the shower a few minutes late.  I guess it was a good thing we didn’t have it at my house.  We  had a good group of family and some close friends, with lots of laughs.  Amanda (my sister) had lots of little helpers, of course.  Looking forward to another one up north in her neck of the woods in a couple of weeks.  Who could possibly get tired of all that little baby stuff?  😉  Not me!

Here are a few pictures I was able to snag.

Amanda’s Baby Shower


26 May

I’m fairly delinquent in posting some photos from different events and activities we’ve been up to.  Here are photos of the different tables from our tea at church.  This was my third year hostessing a table.  I do not have china of my own, but fortunately, Brandon’s aunt has plenty to go around.  This year I got to use one of my favorite patterns of hers.  I didn’t want to dirty my table or return them.  🙂  Of course I was bad about taking photos of myself or actual people – it was a crazy day, please forgive me.  🙂

Tea 2009


20 May

Hubby mentioned a resemblance…

jj jesse IMG_0619

…must be the slicked back hair and bubble goatee.  🙂

To God Be The Glory

20 May

Superb news story about Stellan.

My new favorite

18 May

I’m trying really hard (at least starting today) to be better about my snacking, eating, exercising….

And with all of those 100 calorie packs of EVERYTHING, it’s easy to know the points (for all of you WW fans).

This is my new favorite!


God bless you, Little Debbie.  You’ve turned my favorite treat (which I would only indulge in on vacation) into one of my favorite parts of the day – snack time!  Mmmm, I love these.  🙂

Oooo, another favorite I just thought of…


Yummy ice cream candy bar – decent sized for 3 points, but even better – IT’S DELICIOUS!!!!

Do you think it’s frowned upon if I consumed both boxes as my points for the day?

A Mess

13 May

Judah is or usually makes a mess as of late.

Such is the life of a boy (I suppose).

Messy Boy