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24 Sep

So if you didn’t already know, I’m a twin.

blog pics

That’s me on the left.

I was a surprise.  Back ‘then’ they didn’t do routine ultrasounds, so they didn’t know my mom was having twins until my sister was already born.  As the doctor was checking things out he broke my water bag and life changed very quickly for my parents.

blog pics 001

When people find out I’m a twin I get the common question that probably every twin gets, “Do you have that “twin” thing?   A 6th sense?  Can you read eachother’s minds?”  I wouldn’t go so far as to say we have any of these, but I think my sister and I would both agree we get “twinges”.  Many of these things are coincidences.  Probably just something that happens when you live so closely with someone for so long.  (We shared a room until we were 18 years old.)  Some examples – dreaming about the same thing or de ja vu situations.  Lots of times I might be home singing a song in my head and Amanda would walk in the door singing the same song.  Again, coincidences.  But we have a few eerie twinges to speak of as well.


I was having some discomfort that was unexplained, and my sister ended up having emergency gall bladder surgery.  The next day my back hurt so bad.  I called my mom who was at the hospital with my sister and asked, “Okay, does Amanda’s back hurt?”  She surprisingly answered, “Yes!”, and we realized then we had a little bit of sympathy pain goin’ on.  So, this summer, as we were awaiting little Mallory to be born, the question of whether or not I’d have sympathy pains again was raised.  I sure hoped not.

As we waited in the waiting room with family, we kept guessing what was happening ‘now’.  “I wonder if she’s born yet?”  At one point, an overwhelming flood of emotion hit me and I had a lump in my throat.  (You know the kind that come when you try not to cry.)  I looked at the clock in the waiting room and said, “I’m gonna say she must be being born right now, because I can feel Amanda’s emotion.”  It was just a few seconds before 11:42a.m.  Guess what time Mallory was born?  Yep, 11:42a.m.  I got the chills when Andy told us.  Later, when my mom and I were talking about how weird that was, she said, “You should’ve seen what your sister was wearing today.”

Our shirts ended up being extremely similar.  Just like we were dressed as little girls.  Same style, different color.



Coincidences or Twinges?


Maybe it’s my age?

18 Sep

Okay, so I lied.

About this last year…

Maybe it’s my age.  Or my math skills.  Or my age.

I am getting older you know.

One whole year older, today.

Golly gee.

So is she.


Not the baby – my twin sissy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, A baby! (She was born first so she was A-baby and I was B-baby.  Sweet, huh?)

And now to my lie.  Will you please forgive me for saying that my blog was 3 years old last year?  It really wasn’t.  It was “born” in 2006, which should make it 3 years old today.  I think.  Unless my age or math skills are really screwing with me.  YIKERS!

So, happy birthday, blog.

3 years,

1095 days,

26,280 hours,

1,576,800 minutes,

94,608,000 seconds of the craziness of my life, which has been mostly shared with the handful of you who read.  😉  Thanks!

More Surprises

15 Sep

I got home from Oklahoma just in time for Labor Day weekend.  My sister, brother-in-law, and new niece, Mallory were all down from Sacramento and I got me some good baby time – finally!  On Labor Day we did some swimming, and eating, and visiting, and Tuesday, we geared up for our next surprise.  We were already planning on visiting Disneyland on Wednesday for Brandon’s birthday, so you can imagine the confusion when we told the girls we were going to Disneyland on Tuesday.  We entered in through the Grand Californian hotel entrance and told the girls we were just parking somewhere different this time.  They know you can get into the California Adventure park through this hotel so that didn’t seem to phase them.  But when Brandon told them we should go check out our room, their jaws dropped.  Then the uncontrollable giggles and rapid conversation that comes with surprises overflowed from the three little girls’ mouths, and everyone was smiling.  (Of course I didn’t get any photos of the moment – boo.)

I stayed behind while Judah napped and the girls went with Brandon into the park for some rides that Judah can’t ride on.  It was so nice.  We went into Disneyland and did a few things before heading over to Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  The kids loved it, but the best part was watching Esther wander into a room full of books about animals.  She says she’d like to be an animal scientist when she grows up, so she had entered her “heaven”.  After dinner we had a late night swim, and then went to bed.  More surprises – Sarah threw up in the night.  Those kind of surprises are bad.  This tiny little girl who ate all of her dinner, proceeded to get a king sized churro.  I’m not just calling it that, that is the name it was given at the churro stand in Downtown Disney.  She continued to try and shove this large twisted cinnamon concoction down her throat, and never did finish it.  Her tummy just could not make any more room for it.  Poor thing.

The next morning we had more surprises. Good ones this time.  It was 09-09-09, and Brandon’s birthday.  We met up with some Disney cast members that we happen to know ;- ), and the girls got to press the button which officially opens the park for the day.  We got to be on the ‘other side’ of the rope.  Judah had a blast running through the streets and dancing, as all of the people behind the rope enjoyed his entertainment.  After opening the park, Lisa (the sweetest security ever) escorted us over to her husband Gavin, who is the head of the Haunted Mansion.  He gave us a bit of a behind-the-scenes type of tour.  Very cool!  With most schools starting that day, it felt like we almost had the park to ourselves – almost.  Judah warmed up to many of the characters this time – especially Pooh and Tigger.  You’ll notice his attraction in the photos – and they played it up right back with lots of high fives and the kissy sound they’re so good at.  We left mid-afternoon, stopped at San Sai for dinner, and then went home to get ready for the first day of school.  🙂  Definitely surprises the girls will remember forever!  I love it.

Labor Day, Disneyland, Mallory 9/09

It’s About Time…

15 Sep

Pictures from Oklahoma…

We did lots of shopping (mostly window), gabbing, grabbing good food, and just being together.  It was too much fun, and I can’t wait to get the rest of my family out to Oklahoma for another visit.

Oklahoma 2009

And Away They Go…

10 Sep

(said just like the man announcing the horse races that my grandpa used to watch)  😉


The only time in their lifetimes they will all be at the same school together.

This one to kindergarten…


This one to 3rd grade…


And this one to 5th grade…


And this is what I’m left with…

IMG_2872 IMG_2874

We’re bound to have some good stories to tell.  🙂


9 Sep

Here is a Yahoo article I ran across…

Why 09/09/09 Is So Special

I suppose there are lots of reasons why 09/09/09 is special, but there’s only one I care about.

new york 152

It’s this guy.

And not because he likes chocolate just as much as me.  (That statement is a falsity.  He was posing for the sake of our children.)  🙂

It’s because today is his birthday!

Oh how I love this man.

new york 151

Happy birthday, Mr. Cash!


7 Sep

So last Saturday I surprised the bestie and flew to Oklahoma all by my self (like a big girl), with a layover in Pheonix and all.  Her husband graciously picked me up from the airport while Jenny thought he was checking on a machine at work.  We placed a small box on her porch next to a pillar (that I was hiding behind), and when Mike went inside, he told her that there was a package on the porch asking her to please bring it inside.

The rest is history…