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26 Feb

I’m running a 5K.  Tomorrow.  Most likely, in the the rain.

I’m running with this girl.

She’s my baby sister.  And five years ago, if you would’ve told us we were going to be running a 5k together, we would’ve laughed, hard, for a good five minutes.

I trained in 5 weeks.  5 weeks to a 5k.

A 5k sounds a little whimpy.  My friend, Carey (shout out) just ran a 10k.  And my Lola has done whole marathons!  I felt silly telling people about my little ‘ol 5k.  🙂

But it’s a start.  A start for myself.  A small goal for me.  Baby steps.

And let’s be honest!  5k sounds WAY better than 3 eensy-weensy miles.  🙂

Menu Plan Monday

22 Feb

Monday – Chili Pie

Tuesday – 7 Can Soup

Wednesday – Potato Broccoli Sausage Skillet

Thursday – Chili and Beans Ole’

Friday – Mexican Lasagna

Saturday – Leftovers (hopefully)

Lately, with our family of six, particularly four growing kidlets, leftovers have become a rare commodity after dinner.  Which, I suppose can be looked at as a success.  🙂


21 Feb


– 5 weeks to a 5k

– Valentine’s date with the hubby

– Elijah and Lovely

– smore’s nachos

– ear infections

– breathing treatments

– menu plan Monday

– pictures

– pictures

– and more pictures

Can you guess what these things are?  😉

These are all blog topics floating around in my head, but not enough time to sit and post.  🙂


9 Feb

I simply cannot wait to see this girl

sitting in the middle of this family!

It has been confirmed that she is on a plane in the air, flying to America and to her forever family!

I spent the day with this brood while the momma and daddy were on their way across the country for Lovely.  She will, no doubt, be loved by her new siblings.  It will be a sweet sight to see her with them all.  SOON!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Menu Plan Monday

8 Feb

Geesh – a whole week went by with no blogging.  Typical.

Dinner is already over, but alas, I spent all afternoon planning meals for the entire month of February.  So here is my menu for this week…

Monday – Grilled Italian Chicken, Suddenly Salad (pasta), and broccoli

Tuesday – Garlic and Herb Turkey Tenderloin, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and    Asparagus

Wednesday – Chicken Santa Fe

Thursday – Zucchini Rice Casserole

Friday – Dinner at my parent’s house 🙂

Saturday – Birthday party

Sunday – VALENTINE’S DAY – the girls are planning a menu (for us) of Cranberry Chicken, Smashed potatoes with cream cheese, salad and dessert (they are also planning on carrying out the  menu on their own)  We shall see.  🙂


Menu Plan Monday

1 Feb

I was talking with a mom at church yesterday about planning, and trying to make our lives easier.  HA!

One thing I’ve been doing for awhile now is planning my family’s dinner menu for a month at a time.  It has been surprisingly easy, thanks to doing a recipe swap with some other mommas.  I was able to replenish my arsenal of dinner recipes with new ones that were guaranteed like-able by other children.  Of course we all have different likes and dislikes, but that first month was an exciting adventure of trying new things, and I was pleasantly surprised to see what my kids would try and actually liked.  🙂

So, back (by not-so-popular demand) is Menu Plan Monday.

Monday – Sweet Bean Burritos and Mexican Rice

Tuesday – Chili Pie

Wednesday – Dinner at church

Thursday – Chicken Caesar Pasta

Friday – Potato Broccoli Sausage Skillet

Saturday – Tuna Cakes with fresh veggies and ranch