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Wild Olive

25 Feb

I love to “get my verse on”.

My bestie got me the Beloved shirt a couple of years ago, and so many people stop me to tell me how they love the shirt.

You see, the shirt shares a verse on the back.

I received two more Wild Olive Tees for Christmas and get compliments on those as well.

So, I can be a light in the world and look good doing it!  🙂

They’re having a giveaway right now.  You should check them out!

To God Be The Glory

20 May

Superb news story about Stellan.

Not Me

11 May

This is small attempt at a Not Me Monday a la MckMama.  It seems fun, and appropriate.  Here goes…

I did not cry tears of sadness when I found out that my husband scheduled me for some pampering at Burke Williams on Friday.  It was absolutely not because I miss my bestie soooo much that it hurt to think of going there alone.  I did not go anyway, and enjoy myself (all alone), especially in the happy bath.  Not me.


I certainly did not start my day with a massage and end it at the emergency room with my second born, who proceeded to be the second child in two and a half months to split their chin open.  Never would I have offered to take said child to the emergency room, and I definitely would never be able to stand there while she got four stitches.  Not me.  I also, did not say and encourage her to say the word “stupid” at the attempt of making her laugh and feel better.  Never.


I was not disappointed and upset that we drove to four different restaraunts, (my pick) for dinner and ended up at a quiet little burger joint for my mother’s day dinner.  And I certainly didn’t end up thinking that it was a nice quiet dinner as a family even if I didn’t have a waiter.  And when my girl friends and I went Sunday afternoon for a one hour foot massage (anyone see Amazing Race?) the masseuse did not ask me if I have a baby as she pointed to my gut.  That point was certainly not directed at me. And I did not just have a bowl of ice cream.  Nope.


Lastly, I am not addicted to the Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook.  NOT ME!

I Got My Craft On

7 May

I surely can’t say I thought of this brilliant idea all by myself.  I actually fell upon a crafting blog, and won a drawing for these cute magnetic clips.  After finding a post from the same blog on how she did it, I thought these would be a great gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thanks, Mindy, for the inspiration.  I got to get my craft on.  🙂

I hope they like them…



Woo Hoo!

28 Apr

Stellan is home!


Stellan (with lots of links)

20 Apr


As I have posted before, my obsession for Stellan continues.  I have even been added to his name gallery, when I posed with Rachael Lampa for Stellan support.


He has been transported to Children’s Hospital in Boston, and will have his surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8:30am est.  Please pray for him and the doctors as they attempt surgery on his tiny little heart.  Pray for his momma as well.  I could not imagine heart surgery on my baby boy.

If you follow MckMama’s blog, you’ve seen Stellan photographed a couple of times now, with a new blankie.  Blog pal, Allyzabba, is responsible for that adorable blanket, and you can help add to Stellan’s fund by buying one of your very own, or sharing the love and buying one as a gift.

Praying for a healthy homecoming soon!




26 Mar

I’ve become obsessed with this little baby and his story.  My heart pours out for this momma, and my mind has been running continuously, thinking of this dear baby – praying for him constantly.  Please pray with me…

Judah has been squeezed extra tight, and held extra long as I think on baby Stellan.

Click here to learn about Stellan.

Prayers for Stellan