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30 Mar

Looking forward to it.  It isn’t here yet, but almost.

We’ve had 2+ weeks of Seussical the Musical.  Two weekends of performances, but we’ve been rehearsing since January.  Amongst the performances, we had a party for my baby sister, who is days away from completing her schooling for becoming an ultrasound technician.  She’s been hard at work, and deserved some celebrating.  It was so good to see friends and family.  Needless to say, I’m (as usual) exhausted.  But what’s new.  So, I went to Target yesterday and bought new sunscreen as Judah dreamed of our spring break in Palm Springs next week.  🙂

Random observation – I’ve noticed that all of my favorite coffee mugs are Christmas themed.  I mean, let’s be honest.  I have the set of little cups that came with my mondo box of starter dinnerware you get when you get married, but that is seriously NOT a cup of coffee.  I need a mug.  So, I  don’t have a set of mugs, rather a collection of gifts and door prizes.  Which is fine by me.  My coffee is currently smiling at me from a mug that says “The Magic of Santa”, and Judah calls it my “Ho Ho” cup.

Ok, randomness complete for today.

So here are some pictures from our busy weekends.  Look for sunny Palm Springs photos soon.  🙂

My bird girl

Mayzie la Bird

My little Who and circus entertainer

Even Judah got into the mix this time as a jungle frog.

The citizens of Whoville

Stef’s Grad Party

Click on the photo to see more from the grad party.   P.S. Gail, my dad took more pics on his camera. I’ll make sure you get to see those too. 🙂 Love you and lookin’ out – xo

For Fun…

25 Mar

If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here’s how it works:
1. open your itunes library
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. new question — press the next button
6. don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

opening credits:
“If My People Pray” – Avalon

waking up:
“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Glee Cast

first day at school:
“Ever After” – Carrie Underwood

falling in love:
“We’d Like to Thank You Herbert Hoover” – Annie

breaking up:

“Forever” – Chris Brown

“Silent Night” – Sarah McLachlan

life’s okay:
“With A Smile and A Song” – Princess Lullaby Album

mental breakdown:
“White Christmas” – Dean Martin


“Mourning Into Dancing” – Tommy Walker

“Like A Virgin” – Glee Cast  (lololol)

getting back together:
“We Will Overcome” – Jaci Velasquez

“Only Natural” – Steven Curtis Chapman

birth of child:
“One Short Day” – Wicked

final battle:
“Redeemer” – Joel Engle

death scene:
“The Journey” – Steven Curtis Chapman

end credits:
“God Is Always With Us” – Crocodile Dock VBS

Catching Up

8 Mar


Let’s be honest.  Nobody wants to simply see my menu’s once a week.  (Or twice a month).  There are people, friends, who are not on facebook, and want photos and witty glimpses into my life too.  (ha)  I know, GASP, the whole world is not on facebook.  So, I will slowly be getting pictures up here soon, but let me tell you about my Saturday.

I ran a 10K.  Or, I guess you could say I jogged a 10K.  And walked it a tid bit.  This was a first for me.  I would’ve much rather have ran the 5K, but I have this friend.  Her pseudo name is Lola.  She likes to run.  And to not feel silly about liking to run, she tries to get others to like to run with her.  Guess what?  It’s working.  I’ve already been thinking of my next 10K so that I can improve my time.  Sick, I know.  I ran with 5 other gal pals.  We’re all moms, so Lola decided we should have matching shirts.  Very fun.

Back to Saturday.  I didn’t do my best.  [enter excuses here]  It was hot.  Other people started walking, which made me feel like I could/should walk.  There were still people behind me, so I wasn’t last.  My phone wasn’t working right so I wasn’t tracking my pace.  Anyway, I got to mile 5, and texted Miss Lola to let her know I was on my way.  I got a text back that said, “I’m coming to get you.” and when I looked up, I could see her in the distance.  It was such a lovely sight.  A familiar face after being alone for over an hour on the hot pavement.  I wanted to hug her, cry a little, and then walk and talk about her run, but I couldn’t.  We had to finish the race.  I had to get to the finish line.  While we pushed on she told me the sweetest little story.  The race organizers were beginning to take the finish line balloons down, and my friends wouldn’t have it.  I hadn’t crossed yet.  Neither had others.  These sweet girlfriends offered to hold the balloon arch until I arrived, and agreed to take it down.  I melted a little.  It made my heart smile.  Lola pushed me through that last little bit, and we sprinted to the end, where my friends had the best looking balloons ever.  Well, not really, but they looked wonderful, because my friends were holding them.  Then I got ‘yelled’ at for having a good sprint, which meant I probably wasn’t pushing myself like I should’ve.  [see earlier excuses] Oh, and Miss Lola?  She placed 3rd in her division and shout out to Carey who was 5th in hers.  That’s just so awesome!

I am blessed with some great girls.