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Wild Olive

25 Feb

I love to “get my verse on”.

My bestie got me the Beloved shirt a couple of years ago, and so many people stop me to tell me how they love the shirt.

You see, the shirt shares a verse on the back.

I received two more Wild Olive Tees for Christmas and get compliments on those as well.

So, I can be a light in the world and look good doing it!  🙂

They’re having a giveaway right now.  You should check them out!


Menu Plan Monday

7 Feb

Monday – London Broil and Buttered Turnip Puree (yeah, we’ll see how this goes over)

Tuesday – Pasta Sauce Chicken and Pasta Salad

Wednesday – Bradbury Burritos

we were supposed to have these last Wednesday but ate at church instead

Thursday – Broccoli Onion Linguine

Friday – Friend’s Birthday Dinner – PIZZA

Saturday – Mexican Black Bean Salad and Trader Joe’s Tacos