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Post – Christmas

29 Dec

Cards are still sitting here.  Stuffed, labeled, but still here.  Ugh!

My tree is still standing.  It’s drier than the Mojave desert, but it’s still here in all it’s glory.

On the flip side, a plethora of time was spent with family being visited.

Lots of pictures were taken.

Lots of down time has ensued (which explains for the late Christmas cards and decor still up).  But who’s in a hurry?  No need to be yet.

Lots of planning underway for my baby girl’s 6th birthday party.

Lots of pictures to post, but for now – just a few faces caught on camera.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful.


19 Dec

We have been so blessed to find such a wonderful piano teacher for the girls.  We’ve had family and friends try and teach them, but I think they really needed someone they were unfamiliar with to actually get serious about it.  We love our piano teacher, and after only a short couple of months, they performed in their first piano recital last night.

Here are their performances…

Reptile Party

15 Dec

You read it right. My second born wanted a reptile party for her birthday.  Who is this child?  She has had a love for all animals since she was very young, but snakes?  Of course, she would’ve loved for us to “rent” the lizard wizard to come to her party, just as much as we would’ve loved to afford it for her, however that was not the case.  So, I thought of a sweet girl at church whose family owns a snake and thought of “hiring” her for an hour to come share her snake with us.  Well, of course they were going to be out of town the weekend of her party, so guess what?  We snake-sat.  We had a snake in our home for a little over a week.  I think my kids took a few years off of poor little “Flames'” life.  🙂  I wasn’t all that grossed out by it, suprisingly, and didn’t mind handling it at all.

So here are some pictures from Esther’s 8th birthday party.  The husband took photos during the snake share time so please forgive the blurriness.  I also did animal face-painting (to the best of my ability).  HAHA!  Enjoy!

Esther’s 8th Birthday 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

12 Dec

To finally see pictures of the play, click your heels three times and then click on the photo below…

Edited Wizard of Oz 2009

I’m lacking…

10 Dec

… in a lot of things.  (insert cheap shots here)  😉

But mostly;







I’m seriously lacking in posts with photos.  I have hundreds of photos from the Wizard of Oz play that the girls were in.  Photos from Esther’s birthday, photos from Thanksgiving, and Disneyland.  Must… catch… up… before… Christmas!  I’m trying, I really am.  I promise to be back soon.