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25 May

Can a momma be too proud?

Miss Sarah got glasses on Friday.  She’s adjusting so well to them, having to wear them at all times.  I am so proud of this six year old.  She’s grown up right before my eyes in just the last few days.  Sniffle sniffle.

Then there are the older sisters…

They all performed at the school’s talent show last night.  It was held in a “real” theater.  It was an awfully big stage for one person or one voice.  They amaze me sometimes.  My girls are just super great!  Just sayin’.


17 May

Me: Sarah, don’t you think we should get rid of some of these purses.  You have quite a few.

Sarah: Mom, someday I’m gonna be a grown woman, and I’m gonna need lots of purses to use.

Me: A grown woman?  Well, do you think as a grown woman you’re going to be carrying around a Dora the Explorer purse?

Sarah: (smile)

More Menu Planning

11 May

Just planned the next two weeks.  Still in denial that Mother’s day weekend is over.  😉

Monday – We had Melissa D’Arabian’s Shepherd’s Pie

Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken with white and brown rice and broccoli

Wednesday – 7 Can Soup with tortilla chips and guacamole

Thursday – Cranberry Chicken with roasted baby red potatoes and spinich

Friday – Grandpa’s spaghetti and garlic bread (in prep for my 5K)  🙂

Saturday – LEFTOVERS  (if there are any…)


9 May

This is my momma.

She’s in her element in this picture.

She is a mother of twins.

She is a mother of 3 girls.

She is a wife of almost 36 years.

She is a grandmother to 4 girls and 2 boys.

Boys are new to her, but she manages.  🙂

She’s a good momma.

Maybe an even better grammie, but then… that’s how it’s supposed to be now isn’t it.

I love her!

Happy Momma’s Day, Mom!

Can We Talk?

4 May

… about this boy for a moment?

He’s almost two.

He loves to growl and roar for no reason.

It comes across a little manic.

People look at me funny when he does it.

He’s completely different from my girls.

It must be the testosterone.

It puzzles me.

He makes me laugh out loud.

A lot.

He has very good manners.

He likes berries.

And his momma.

Which makes me smile.


3 May


Trying to…
Come up…
For air.

Send help.