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What to say?

28 Jan

I just don’t know what to say about the struggles our friends, the Benedicts, are having at getting sweet Lovely home.  Hearing she would be arriving in Utah either Thursday or Friday, our friends flew to Utah to be there for her homecoming.  However, they were notified that no children would be leaving Haiti today or tomorrow, and they’re not actually sure when.

My heart breaks.  It is entangled in this family’s plight for getting their daughter home.

Act as you feel led (pray, contact officials), and read the latest post to the parents of these children awaiting their forever families.

So glad

24 Jan

So glad that this little boy is finally with his forever family!  Celebrating with Craig and Ann and little Elijah (Kendy).

Hoping to celebrate with the Benedicts soon.

Here’s a story they did for our local paper.


18 Jan

I always kept my fabric scraps, but never did anything with them.  Then I bought a bag full of scraps from Liberty, who always has GREAT fabrics, and suddenly, I have a new favorite thing to do with scraps.

This was done for my friend, Deanna’s baby shower gift.  Baby Carson is sure to look adorable in these onesies if I do say so myself.  🙂

From Libby…

17 Jan


It feels so helpless to simply sit back and not do something when you hear news of what is happening in Haiti. Today, prompted in part by my daughter’s school – and their efforts to raise every penny possible to send to Haiti relief – I’ve decided to do what I can do.

Remember the collages I did when I was grieving over AJ? I really needed some stability and the image of that mountain was really powerful for me. Today I’ve decided to make available some postcards and also high quality prints of the mountain collage. We had some of these made up and everyone in the family got them for Christmas, so I know they look great already… they’re framed and up in each family member’s home…So now on my etsy site, you can find packs of postcards, perfect for sending a little note (these work for men and women, unlike much of my stuff!). You can also find a listing for the archival print on high quality watercolor paper – suitable for framing. If you are interested, I can also get the print made on canvas in various sizes.

All of the profits from the sales of these mountain images will be donated to Red Cross Relief and/or Child Hope International – who are mutual friends of my family and run an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. They are sending updates via their website, so check them out.
Please please purchase these to help out – and pass on the idea to your friends and neighbors – blog, tweet and share about it – this actually can do something!

Prayers for Haiti

13 Jan

and this sweet girl,


And more for this sweet boy,


Lovely’s momma has a blog where you may follow their journey at

Stream Stolen

12 Jan

MckMama has done a couple of posts simply from her stream of conciousness.  I want to post, but don’t have the time to sit and have a creative topic, with pictures, etc., so I’m stealing her idea and running with it.

Last week we got back to the normal routine, slightly.  The girls did not have school on Monday due to a staff development day, so they went to Disneyland with a babysitter friend just for the fun of it.  Tuesday – back to school.  Then we had a whirlwind of a visit with our besties from Oklahoma, which began Wednesday after school when we surprised them by staying overnight at the same hotel they were at, out in Anaheim, and accompanying them to Disneyland on Thursday.  Too much fun, and too fast.  Friday was Sarah’s birthday.  Friday also brought a sick little boy, but of course not until it was bed time.  Why does illness always come on after the ten o’clock hour?  Fortunately, our doctor’s office holds Saturday hours.  Got him in early, ear infection, vomit at the doctor’s office thanks to the tongue depressor – ugh!  Thanks, doc!  He pretty much was sick the entire day with fever and the pukes.  Lovely.  Mind you we had an all day event at the church and two birthday parties, not to mention the preparing of our own party for the following day.  That night it was decided to cancel Sarah’s party.  My heart was broken.  Her’s was even more.  How disappointing for a six-year-old who counts down for her next birthday at least 6 months before it’s actual occurance.  😦  Sunday brought a better feeling boy, and a six-year-old in denial, hoping for a chance to still have her party.  Here we are at Tuesday.  Judah’s basically back to normal, the girls are back into the routine, and now we prepare for a do-over this weekend.  The house is a mess, and I’m trying to catch up on that so that I can get to crafting for a baby shower I’m going to (which also happens to be Saturday).  I know – I’m crazy.

Also wondering where our winter weather is.  I know I live in southern California, but it certainly can get cold here.  We had a superb cold snap a week or so before Christmas, but it’s been mid to upper 70s here.  I suppose winter is hardly from being over and I should be patient.  Ha!

Off to tend to a cranky boy who needs a nap.  Still working on pictures from Christmas and New Years – to come soon (I hope).

Oh, and by the way, look at my header – it’s still Christmas apparently.  Gotta get to that too – in all of my spare time.  😉


8 Jan

My baby girl is 6!

She’s always been my little peanut.

Although 8lbs. 6ozs. at birth, (and chubby in the above picture) she has now taken on the nickname of Sarah Stack-‘o-bones.

Sassy.  (Not sure where she got that trait from.)  😉