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Summer List

30 Jun

So one day when the girls were still in school, Sarah and I sat down to make a summer wish list.  I noticed that in daily conversations with different members of the family, we all had something we wanted to do, so I decided we needed to write those down on a list.

One thing on our list is going to the beach.  You’d think, living relatively close to the beach, this really isn’t something to go on the wish list – it should be something we just ‘do’.  But with four kiddos in tow, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  So, our goal is to go at least twice this summer.  High hopes – I know.

Another thing on our pitiful wish list is to take Buddy to the dog park at least once a week all summer long.  Wow!  Another big event, I know.  But we did it today.  It was fantastic.  And manageable.  And now I feel as though summer is here.  We did something on our list.

Something else that we can cross off of our list is having a sleep over with Katie.  Katie is Sarah’s bestest friend who now resides in Oklahoma.  All summer long last year, they begged for sleepovers, but when you’re 4 and 41/2 years old, sleepovers really don’t work as well as play dates do.  We kept putting it off and then they moved away.  So, when we heard they were coming for a visit, we put it on the calendar.  It was, as Sarah puts it, “The best day of my life.”  Our visit with the whole Markmiller family was short-lived, but I presume it will always feel like that.

So, back to the wish list.  It does get a little more exciting with things like Disneyland (we have passes), the zoo, California Science Center, tide pools, meeting baby Mallory (when she finally arrives – soon!), … I surely don’t want my summer to be busier than school days.  We’re coasting along smoothly so far.

Here are pictures from our time with the Markmillers.

Markmiller Visit 6/09


25 Jun

Here I am, playing catch-up again.

Mostly due to a quick trip to Sacramento.

Over Father’s Day weekend.

For my sister’s baby shower.

So, I am catching up on laundry (among other things).


Which then makes me behind on posting the pictures from the weekend.


So without further ado…

Amanda’s Sacramento Shower

The End

18 Jun

The end of the school year is here.  I can’t believe it.  I think back on last year and remember visiting the school on the last days with a tiny baby boy in my arms, and now I can hardly keep the wriggly one there for long.

My eldest is “officially” graduated to the fifth grade.  Big man girl on campus.  I can’t believe it.  And my youngest lady will be starting kindergarten.

We have yet to be disappointed with teachers, and this year was no exception.  🙂  Abigail had a great year with her 4th grade teacher, and Esther had an equally exceptional year with a repeat appearance by the 2nd grade teacher Abigail shared.

I was inspired to make Esther’s teacher a quilt for the end of the year after I spotted a paper made one hanging in her classroom.  I had the kids draw their pictures onto fabric squares and copied her square.  Of course I had some set backs which led me to finish it at about 1:30am this morning, but it was quiet uninterrupted time, so I flourished.  🙂  As you’ll see in the photos, she was thrilled, and moved.  The children were just as excited to see the end result.

It was a fabulous school year.  I am looking forward to some lazy days of summer, visits from friends (yeehaw), a trip to the lake, and a new niece!  Should be exciting.

So I suppose it’s the end, but also the beginning… 😉

End of the Year 2009

Favorite Past-time?

16 Jun

This is my son’s new favorite thing to do…


He likes headbands.  What is a mother to do?  I guess I could start calling them hats like my dad suggested.  Or, I suppose we could just have a few actual hats lying around as well.  Our floor wouldn’t know the difference.  (As you can tell by the photo.)  Notice big sister laughing in the background?  Poor kid.

A Whole (in) One

9 Jun

That was the theme we went with.  He turned a whole one year old, and so golf it was, and I ran with it (as far as I could anyway).

We always have immediate family as our party guests.  We are blessed to have so much extended family living close by, but at the same time, to have everyone attend would be overwhelming.  With cousins and siblings, there are always enough kids to go around.  The party was held at my parents house.  Trampoline = not having to rent a bounce house to keep the kids occupied.   Food was a bit difficult in terms of golf… the fruit was cut with a melon baller to make them round (like balls of course).  My mom actually found golf plates and napkins.  For games, I had the kiddos guess how many tees were in a jar (Abigail won), and adapted ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to my golf theme.  Even Judah played.  He did pretty well, I might add, although he was not blindfolded.  Mackenzie won “best ball”.  I found toy golf sets for an amazing price at Big Lots and was able to send everyone home with their own set as the party favor.  Fun!  His cake was an attempt at a golf ball (not my best), and the cupcakes were a success!  🙂  He LOVED his cake!  He would’ve eaten the whole thing had I left it there for him.  That’s always the best part of the first birthday anyway, right?   When I brought the cake near him he kept signing “please” in sign language desperately.  He could hardly wait for us to finish singing.

It was an excellent shin dig, and I believe he enjoyed himself.  Here are some pictures…

Judah’s First Birthday

A Teaser…

8 Jun

I know you’re all waiting anxiously for those first birthday images, but you’ll have to wait.  Still editing and putting them all together.  It’s been a busy few days.

But here’s a teaser…


Of course you’ll have to wait to see how messy he actually got.

Hopefully tomorrow…


6 Jun

It’s his first birthday. The time of year, the memories that are flooding so quickly – they make me long for these times.

Oh how I love him.
Happy Birthday, my sweet little Judah.

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