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Pumpkin Patch

29 Oct

I took Judah to the pumpkin patch yesterday.  I was feeling like a bad mommy for not getting there earlier.  I almost missed it last year as well.  Still feeling bad for not being able to take the whole family, but life happens.  Trying to get over it.  😉  The girls all asked for souveniers from the pumpkin patch, so of course I bought them each a little pumpkin.  SUCKER!

My sister and mom were able to come with me, which was fun, considering daddy was at work and sissies were at school.  He loved the choo-choo, the petting zoo, and the carousel.  He even rode a pony, although it was way past naptime.  He looked like he could’ve fallen asleep on that little stroll.  🙂

Here are some pictures of my boy…

Judah pumpkin patch 09


25 Oct

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Dog also vomited on the carpet this morning, and son removed diaper and pooped on the very same carpet.  Time for new carpet.  GEESH!

UPDATE: – I now have one more child vomiting – geesh!


I’ve had quite a few “geesh” moments…

Dodgers failed me – geesh.

Sissy came into town last weekend and so I got to see my baby girl, but only for a teeny bit – geesh.

Fall keeps teasing us out here in California – geesh.

Left for our woman’s retreat on Friday, and was surprised by my bestie – geesh!  (I shook for about 2 hours!)

Not even 10 hours into our visit, and about 5 hours into the weekend retreat, the toilet became my new best friend – geesh!

The toilet was my friend all night – geesh.

Saturday morning, I hear from the hubby that two of our children had the same night I had – geesh.

I face the facts, and go home.  Early from the retreat, and away from my bestie – GEESH!

My Mema is in the hospital – geesh!

Halloween is Saturday, and I’m still not ready – geesh!

Where has October gone? – geesh!

I haven’t blogged in 17 days – geesh!

Here are some pictures – geesh!





091025_Retreat 014

More of Mallory – (click for an album of photos)

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Sarah’s Fire Station Fun

Growin’ Up and Groovin’

8 Oct

Is This In My Future?

5 Oct


If Sarah saw this, she’d probably ask to be “it” for Halloween.

My sweet little runt of a five-year-old currently has an infatuation with wrestling.  Don’t ask me where she got it, because I couldn’t answer that.  We don’t watch wrestling in our home, and I seriously doubt any of our babysitters do either (although that question may need to be raised).  🙂

I have already shared this story with many of you in person, but for my blog readers, let me entertain you…

We were sitting enjoying Golden Spoon frozen yogurt on my husband’s birthday.  As we all ate with our golden spoons, Esther asked, “I wonder what Judah will be when he grows up?  Will he be a pastor like his daddy? Or maybe a house person like his mommy?”  We all sat kind of smiling, thinking, and still licking those golden spoons to death when Sarah pipes up and in all seriousness says, “Or he could be a wrestler like me.”

I’m sorry?  A wrestler?  Did she even know that “girls” wrestle?  And since that moment, there have been many conversations regarding wrestling.  For example:

Sarah – “Do you have to kiss at your wedding?”

Mom – “Well, usually you kiss your husband at the end, yes.”

Sarah – “Awww, come on!”

Mom – “Well you kind of want to kiss him.” 😉

Sarah – “Well, then maybe I won’t get married.”

Mom – “Well, if you want to have children, usually, you need to get married to do that.  Because that’s how God wants us to do it.  He wants us to get married, and then have our children.  And we want to do it like God wants us to, because we want to live to glorify God.  We want to do what makes God happy.”


Sarah – “Do you think God wants me to be a wrestler?”


Sarah – “Because it’s something that I’m good at.”

That kid keeps me guessin’.  🙂  How I love her!