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More Menu Planning…

15 Jun

Even if it’s not posted, it’s on my fridge.  Sorry I’m not sharing as often as I should.

Monday – Chicken and Pepper Nakano with rice and hawaiian rolls

Tuesday – Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Meatloaf with salad and asparagus

Wednesday – Rustic Lemon Chicken with zucchini and red potatoes

Thursday – Taco Salad

Friday – In Fresno for a wedding

Saturday – Birthday Party

Sunday – Father’s Day Surprise



10 Jun

My boy turned two on Sunday.  I’m not even going to begin to tell you how that happened, because I’m really not sure.  Neither are all of the others who questioned it.  It’s simply reality, and apparently he’s been told that when you turn two, you’re supposed to become terrible.  I mean, that very afternoon, as we attempted to take professional photos with his siblings and cousins he revolted.  Whined, cried, and worked the system to no end.  Man oh man I was not prepared for that.

I was, however, prepared for his Toy Story party.  The boy loves Buzz.  We watch Toy Story at least once a day.  So, with Toy Story 3 making it’s debut very soon, the stores are filled with “goodies”.  It was nice, and made the planning easy.  He had been singing “Happy Birthday” for about a week before we finally got to really do it up right.  Judah was ready for his party too!  The day was beautiful so we swam before hand, ate dinner, had an army man search in the front yard (think Easter eggs, but the little army men from the movie) and then did cake and presents.

Judah’s 2nd Birthday

So, my baby is getting bigger.  The other night when I mentioned it was bedtime, he walked around the house to kiss his sisters (and the dog), climbed up into his bed all by himself, laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.  Be still my heart – I love him!


2 Jun

Apparently the boy thought he was lacking in that department…


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