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Back at it

15 Sep

Back at the routine, the schedule, the early mornings.

(Although the boy gets up early regardless of the day)

Back at Haven.  Our ‘arts academy’ where the girls get their drama on.  This year’s fall show?  ANNIE!  And I have four members of my family involved.  Sarah will be playing Molly, Esther will be July, and Abigail earned the part of Annie.  The fourth member of my family?  That would be Buddy.  Our dog.  He will attempt the role of Sandy.  Oh my.  We shall see.

Back at school.  Three girls in school.  Three different start times.  Awesome.  And back at the homework.  Middle school homework.  Yeah.

Back at just being the boy and me for the day.  It’s been nice.  It’s weird, but still nice.  Especially when nap time comes.  🙂

Back at trying to get and keep the house in some sort of order.  Seems like a never ending job.  But it’s my job, and I do enjoy it.  Especially, when I can get at it without interruption.  Like the other day when I purged toys and books without a whimper, whine, or wince.  Because they weren’t here, and the boy was napping.  🙂  Good times!

So, gettin’ back at it.  Back at blogging too.  Gonna try anyway.  I’m potty training the boy right now, so we’re staying close to home.  🙂  And hopefully back to getting crafty too.  Libby and Mindy keep me motivated in that area.  🙂  Thanks, gals.

Now – back at it!



18 Jan

I always kept my fabric scraps, but never did anything with them.  Then I bought a bag full of scraps from Liberty, who always has GREAT fabrics, and suddenly, I have a new favorite thing to do with scraps.

This was done for my friend, Deanna’s baby shower gift.  Baby Carson is sure to look adorable in these onesies if I do say so myself.  🙂

From Libby…

17 Jan


It feels so helpless to simply sit back and not do something when you hear news of what is happening in Haiti. Today, prompted in part by my daughter’s school – and their efforts to raise every penny possible to send to Haiti relief – I’ve decided to do what I can do.

Remember the collages I did when I was grieving over AJ? I really needed some stability and the image of that mountain was really powerful for me. Today I’ve decided to make available some postcards and also high quality prints of the mountain collage. We had some of these made up and everyone in the family got them for Christmas, so I know they look great already… they’re framed and up in each family member’s home…So now on my etsy site, you can find packs of postcards, perfect for sending a little note (these work for men and women, unlike much of my stuff!). You can also find a listing for the archival print on high quality watercolor paper – suitable for framing. If you are interested, I can also get the print made on canvas in various sizes.

All of the profits from the sales of these mountain images will be donated to Red Cross Relief and/or Child Hope International – who are mutual friends of my family and run an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. They are sending updates via their website, so check them out.
Please please purchase these to help out – and pass on the idea to your friends and neighbors – blog, tweet and share about it – this actually can do something!


3 Feb

I decided to do some sewing projects as Christmas gifts.  I don’t sew often, but when I do, I wonder why I wait so long between projects.  Oh yeah, I know – time, space, time, time, time….  I picture myself, 4 years from now, all children in school, having some sewing time to my day.  There is hope.  This time I relied on a busy day of sewing while the girls did Christmas baking with Nonnie and Grammie helped out with Judah.  Considering the majority of the sewing projects were gifts for my girls, I couldn’t graze on the projects at home.  I started with a couple of hours at Kristine’s as she helped me figure some things out, then I busted the rest out at my parents’ house.

American Girl dolls were the gift of the year in 2008, with my girls receiving them from an anonymous and generous giver in celebration of Judah’s impending birth, and my nieces getting them for their birthdays over the summer.   So I decided to make each doll a sleeping bag with pillow, then I made a matching pillowcase for all of the girls.  It was Samuel and Sarah’s turn to get capes, but of course Sarah’s doll needed a matching one as well as Sam’s Cabbage Patch buddy.  (Because they don’t make American boy dolls and two-year-old little brothers want to be like their big sisters.)  🙂  Busy but easy sewing.  Makes me want to get crafty – oh yeah, back to that time issue…

sewing projects

Cute craft

14 Apr

When Sarah left me to visit Sacramento, they took with them some of the toys we’ve grown out of to give to my brother-in-law’s mom’s daycare.  A few days after Sarah’s return the girls got a package in the mail.  There was a cute card signed by all of the kids at the preschool/daycare, and then these cute candy bouqets.  I just thought this was such a cute idea I had to share.


DJ’s Birthday

26 Feb

My nephew, DJ turned 4 last week.  His birthday party was on Saturday, where Auntie Manda flew down from Sacramento to celebrate with us.  I made him a cape.  What 4-year-old boy wouldn’t want a cape, right?  I gave it alongside this book…


He put the cape on immediately, and when I asked him to turn around and show me, he had his arm raised as if to have suddenly acquired superhero powers.  AWESOME – just the best reaction I could’ve asked for.  We hung out the rest of the evening visiting as much as we could before Auntie left home the next day.  All of the kids played Zingo!


A superb game, perfect for ages 3-adult.  A play on Bingo, and a game that kids can play without adult help/supervision.  Although, daddy and mommy like to get in there and get a bit competitive with it as well.  🙂

Here are some pictures from DJ’s celebration.

[rockyou id=103923684&w=426&h=319]