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We’re off…

15 Nov

…to see the wizard.  And we probably won’t be back to blogging until after Thanksgiving.


The girls are performing in Haven Academy’s production of The Wizard of Oz.  I’ve got munchkins, and flying monkeys, and poppies, oh my.  In the midst of this tornado that lands this weekend, hubby has been studying hard for his comprehensive exams which will put him one step closer to his PHD.  Judah and I have been pretty lonely with everyone gone rehearsing or studying.  It’s been nice in a way, but we still miss everyone too.  And if that isn’t enough, Esther celebrates her birthday on the 24th, so we’re having her little family shin dig Sunday – after the play comes to a close and before we prepare for Thanksgiving.  WHEW!  I’m tired just thinking about it all.

So, if I can get to this sad little blog, I will.  At least to post photos of all of the activity going on.  🙂

Speaking of activity…


this boy has been quite active.  We’re on our third round of antibiotics – a different one finally.  We’re not sure if the original ear infection ever went away, or if this is a new infection all together.  Regardless, doc said to expect a snot fest through February.  SUPER!  Sounds like fun to me.

Here is a short video to entertain you as he does me…

And last buy not least – it’s here!


In my proud and excited fingers.  My friend, Jen Ludwig, has a new Christmas CD.  You can download/buy it at itunes or cdbaby.  You’ll enjoy it!

More Pictures

16 Jul

The girls have been participating in Haven Academy of the Arts musical productions since the fall.  They’ve kept us busy, but the shows are always lots of fun.  Their most recent show was actually for jr.high and high-school aged kids, but with the show being Willy Wonka, the director hoped for some smaller sized kiddos for the Oompa Loompas.  So, Esther and Abigail got to do another show.  🙂  It was full of laughs, and a great cast all around.  To clear up some confusion that may come from the pictures, some of the roles were double casted.

Willy Wonka


26 May

I’m fairly delinquent in posting some photos from different events and activities we’ve been up to.  Here are photos of the different tables from our tea at church.  This was my third year hostessing a table.  I do not have china of my own, but fortunately, Brandon’s aunt has plenty to go around.  This year I got to use one of my favorite patterns of hers.  I didn’t want to dirty my table or return them.  🙂  Of course I was bad about taking photos of myself or actual people – it was a crazy day, please forgive me.  🙂

Tea 2009

Busy Busy Busy

23 Mar

We’ve been busy having strep throat (Abigail), saying goodbyes (Markmillers), and doing our theater thing (Alice in Wonderland).  We’re finally slowing down, and I hope to catch up on a few posts I’ve already started buy have yet to post.  Here’s a big album of pictures from our last couple of weeks of activity.


Busy busy busy


29 Aug
VBS and Esther’s baptism

Do you play…

18 Jun


It’s been a bit warm here lately, so in the late afternoon, it’s perfect outside.  There is a nice breeze, the sun is cooling down, and we’re taking advantage of the nice weather.  Yesterday, as I napped, daddy and the girls played croquet and bocce ball outside in the yard.  Today, I watched from the porch and snapped some photos.  Judah was napping.  This has been day two of getting out and about.  Yesterday, we visited the church office, introducing Judah to all the people who work with daddy, and even did some shopping at Target.  Today, we went to the girls’ school and showed him off to some of the staff, teachers, and of course the girls’ classes.  Tomorrow is their last day of school.  It’s a very short day, and I’m glad, since it’s only supposed to be hotter.

Auntie Manda will be heading down from Sacramento on Friday.  Her “real” reason for coming down is a bridal shower, but we get to steal her for most of the weekend and have her to ourselves.  She was here to help with the girls when Judah was born, which was wonderful, and made this momma feel at ease, but Judah and momma didn’t get much time with her at all.  So we’re looking forward to her arrival.

Judah is doing great!  He did a 4 1/2 and then a 3 1/2 hour stretch last night.  I’m not taking pain meds anymore.  Maybe some motrin once at some point in the day, but doing well (in my mind), and even down 20 lbs.  The meals ministry at our wonderful church has begun delivering meals this week, and will continue every Mon, Wed, and Fri, for a month.  So far, the food has been tasty, but if everyone continues to spoil us with brownies and ice cream for dessert, those 20 lbs. will creep back up on me instead of continue to melt off.  Judah is starting to break out in baby acne.  All of my girls did, it just always looks so uncomfortable and bothersome.  And of course, he breaks out as soon as we’re planning on making some debuts over the weekend.  Typical.  And lastly, Buddy has his first grooming appointment tomorrow.  Other than our butch job that we attempted, mostly to remove 100s of burrs all over his body, he hasn’t had a cut yet.  We’ll probably get it real short for the summer.

Off to spoil myself with some fingernail polish before Judah’s next feeding.  Until next time….

Baby Shower

6 May

So the big shower was Sunday.  There were a LOT of people there.  It was a bit overwhelming, but nice.  Jenny did a great job and running it smoothly, and more importantly, keeping it short and sweet.  I had lots of family there, so it was nice to be able to get home and visit with them, opening the presents, and just ‘being’.  Looks like we got a ton of 3-6 months clothes.  I’m gonna have to wade into the deep pile of gifts already opened, and determine just what we need and what may need to be returned because of duplicates or just too many.  There are still a few things we need before he gets here, so the gift cards, money, and returns will help with that.

This is teacher appreciation week, which I’m helping out with.  I’ve been a bit busy with it, like coming home from my shower and making 6 batches of chocolate chip banana muffins.  They were a HUGE hit with the teachers, who all want the recipe.  I have to do fruit and donuts on Thursday, and make a dessert for their luncheon of Friday.  Not to mention preparing for Mother’s Day, getting to those thank you cards, and tackling the pile of gifts.

There are a few more stories I’d like to share – like Buddy’s haircut, Sarah’s haircut (yikes), and the Camerican girl dolls aka Holly dollies, but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the shower – thanks, Jen.