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26 Jul

Our week of vacation, was not a vacation.  It was a trip.  Vacations are relaxing, rejuvinating, lovely.  There is no mistake – our week at the lake was a trip.  🙂  I’ll elaborate later.  For now, here are some pictures from our week.  The pictures (by the way) do evoke feelings of a vacation.  When I have time to elaborate, you’ll see why it has been labeled a trip.

Laughlin 2009

12 years and counting

19 Jul

Thanks for waiting for me…

More Pictures

16 Jul

The girls have been participating in Haven Academy of the Arts musical productions since the fall.  They’ve kept us busy, but the shows are always lots of fun.  Their most recent show was actually for jr.high and high-school aged kids, but with the show being Willy Wonka, the director hoped for some smaller sized kiddos for the Oompa Loompas.  So, Esther and Abigail got to do another show.  🙂  It was full of laughs, and a great cast all around.  To clear up some confusion that may come from the pictures, some of the roles were double casted.

Willy Wonka


16 Jul

As usual.

Here are pictures from our 4th of July celebrations.  Family bbq in the daytime, and friends bbq at night.

4th of July 2009


15 Jul

Trying to vaccuum today, and I had a hitch-hiker.  This never happened with any of my girls.  Just another ‘boy’ moment I suppose.


Sarah’s Bestie’s Birthday

8 Jul

Yep, more birthdays…

We love you, Katie Mei!

Wishing you lots of fun on your 5th.  (Geesh – can’t  believe 5!)


Bestie’s Birthday

7 Jul

Happy Birthday to my bestie.

Hope Oklahoma does it up right for you.

I wish I could be there to give you a big fat birthday hug.  🙂

Sending my love!