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20 Nov

Annie was a success.  Sold out shows, the drama of sick stars, the stress of  an uncooperative dog actor…  All of it combined to make a terrific show.  Truly.  Here are some pictures from what I got with my camera before the darn battery decided to die.



17 Nov

What’s with the word exhausted?  The ‘hau’ in exhausted is kinda funny.  When I say the word, sometimes I picture the spelling and I think it makes the word more sophisticated.  Therefore, when I say the word in describing my own status I feel that much more entitled to be tired and exHAUsted.  Really.  I know you all just said it outloud to hear it.  🙂  Yes, I’m a diva, I know that too.

It really is not an understatement to use the word in my current state, and please forgive the rambling to follow.  The girls just did a production of Annie.  Abigail was sick during tech week.  The dog played Sandy and he had his moments.  I bought a sedative from the vet that never worked.  I probably have a new patch of gray in my hair.  My eye started twitching during the show and hasn’t stopped yet.  I hear it’s a combination of not enough sleep and too much caffine.  Sounds familiar.  My bestie is in China to get her new little girl, Lauren.  It makes me miss her more.  I’m trying to catch up on the neglect my home and laundry allowed during my craziness.  Hoping to catch up sometime today.  Then I can post some pictures from Annie.  Dryer just beeped at me – time to fold more clothes.

Until my exhaustion ceases…