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SEP 7 2013

21 Oct

That was the date on the can of mexicorn I opened for a recipe last night.  I think I possibly did a triple take as my mind immediately thought about where my family would be on that date in the future.

– We’ll be 2 days away from celebrating my husband’s 41st birthday!

– We’ll probably be sending kids off to school that week.

– My baby boy, for one, will be starting kindergarten.

– My eldest will be starting high school.

– I will also have a 4th grader and a 7th grader.

– My hair will probably be very gray (underneath my color).

– We will have recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

I can hardly comprehend these numbers are I re-read through this very post.  My goodness.  The time is certainly flying by.  I can hardly believe the expiration dates I read on the yogurt or sour cream in my fridge, already into November and December.

2011, here we come.  YIKERS!




19 Oct

… Or maybe they are what make me ‘and you’ normal.  Just passing out some random oddities today.

– I am a weather addict.

– I love clouds and rain.

– I wished it was cloudy and rainy on my wedding day.

– But it wasn’t, because it’s only HOT in the middle of July.

– I wish I could sit at a drum set and rock out.

– Then I’d wear a headset and sing like Karen Carpenter.

– I cannot watch any television shows about wrong medical diagnosis or fictional hospital shows.

– I also cannot watch any television shows that go in search of ghosts.

– Horror movies equal a month or more of no sleep.

– Sometimes even the commercials for them.

– I’m extremely indecisive.

– I saw a nature show about ants that eat people, and cannot get the sound of their movement over the microphone out of my head.

– I just shook with the heebeegeebees just thinking about that awful sound.

– I’m doing laundry right this moment.

– Wait, that’s not really an oddity is it?

– It’s beeping at me now, so I’ll stop scaring you off.  🙂