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Charlie Brown

24 Mar
Charlie Brown 2010

Happiness is…

24 Mar

Being an auntie!  🙂

Side note – currently working on pictures from our weekend of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  🙂

I’m in love

11 Mar

With this!

It is beautiful.

And I WANT it!

Look out friends.  I’m bringing dessert.  To what?  I don’t know.  But I will if you want me to.  🙂

(This dessert is courtesy of bakerella.comBRILLIANT!


2 Mar

It really stinks to be sick. Not only sick, but one sick momma. When, unless you are physically removed from the home where you abide, does your job of momma cease? Never! Such is the case of this sick momma.
This morning, my sweet Sarah heard from her sister that I was feeling worse and I caught her in the hallway looking glum. Asking her what was wrong, she broke down into tears, sobbing because she wanted me to feel better already. Such a sweetheart! And boy did I want to be feeling better too. I actually feel as though I’ve turned the corner, but in turning the corner this afternoon, I’ve also hit the wall. My body has shouted at me to lay down and rest. And I laugh back at my body, asking who will watch the little person here who pushes chairs around so that he can climb and get to the things I try to put out of reach. I hear you all laughing-stop it!

So here I lay. In my bed. I tried to close my eyes, but I hear little feet crossing through the hallways, and piano is now being practiced on, and sisters are being ‘sisterly’. Says big sister to little brother who is “helping” with piano practice, “Wanna go say hi to mommy?”.

So much for my rest. They say you can sleep when you’re dead. I guess they were right. Uck.

Here’s my boy snuggling next to his sick momma.